Left Behind in Chicago – Anti Semitic Vandal is… Jewish

Editor’s Note: What is it about Chicago and victimhood politics? Why are people literally faking hate crimes to make themselves look sympathetic like Jussie Smollett?

Chicago is feeling more and more like New York City 1989 when I lived there… falling down to the worst racial, Lib Leftist politics – street criminal anarchy. There are always threats of wilding mobs of Black teens robbing and assaulting people.

Chicago local media is better than national news media (not saying much there). But Chicago media still covers Chicago politics, Chicago crime from a PC, anti White, BlackDinDuNuffin point of view.

White nationalist hate crimes were in the news last week as the ADL and some typical New Yawk Jew Rep. Jerrold Nadler were screaming about all the terrible White Nationalist hate crimes supposedly committed against sainted Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, LGBT and Jews.

Well in my former city of Chicago there were some reported anti Semitic, anti Jewish vandalism, anonymous threats. Authorities have captured the perpetrator his name is:

Heath A. Levey, 52…. Heath is Jewish.

Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown Reports Link

“A Jewish Uptown resident who was charged with a hate crime for drawing swastikas in his neighborhood before Election Day last November has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of knowingly damaging property.

Heath A. Levey, 52, was sentenced to 153 days time served and released after rendering his plea to the reduced charge last week.

Levey was charged with hate crime after neighbors identified him as the man who drew swastikas and references to the CIA on their property in the 800 block of West Eastwood and another nearby home on Nov. 2nd, four days before the mid-term elections.

At the time of Levey’s arrest, CWBChicago reported exclusively that he had also been arrested in the days leading up to the 2016 presidential election. An Uptown woman accused him of forcing open her front gate, “stomping hard on the ground while menacingly charging” toward her front door while shouting, “I’m going to rape you, you f*cking Republican! I’m calling the CIA! I’m going to kill all the women and children!”

Levey reached a deal with prosecutors in which he pleaded guilty to damaging the woman’s gate while the state dropped assault charges. He was sentenced to 18 months probation and fined $265.

Friends of Levey on Facebook, contacted by CWBChicago in November, said he comes from a Jewish family and has been a professed Democrat for years.”

CWB April 18, 2019

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  1. Mr. Ryan,

    I have to say this. This country is twisted beyond normal repair. For someone to say God Bless America is probably a form of blasphemy. Why do white people support such a sick society and government? My anglo friends still think it is a wonderful country. And their parents? Even more so.

    Just further proof that the worst thing in the world is not sin but the denial of sin. Stupidity is harder to fight than evil.

    Christina Romana

    • Hi Christina,

      Thanks for posting another very intelligent comment. You sound like a young lady with a good head on her shoulders.

      As for White Americans saying “God Bless America” – well, this is pretty much reactionary patriotism against all the God awful atheist, Lib Leftists, Marxists, low life Black punks, Hollywood liars a certain malicious ethnic group/tribe that we’re not allowed to mention (hint starts with “J” ends with “W” rhymes with “Jew”).

      Maybe the prayer/plea might be better:

      “God help America”.

      How’s your Catholic dating going young lady? Have a young lad in mind? Maybe it will be a White anglo like Tony in West Side Story.


      Well, I’m off for a private Salsa dance lesson with an amazing young Latina dance teacher.

      I’m not Hispanic, but any future children I might have will most likely be half Hispanic.


      • Mr. Ryan,

        You say funny and positive things. Delightful! Salsa dancing is Cuban I think. You should be getting a lot of exercise with that dance.

  2. The race war is 100% real. The problem is that only one side is fighting it, while the other side is lying there and taking it, and in fact denying that it’s happening while they’re being murdered, subjugated, displaced, and dispossessed of their country and future.

  3. Funny that the kike media did not publicize that this awful anti-jew vandalism was perpetrated by a jew.

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