Andrew Yang: The Media Failed To Understand Trump’s Victory

Editor’s Note: This will also be another long day on this blog. I have to explain a lot of things to dumb people who don’t understand anything about the world.

Andrew Yang is accusing the mainstream media of failing to understand why Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election:

“Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang criticized the media Monday for its coverage of President Trump, saying that it has failed to explain his appeal.

“I would say I think our media has done us a disservice by overly simplifying why Donald Trump is our president today,” Yang said at a rally in Chicago.

Yang said that the media was wrong to blame Trump’s election on racism, Russia, ignorance, immigration, Facebook, or the FBI, among other narratives.

“The reason Donald Trump is our president today is we automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs,” he said.

Yang, whose upstart campaign has recently gained media attention, has called for a new agency to monitor “fake news.”

“‘Fake news’ is a rampant problem,” says Yang on his campaign website. “The rewards for publishing inflammatory content are high with no real penalty. At the extreme end, those who wish to misinform the American public can do so with little fear of repercussions.” …”

Imagine for a moment that the same leftwing journos who were absolutely certain that Hillary Clinton was going to beat Donald Trump in 2016, who got the “alt-right” completely wrong and who also spent the last two years poisoning our foreign relations by peddling the Russia conspiracy nonsense on CNN and MSNBC actually know very little about Middle America and what makes it tick.

Wow, who would have thought?

There is a lot to breakdown here.

After watching the humiliation of the mainstream media over the Russia conspiracy nonsense, I kind of feel obligated to start explaining ourselves to them for a change.

Don’t think in terms of labels.

Set labels, ideologies and identities aside for a moment. Just take the test. It will generate your political coordinates in the 2016 electorate.

By the Political Compass test, I am a Left-Authoritarian. As a White Southerner in a Deep South state, I value hierarchy, social cohesion and authority. I’m also very skeptical of free-market economics. If I had been alive in the 1960s, I would have voted for George Wallace.

George Wallace was from Barbour County, AL. It has been a hotbed of Southern populism for generations. It was one of the most populist counties in the most populist states in America. That’s where I am from too. It is where I got my political and cultural values.

Who was George Wallace? He was a populist-identitarian Southern Democrat. He was a proud White Southerner. In the 21st century though, there is no place in the Democratic Party for the descendants of the George Wallace voters. We’ve since moved forward into the 21st century and embraced political correctness as our cultural operating system. “Identity” is not something we allow anymore for White people. It is certainly not something we allow to cishet White male Southerners!

Political correctness is what is keeping the Wallace voters on the GOP plantation. It is what drives so many of them into White Nationalism too. Just like George Wallace, they don’t really “hate” other races. They don’t want to harm anyone either. Instead, they dislike and resent the system we are living under and its absurd double racial and cultural double standards, and they voted for Trump mainly to be delivered from it. Who decided that we must ALL kiss the ass of the Jews and jump through the hoops of political correctness which is a “morality” that they concocted in the 20th century?

Explain to me why I can’t be a proud White Anglo-Saxon Southerner, but I can be a Boomer Christian Zionist? Why is every group in the United States other than mine – including transsexuals – allowed to have a positive sense of racial, ethnic and cultural identity? Why am I being told by Jews to hate my White Southern ancestors, who by the way fought against Hitler in World War 2, and that I must instead put THEM up on top of a pedestal and that all of Congress should orbit their wealth, power and influence and cater to their interests and every perceived slight that is made against them?

It occurs to me … that if we simply all stopped responding to their commands and they were taken off the pedestal and told to sit down and shut up and love their neighbors, which is what Christ told them to do, then well that would in a single shot solve so many of our current problems.

Mr. Andrew Yang is a fan of Star Trek:

I’ve also watched Star Trek. I can help him explain a great deal about the electorate to these dumb leftwing journos who are trying to harm his campaign.

I’m a Left-Authoritarian.

I’m up here in the Gamma Quadrant of the American political galaxy. The people in this quadrant of our political spectrum do not fit neatly into either political party. They are torn between the polarized political parties and feel like they ALWAYS LOSE.

This is why we are seeing this sudden transformation in the “Far Right” of negative energy into positive healing energy. Master Feng could explain what is happening:

WHO lives in this corner of the political universe?

Let’s start by eliminating who DOESN’T live there. Then the Yang phenomenon will start to make a lot more sense. Ideological progressives do not live there. Ideological conservatives do not live there. Ideological libertarians do not live there. SJWs do not live there.

Nazis live there. Fascists and NEETs live there. Third Positionists live there. Most of the “alt-right” lives there. The “Far Right” lives there. Most White Nationalists live there. Civic Nationalists live there. Populists live there. Lots of reactionary futurists live there. Moderates live there. Normal people who aren’t really that ideological live there. MAGApedes live there. Centrists live there. TONS of angry people live there because they are getting screwed by both the Democrats and the Republicans.

Tucker Carlson is in this corner of the political universe. Guess who else is there? A huge percentage of blacks, Asians and Hispanics are socially conservative, economically populist. There are large numbers of White working class voters there. Much of the White middle class lives there. Lots of educated people live there. These people are all currently divided by identity politics, political correctness, ethnic grievances and “journalists” fanning the flames of resentment.

Sam Francis’s “Middle American Radicals” all live there. Swing voters live there. I doubt that many Jews live there. I do think that Andrew Yang as likable, inoffensive, practical, nerdy Asian guy offering to give everyone in America over the age of 18 a $1,000 bucks a month might be able to pull together a highly unusual electoral coalition. In fact, I would say it is already happening.

The fact that so much of the 4chan and the “alt-right” has already swung behind him and has gone to bat for him all over the internet speaks volumes. It is a bellwether because everyone else in America is significantly less committed to “white supremacy” and “racism” or whatever labels that idiot leftwing journos are accustomed to tagging them with. Sure, the most fearful, distrustful White Nationalists and Nazis are absolutely opposed to it, but everyone else is like what is the alternative to blowing up the current system? What is the alternative path being offered?

Blompf or Yang? At least with Yang we get $1,000 a month and the pleasure of watching Blompf, Conservatism, Inc. and MIGA (i.e., the Hindenburg) go up in a huge bonfire!

Just imagine Blompf, Charlie Kirk, Sheldon Adelson, Kassy Dillon and Glenn Beck up here in October 2020 surveying the political terrain with Chairman Yang as the Democratic nominee:

Is there anyone else who could come to Tennessee and win over James Edwards? Is there anyone else who could come to Alabama and win over Brad Griffin? Nick Fuentes in Chicago? Is there anyone else who can rally thousands of people in Chicago and San Francisco? Think about it.

Ask yourself the following question: how many people could live with Yang as president? It would be acceptable to all kinds of people. There are even Antifa who could live with it. $1,000 a month, affordable health care, student loan debt reduction, weed and so on?

Politics is about horse trading.

Yang could be a significantly stronger horse for disaffected people in the middle of the electorate. What do I know though? I’m just watching 4chan rallying behind him.

What is the Yang sentiment like in the Populist Right? Keep in mind it is still early. It is March 2019 … and this is where he is already at.

“I’m on the Yang Yacht.” – The Daily Stormer

“Yang has a superior vision for the country.” – Occidental Dissent

“4 out of 5 stars” – 4chan

“Yang has our support.” – Counter-Currents

“I’m on the fence.” – James Edwards of The Political Cesspool

“I agree with everything you just said.” – Tucker Carlson

None of that is real, right?

If the “alt-right” were a race people in the Star Trek universe, they would be the Andorians. Don’t think “Neo-Nazis.” Think Shran.

If you get to understand Shran a little better, where he is coming from, his values, why he is so distrustful of the Vulcans (i.e., the Jews), he might be willing to help you. Shran doesn’t really have a problem with the humans (i,e, Asians). They are seen mostly as decent, hardworking, smart and educated people. China and Japan are respected and admired. It is the Jews he absolutely despises.

Shran is persuadable.

Take those people off their pedestal. Stop them from harming our people. Address their concerns. And well, who knows what could happen? Shran could be a part of your coalition.

Here are some of the things that trigger the “alt-right”:

– Warmongering neocons … the “alt-right” has always put Humanity First. No one in American politics is more opposed to war and flips out more about military interventionism. These people made up their minds about that when George W. Bush was president and invaded Iraq. It is why they have reacted so strongly against Blompf’s missile attacks on Syria and threats to invade Venezuela. It is one of the main reasons they voted for him in the 2016 election.

– “Judeo-Christianity” … the “alt-right” is a younger, mostly secular middle of the road sort of tribe. There are lots of Christians in their ranks. I’m one of them. No one who was involved with the “alt-right,” however, likes to hear the phrase “Judeo-Christianity” because it reminds them of George W. Bush evangelical Boomer Christian Zionism. Virtually everyone drawn to the alt-right is smart and educated enough to reject the Rapture Ready/Left Behind nonsense of the Boomer generation.

– “Israel” … few things trigger the “alt-right” more strongly than Israel and Jews getting their way on virtually everything in American culture and politics. They elected Blompf to put “America First.” They wanted him to invest in this country and focus on this country. Instead, he seems to have sold out to Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer and now he has lost them.

– “Conservatism” … pretty much synonymous with hacks and grifters like Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, brain dead people who don’t read books and take Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck seriously, people who put materialism first over love of their own people and who have no love of their ancestors, no concern for their descendants, no sympathy for anyone really who isn’t rich.

– “Bullshit” … a huge attraction of Blompf in the 2016 election was that he was the only candidate who didn’t try to bullshit to us in the opaque language of Conservatese about “muh Constitution” and “muh liberty” and “muh human rights.” Trump promised to build the wall, invest in infrastructure, put “America First” in foreign policy, keep entitlements, not be captive to political correctness, fix our globalist trade policy. THAT is what we heard. It was Trump or Jeb! and 16 or so other conservatives who had nothing interesting to say to us.

– “Antifa” … extremely violent, fanatical, intolerant Left-Libertarians. The “alt-right” hates anarchism due to its social conservatism, again, we’re like the Andorians. The “Nazi” is really only someone who has been driven to extremes out of desperation.

The “mainstream conservative/alt-right” alignment in 2016 has proven to be exactly like trying to align Andorians with the Ferengi. They are very different breeds:

The Andorians (i.e., alt-right) are primed to bolt from the Ferengi (i.e., Conservatism, Inc.). Blompf will have an enormous challenge on his hands herding these cats and dogs in 2020.

This is the sort of things we like: balance, symmetry, order, hierarchy, beauty. This is our sense of taste which is the opposite of Left-Libertarians.

Is that “fascist”? Not really, class and traditionalism just overlaps with fascism and conservatism. Many of these people think “fascists” had good aesthetics which is why they are drawn to it. It is why they don’t shut up about “optics.”

– CHANGE from the status quo:

– Good books from Europe in this Boomer wasteland that is mainstream conservatism. There is a lot of great stuff in here like what morality really is and what it isn’t:

THIS … THIS isn’t morality.

This is our current world with the drugs, thought policing, witch hunting, fanaticism, the nonsense that passes for morality and which is spoofed to us by the “mainstream” through the television. It is enforced by disciplinary orgs like the ADL and SPLC.

– This is how Conservatism, Inc. deals with anyone of European ancestry with any intelligence, education and sense of moral decency … PURGE HIM!

This is how Conservatism, Inc. deals with people like Steve King … “Western civilization,” you see, is but a mask for racism, white supremacy, White Nationalism and “hateful alt-right” sympathies.

Try not to laugh. It really IS this pathetic.

Asian-Americans who enjoy classical music have a greater appreciation for European heritage and culture than these ridiculous, overpaid, cultureless, deracinated Boomers who conserve nothing. They’ve likely read more of the same books that we have than these people.

– HERITAGE, not consumerism:

– THE FAMILY which collapsed in the late 20th century under “conservatism.” Ask Charlie Kirk and he will tell you that feminism is great because it added so much to GDP. He also wants to “liberate” Iran to make it safe for its currently oppressed lesbians!

– TAKING THE RED PILL, i.e, when you go off the reservation of the “mainstream” and your intelligence, education, altruism and virtue rises about that of the conservative Boomer.

– LIVING under MIGA when you’re on the RED PILL! It has been a terrible ride!

– WATCHING people who share your values be excommunicated from our highly respectable “mainstream” RIGHT which is bought and paid for by billionaires like the Koch Brothers.

– Seeing the WORLD through eyes very different from that of the Christian Zionist Boomer conservative who only cares about his Wall Street investment portfolio:

– ACTUAL REAL PROGRESS as opposed to “Green New Deal” donor nonsense?

– HUMOR which is absolutely and utterly missing in Conservatism, Inc.

– We DISLIKE dumb leftwing journos on CNN who think Trump’s election was a Russian conspiracy:


– We DISLIKE corruption:

– We DISLIKE MORONS on television sold as thought leaders:

– We DISLIKE ridiculous BABY BOOMERS who MOUNT THEIR MORAL HIGH HORSE and ride it around the country talking down to us. Take your SCHOOL MARM act and go home:

– We LIKE truth tellers.

This is my personal favorite but I am a Lutheran, so, to each his own:

I could continue more in this vein …

It is probably unnecessary though. This is sufficient to show why leftwing journos and pundits were completely clueless about the 2016 presidential election.

I’m strong on Yang Gang because I hope he could finally demolish Conservatism, Inc in a blue avalanche. They didn’t get the message in 2016. I want to send them a bigger one in 2020. I think wage slavery and television made them all dumb in the 20th century.

I hope everyone reading this better understands why Trump won in 2016, why Hillary Clinton lost and why Blompf is where he is at today in 2019 with his Populist base.

Note: BTW, Russia and China like us because we aren’t really at odds with them. We only want to be left alone. We don’t want to antagonize anyone else like Marco Rubio.

This could be the gatekeepers at FOX News controlling the Boomerfried Right. Imagine the horror of Yang and $1,000 bucks a month to the sort of people running that scam. Someone please meme Yang into this video taking out Hannity on the television.

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  1. > Yang, whose upstart campaign has recently gained media attention, has called for a new agency to monitor “fake news.”

    I don’t particularly like this idea of Yang. Perhaps it is just a bone thrown to shitlibs.

    OTOH, I *would* support the idea of taxing the hell out of CNN, ABC, MSNBC, etc. until they went bankrupt and the government could buy them up cheap. Put the (((oligarchs))) out of business and put real news back on TV. Kinda like what Putin did in Russia.

    • “I don’t particularly like this idea of Yang. Perhaps it is just a bone thrown to shitlibs.”

      It is not. Yang is all that shitlibs love and, bonus, he talk is neutralizing the economic side of white angst that propelled Trump (that is, outsourcing, bad trad deals, etc.)….The ethnic-cultural side of the angst can not be as easily neutralized, it can not be at all, but still taking 50% out of it with automated fairy-tales is a huge improvement.

      • Oh well, the right-wing Nationalist revolution is never gonna happen. Might as well burn the system down quickly with Yang rather than slow death with Conservatism Inc.

        Who knows? Maybe Yang will work out. Trumpism most definitively will not.

  2. “The reason Donald Trump is our president today is we automated away 4 million manufacturing jobs,” he said.

    Yang has started his work of distracting attention and defusing the angst against the US elites and their 40 years old policies of outsourcing and deindustrialisation. Never mind that, according cu Pat Buchanan, US has NOT automatized but it has simply outsourced to China 40 000 factories and 6 million manufacturing jobs.

  3. Hunter, why do you keep putting yourself in the “liberal” side of the star chart? Serious question?

    Is it because you’re conceiving of “liberal” and “conservative” in some economic sense? That is: someone is more “liberal” when they advocate for government restrictions on the market, whereas someone is more “conservative” when they advocate for less?

    That seems like what you’re implying and yet, if so, Trump is misplaced on the chart. He ought to be far closer to the sector where you usually have been placing yourself, yes? Trump is no libertarian, afterall…

    If you’re not conceiving left/right in this way, however, then I can’t figure out how, exactly, you are thinking of it. There’s no way of slicing the pie where Trump is that far away from you on the x-axis.

    • “Trump is no libertarian, afterall…”

      You have to look at what he does, not what he says. In policy, Trump has delivered historic tax cuts and deregulation. He has not delivered in any of his populist economic rhetoric at all, nor has he attempted to do so. Even in trade, the deficit is bigger than ever.

      • You’re wrong Dart…but even if you were right about Trump, he’s still radically misplaced on the chart.

        Recall…the y-axis is “economics”, so, if you’re right that Trump’s generic actions about economics make him some radical free-market guy in practice…then he is rightly placed on the y…but then what of the x? What does *that* mean and why is Hunter way on the left side of it? Certainly Trump is more “socially liberal” than Wallace…or can you argue otherwise?

        Shouldn’t Wallace be in the bottom right?

        • The x axis is actually the economic axis. y is “social/identity.” It isn’t very clear in the image because the labels are parallel to the axes. Trump would be probably more in the bottom-right quadrant if we go by his actual policies, which “socially” have included increased immigration rates and prison reform.

    • At exactly has Conservatism, Inc. (ConInc) conserved?

      Also, the murican boomer political spectrum is working anymore; some of us are moving on. The old left-right split originally referred to the French National Assembly after the overthrow of the monarachy. The representatives of the establishment TPTB (nobility and clergy) sat on the right side; representatives of the common people sat on the left. Therefore, to be “on the left” as I think is being used here, is to side with the people, not the current oligarchic plutocracy that is the two headed snake of murican politics, and the murican socio-economic-political “elite” establishment.

      Put another way, “left vs. right”, same as “hard work vs. usury/speculation”, same as “community vs. selfishness”, same as “a love of community vs. a love of shekels”.

  4. The media will be sure to take out Yang. Trump still has a lot of support with the Boomers. Yang won’t get support from Right wing media nor will CNN or MSNBC back him. No way he can win without any media backing.

  5. The problem with the media is that none of these people ever face any consequences for constantly being wrong about everything. This goes just as much for the Trump fanatics who were spinning 4D chess theories for years in the face of all contrary evidence as it does for the left journos. The same for bureaucrats who create disaster after disaster in policy with no consequences. A good example is the neocons, who are now back in the white house as if nothing had happened. Their actions are shielded from all of the risks. In economics I believe this is called “moral hazard.” It really is the core of the problem. The people with the most decision making power in society today also have the least risk from their own decisions.

    • Bring back the stocks. If a journo or pundit, poliician gets it wrong, they should be put in the stocks so the public can humliate them.

  6. So, the Jew Bankers, along with their henchmen, the Khazarian mafia, as well as the Vatican (the All Roads Lead to Rome Vatican) and the European monarchy have destroyed Western Civilization and now some white Americans are willing to accept $1,000/month from a Chinese guy of unknown origin? Is it a comedy, a thriller, a horror flick, or a little of all three that I’m watching?

    It has got to be the blue space chickens behind all of this.

    • Snowhitey, have you ever considered making a constructive comment or half-intelligent argument?

      Regarding the 2020 election, what do YOU propose should be done?

      • first, stop voting…unless you enjoy the punishment.

        then do something useful….like sharpening weapons skills. Because

        that’s the only way we are going to break out of a Judeo-globalist

        demographic death-trap that has already snapped shut.

  7. Hunter you’ve finally explained in a coherent way how I feel about things. As tha son of an Oklahoma peanut and cotton farmer, and a southern mother from the boot heel of Missouri and Arkansas, and who’s grandfather ran cotton gins, I really have nothing in common with a new Yorker like Trump. I wanted him to win because I hate the Clinton’s. But if trump won’t do what he says, I’ll go somewhere else. I’m also sceptical of capitalism, I like small”c” capitalism, of farm, small industries, shops, etc. the power of huge corporations unnerve me. I been reading your stream of thought tha last few days, I think your on to something. Keep being yourself!

  8. >”Hunter, why do you keep putting yourself in the “liberal” side of the star chart? Serious question? ”

    I wonder that too.
    I consistently place in the far upper right corner when I take the Political Compass test. I identify my political/social ideology as being “Falangist”. (Spanish style Fascism ala Franco. A authoritarian state based upon the rule of law and traditional values is my ideal political system.) I suspect that many in our circles share a similar outlook.

    Anything originating to the left side of that compass is something to be deeply suspicious of.

    But what do I know?

    • Texas,

      Well that was a comment I strongly agree with. I also support Catholic Fascism like Franco’s. Some of those evil Republicans and Communists were literally nailed to doors for their atrocities during the Civil War.

      The Pope in 1929 said that Fascism is Catholicism and that anyone against Fascism is a Bolshevik. Now unless you are a Catholic I doubt you would have been very happy under Franco since Church and State were united as well as supporting public execution by garrot.

      After his last discourse in late 1975, seven terrorists were taken out back and publicly garrotted. I have yet to meet a Protestant who agrees with anything I just said or what Franco believed. Are you the first?

      Christina Romana

      • Franco wasn’t Fascist. He was a dictator though. And I never saw anything by any Popes saying that fascism was Catholic and anybody not a fascist was a Communist.

  9. “Sure, the most fearful, distrustful White Nationalists and Nazis are absolutely opposed to it,….”

    Why wouldn’t White Nationalists be distrustful of Yang? Yang will continue the program of whites becoming a minority in their own country. He will not stop this.

    I think the response to Yang is a result of pro-white advocates not coming up with a solution for our people these last couple of decades. There has been a lot of talk but no positive action.

    It ultimately comes down to whites not caring about their own. This is why we are in such a sad situation in this country and why it will continue to get worse.

  10. Hunter’s x-y axes need re-naming to be clearer to people

    The ‘authoritarian’ versus ‘libertarian’ designations are mis-leading and unhelpful I think

    And in fact the overall ‘liberal – conservative’ schema is confusing, doubly so for Europeans, who use ‘liberal’ in the opposite way, ‘liberal’ in Europe meaning more ‘capitalist libertarian’

    What is actually meant on the up-down axis, is something like ‘traditionalist’ vs ‘Ideological’ … SJW-ism and libertardianism are both ideological fanaticisms … and in fact ‘traditionalism’ has a lot more practical and grounded freedom in it, with real rights better secured

    The economic axis is more clearly ‘interventionist’ versus ‘market forces’ … reflecting the reality that, most people really accept intervention that is pro-common-people

    Europeans have for a long time generally gone where Hunter Wallace is trying to go, with phrases like ‘social market economy’

    For a long time, pre-migration-waves, much of Europe achieved a kind of paradise – zero poverty amongst legal residents, very low crime, warm social relations, little legal system affliction, very little jailing of people (1 out of 1000 people in Continental Western Europe, 1 out of 150 people in the USA)

    Tho what happened is that, despite how there was great consensus on what is ‘good’, huge machines of deception sprang up to screw people using devious language, claiming that paying debts to the banks etc is ‘the best we could do’

    E.g., poor Greece, with its allegedly ‘socialist leftist’ gov’t, helping the banks and debt slavery … Greeks are in despair over all politicians, and unlike Italy don’t see anyone local they really trust … whereas Salvini in Italy, fulfilling his campaign promises, helping foster the UBI idea in Italy, and wildly popular, is in many ways where Hunter is at

  11. The Political Compass site says that it takes inspiration from Freudian (((Wilheim Reich))) (even more obsessed with sex than Siggy) and (((Theodor Adorno))) of Frankfurt School infamy. So the interpretation of what’s authoritarian and libertarian are probably a little off. Some of my responses to questions should’ve put me further right. Somehow, I ended up on the border of Left-Authoritarian, except on the Left-Libertarian side.

  12. The big question is there any indication Yang is just another Jew tool and this is another tar baby?

  13. Left-Authoritarian is Communist, plain and simple. I guess it’s not surprising that you support a Chinese Communist for 2020. At any rate, the US is already authoritarian- they control every aspect of our lives, economically they are fascist, and culturally Marxist. I don’t know what you consider the free-market that you hate so much, but it definitely isn’t the overregulated corporate fascism that we have. (I don’t know whether we’ve ever had a free market, but certainly not in the past 100 years or so.) In fact, Statism has been the norm across the world for at least that long, and look at where its gotten us. I don’t know why nobody values freedom any more, but the jews will never be defeated when everybody has a slave mentality. And they know it too- all they have to do to keep everybody happily on the government plantation is throw them a few shekels ($1000 seems to be the magic number, currently). It’s pointless to exchange one set of masters for another, which is why the Scottish referendum failed. They didn’t really want independence, they wanted EU overlords instead of UK overlords. And Nationalism can’t defeat globalism- nation-states won’t be free and independent if the individuals and families that are the building blocks of the nations, don’t value freedom.

    • Yes, I hate free market capitalism because 1.) it was the North’s economic ideology, 2.) because it brought nothing but ruin to the South from 1865 until roughly 1940, and 3.) because wages have stagnated since the 1970s and the average White household is economically worse off than it was twenty years ago in 1999.

      • How can it be the North’s economic ideology when they were definitely opposed to the free market and placed such high tariffs on the South, for their protectionism to profit Northern industry and banks? That’s completely opposed to free enterprise. Of course the illegal occupation of the South brought nothing by misery, but has nothing to do with a free market. And certainly since the 70’s we haven’t had free market capitalism- it is totally regulated both by the government and the corporations/ banks. Economically the US is definitely fascist.

        • 1.) The North’s system was laissez-faire free market capitalism which is completely compatible with a revenue tariff.

          2.) The North’s system was relentlessly criticized and rejected by Southerners for being inhumane to the White working class. Southerners spent decades attacking wage slavery.

          3.) “Free enterprise” = ruthlessly exploiting the South from 1865 to 1940. As I have explained, the Great Depression lasted in the South until the 1930s. It took that long just to recover to the economy we had in 1865.

          4.) The exploitation of the South had absolutely everything to do with the free market. See the children who worked in Appalachian coal mines, the sharecroppers who were debt slaves with pellagra and the women who worked over 12 hours a day in textile villages in the Piedmont.

          5.) I’m sorry, but this simply isn’t true. Vast swathes of the US economy have beem deregulated since the 1970s. The US economy was FAR more regulated from the 1930s to the 1970s while the trend has been in the opposite direction since Reagan

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