Live Thread: Andrew Yang Arrives In The ATL

#YangGang is growing:

Wow, so … Jamie Dimon and Barack Obama are Yang curious? Jack Dorsey too?


“Andrew Yang, an outsider running to be the Democratic nominee for president, joined the growing list of 2020 hopefuls visiting Atlanta as hundreds turned out Thursday for a rally at Piedmont Park.

The mostly younger crowd cheered as Yang discussed how he got into politics after the 2016 election. Yang, a New York-based entrepreneur, warned the crowd that artificial intelligence and new technology could take over many American jobs in the next several years, and he discussed his income plan to offset that.“When Donald Trump won … I was like, ‘Wow, America is so hurting that we took a chance on a narcissist reality TV star as our president,’ ” he said. …”

I will be showing up at one of these events soon.

I’m highly optimistic that Yang can expand the map to compete in Alabama and Mississippi. How many of these “Red States” can you win with a populist-progressive coalition? FDR won every Southern state four times and wiped out “conservatism” for a generation.

Note: Just wait until the word spreads and the normies find out that there is this guy running for president who offers $1,000 a month. Is “mainstream conservatism” worth more than that?

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  1. Can Andrew Yang flip the Peach State for the first time since Clinton in 1992?

    A meritless African demagogue came very close to winning the Georgia governorship for the Democrats in 2018. Surely a serious, intelligent candidate like Yang can carry the state in 2020, when the White percentage of the population will be smaller than it was in 2018. And as we know, Yang does have appeal for White voters (and not just the SJWs among them).

    • What would it take to flip Georgia?

      Yang could do it by motivating non-voters with $1,000 a month. He could flip White populist voters. It would be a piece of cake.

      • I would vote Yang for Georgia but NO WAY FOR POTUS. Georgia is a HUGE problem because of the dumb planet of the apes voting for “whosever black.” Sheboon nalmost made it. They’re so stupid she’d have done loads of stuff that would kill the black economy like inviting in all the illegals for starters, who would take their jobs. Ever look at different jobs in different states on Indeed ? Atlanta’s one of the lowest paying and fewest openings of any big city ! It’s because too many blacks kissing ass for less pay. We really need to save Alabama and Georgia.

  2. The old guard Democrats are gonna derail all of the candidates in order to clear the way for a Biden Presidency.

    That’s my prediction for 2020.

    • Biden has no large, enthusiastic voter base and no plans whatsoever to deal with the new economic realities. He is dull as dishwater, a tired old political hack. And his conduct around children and young women has been a PR catastrophe. He may have the support of the DNC establishment but that’s about it.

  3. Under Biden, it’ll be 20th Century business as usual.

    Maybe farmers in Kansas can get another tractorcade going to Washington. Amy Carter can put in an appearance along with Willie and Farm Aid. They can party like it’s 1979.

  4. One more time this is an Asian who has nothing to do with the white people. You falling in love with him is as sad as it is pathetic and shows the depth of the decay of the white race in America. You have obviously totally given up and by endorsing this thing you are looking for a way out of the battle for the future of the white civilization. If you ain’t white you ain’t right, its really that simple! In a normal world this creature won’t even be considered to be a part of the human race.

        • Hardly.

          I just noticed that China and Silicon Valley have restored slavery which is a subject that I happen to know a great deal about. After all, I live on what used to be a plantation.

        • @Haxo,

          Are you kidding? Bank bailouts and corporate welfare. Your God Emperor Trump declared Bankruptcy four times.

          You were warned about Trump and his Goldman Sachs jewish cabinet. You have absolutely ZERO credibility.

          Please explain your definition of communism. We live in a government controlled economy that stole from me. Yang bucks is not even a fair giveback imo, but it’s all we got.

          • These failed WN1.0 punks think that they are going to even GET to do a C’ville II, and are as deluded as the Antifa(ggots) who are merely their playmates on the turf of a dying nation…
            And the level of ignorance of these gap-toothed racists makes me shake my head in disbelief, that I ever found ANYTHING of solidarity with them. Yes, ORION. But that don’t include white morons with pick-up trucks and beer breath.

            I’m sorry, HW, that in merely looking at Yang, and analyzing things from a rational, enlightened perspective, all of the Bubbas on the ‘net are attacking you for backing a ‘chicom,’ a ‘chink,’ and any other pejorative that comes to their feeble little minds. Yang is TAIWANESE, born and raised in the USA, and has more of the spirit of Americanness, than AOC, Bernie, or the vast panoply of talking heads, including Orange Cheeto head.

            Let the dead bury the dead. These are the types that think ‘NOT MY JOB’ even as the robotics are in the development stage to take away their useless 9-5. Damn, some white trailer trash are DUMB….

      • “I have a degree in political science.”

        Taught you by the best Marxist Mommy Professors on the planet. You gave them the answers they wanted, so they gave you your license to practice!

        Appeals to authority are not an argument.

        They are saying Coulter has switched to Bernie Sanders because of his stand on immigration. The end of the world must be near!

        • No, I am just interested in a wide of subjects – current affairs, political science, economics, history, philosophy, science, my racial, ethnic and cultural heritage etc. – and always have been since college. I’m an INTP and that is what we do.

          • Appeals to authority, intelligence, and marked mental superiority are ALWAYS valid, in an INTELLECTUAL argument. But punks like ‘Adam Ant’ probably would rather ‘settle’ it out by the bucking bronco machine, while “Achy Breaky heart” is playing in the background of some sleaze bar. Plebian losers – in every way..

    • “If you ain’t white you ain’t right, its really that simple! In a normal world this creature won’t even be considered to be a part of the human race.”

      Where do you get the idea that only whites are human? Which ethnic groups do you consider white? Which scientific document or religious text do you get this nonsense from?

  5. How is your degree relevant here? I have more degrees than you and your family combined including PhD in History and you don’t see me ever mentioning it! You know what is the ultimate lesson I got from graduate school? That present-day white men study and think to much while the minorities don’t think they just grab and smash. The SA boys were not educated, they were street thugs yet they defeated the forces of evil in Germany. It won’t happen here with “enlightened” southern nationalists like you supporting a subhuman that actually denounced the alt-right. Desperation and capitulation before the current World Order is what is driving you in in the arms of the gook not the rational conclusions resulting from applying your political science degree to a real world problem. In that regard you are no different than the cuckservatives.

    • Kolvenson, I doubt it. Someone with a Doctorate should (at the very least) loathe the idea of a Ragnarok, no matter how it comes about, on intellectual grounds at the very least. And when you start calling another being a ‘sub-human,’ your defective redneck genetics are showing at best, and you are a liar at worst.

      Good Lord, HW, the Stormfront scumbags are infesting this forum, like cockroaches.
      Anathema sit.

  6. I’m totally on board with 1000 Yangbux a month and universal health care. HOWEVER, neither one of those ideas can be implemented as long as we have unlimited 3rd world immigration. And President Yang would have neither the inclination nor the ability to do jack squat about that.

    It’s either Commander Little in 2020 or Helter Skelter.

    • Yang knows full well the immigration system is antiquated. What are we going to do with all these people? We don’t even have good jobs for our own people right now

  7. The guy who puts forward the following ideas would get my vote:
    De-judization of the economy and general debt cancelation for all whites in the US irrespective of their income. By de-judization I mean a process of lustration similar to the one that took place in Eastern Europe after 1989. Jews should be deported to Israel. Worldwide they should be restricted to working only menial labor.
    In regard to the blacks they must payback all the money whites spend on social programs for them since 1964. That could be done by putting blacks to work just like they did it in the good old days. If they don’t want to work there is an alternative: we ship them all back to Africa with just the shirts on their backs.

    All other coloreds get deported and their property confiscated and distributed to white people in need.
    Universal healthcare and UBI for all white citizens of the US.
    Encouraging regime change in all other white majority countries in conformity to the new domestic and international priorities of United States. Helping the friendly white countries’ governments to deport the non-whites from their lands.

  8. Nothing and I don’t have a path forward but even if me and you don’t do anything the events will eventually push the whites in that direction and leaders will appear. They won’t be Asians though. On a personal note I do not compromise with my beliefs and I do not hide them from the people.

    • So, you have no solution? Why don’t you go back to the drawing board and think harder? That’s what I have tried to do instead of relying on nostalgia and failed strategies which never worked

      • No need to think about inventing the wheel again! I know where I stand and my position will never change. But you as a typical American lack deep-seated convictions and beliefs that is why at first sight of difficulty you give up and abandon your previous positions. I’ll give it to you this time! You sure came up with something new! Liking someone who is also liked by the jews! Now that is what I call going full circle!

        • What are these previous positions?

          How long have you been following me? I’ve been drawing from material that I have been working on since 2001. I haven’t changed my views at all. I have just been reasoning my way through a bunch of problems and have grown and built upon my opinions

          • Kolvensen, like 313Chris, all you are is a bloviating ass. Go get your own website, and write cogently on ANY subject, and gain your own audience.

            “Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be thought wise in his own eyes.”

  9. Fr. John+ Boy you are so stupid it is beyond belief! “Get you own website and write…” Retard! I am not writing incoherent posts on this website to gain popularity and pretend I am smart like you do. Waiving the white flag and following some gook is not a new solution it is capitulation. The colored hordes will still come for all of you. There will never be peace and understanding between the different races on Earth. Shut up and back to your mama’s basement idiot.

  10. I actually like you and your website Hunter! I’ve been reading OccidentalDissent for quite a few years now. Just like many other white people you are too fair minded and nice. The coloreds are not like us. If they are in a position to dictate terms on us we would be their slaves and they’ll show no mercy. Just check the things the Ottomans were doing in Southeastern Europe! There is a painting from 1937 Germany depicting white man fighting bunch of ugly looking savages surrounding him from all sides. I always refer to it when I start feeling sorry for the coloreds.

    • I’m trying to be more fairminded and nice lately. It has occurred to me that is a better way to communicate my ideas and persuade people who disagree with me than writing while being angry.

      If it seems like my tone has changed and become more detached and objective, it is because I am trying out a new technique with my 3.0 platform. Just try imagining you are either dead or writing from some other century and have no stake at all in what is going on today. Just observe and analyze what is going on.

      We also need positive vibes here. Most people are just turned off by negativity

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