Kirstjen Nielsen Out At DHS

She will be sorely missed:

Is there anyone who served in the Trump administration who is gone now that is missed? I suppose there is Sessions who at least tried to do a few things.

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    • Trumpo’s appointed Kevin McAleenan who is just another Irish O’Asshole lawyer who was first appointed by the O’bama himself. I’m not positive he’s Catholic, but, its looking that way. He may even have a relative who is a Catholic Bishop?

    • Haxo Angmark, you know darn well that drump doesn’t run the Oval Office of the west wing. It’s the jared kushner show 24/7/365.

  1. The movement will be back on the Trump Train before it embraces Partition.

    Today’s Daily Stormer pokes it’s stick at the Yang Campaign waiting for it to do something (it never will be allowed to).

    Soon it will be “we have no choice but to back Trump, do or die”.

    Wouldn’t it have been better to pre-define 2020 as a vote on Partition?

    That way you hack into the “back Trump at any cost for survival purposes” and change it into “back Partition at any cost for survival purposes”.

    • The Whites of South Africa trusted their conservative leaders all the way to the end of their country.

      Will American WN do the same?

  2. H2B visas have been doubled. More beaners are getting through than ever. We don’t have a border wall, but Israel and Jordan both do. Obviously, Trump is a failure, a liar, and a traitor.

  3. jeff sessions was the worst attorney general in history. don’t try to pretend otherwise, proud southern man.

    easily, the biggest mistake of the entire trump administration.

    • Sessions was the only Cabinet member who made the slightest effort to do anything about immigration. The rest of the Cabinet snoozed especially Kelly and Nielsen.

      • Sessions was also the one who let the entire focus of the government be on Russian collusion for years because he didn’t have the balls to say no to Rod Rosenstein.

        Just because a guy is from Alabama doesn’t mean he’s pro-White.

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