German Historian Stripped Of Blogging Award For Fabricating Holocaust Stories

The Times:

“An award-winning German historian has been stripped of a national blogging prize after she was accused of fabricating the stories of 22 Jewish relatives who supposedly died in the Holocaust.

Marie-Sophie Hingst had drawn almost 250,000 readers to her vivid accounts of how her grandmother’s family had been all but wiped out in Auschwitz and other death camps.

Over years of archive research, she wrote, she had discovered their fates and registered their deaths with Yad Vashem, the main Israeli memorial to the Jewish victims of Nazi genocide. …”

I’m left wondering … will any of the skeptics in Germany now be released from prison for doubting the Holocaust? Isn’t it obvious that criminalizing skepticism of orthodox historical narratives is a terrible idea? Why is this one subject off limits to criticism?

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    • Just because it looks like a jew doesn’t mean it is one, some people are naturally ugly or have the pysiomony of one. And not all germans are blond as is states she supposedly has Jewish relatives that died in the shoah so she probably mostly german but has maybe 5-10 percent jew in her through family blood If any pure blood heeb was making this phony claim they would be dismissed and nothing would happen to them like so many do

  1. The International Red Cross published their Holocaust analysis in a three volume “Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War” released in Geneva in 1948. Their official number was 271,000. A horrible slaughter, but so were the far more damaging Armenian (1.5 million) and Holodomor (6 million Ukrainians) genocides. We also don’t often hear about the other groups that suffered in the German camps. But we rarely learn about those atrocities. It’s “almost” like we’re being lied to for the exclusive benefit of a certain group, isn’t it?

    • Rich L,

      Well I agree with you on this one. I remember reading a Catholic source last year that stated they believed 360,000 Jews were killed in WW2 but that roughly 100,000 were killed in combat leaving roughly 260,000 dying in concentration camps in the war. Most of them seem to have died during the last few months of the war due to the Allied bombing of the infrastructure leading to disease and starvation etc.

      Many Germans died after the war in concentration camps due to deliberate policies of the Allies.

      • A WWII database source says: “Estimates for the total casualties of World War II: Most suggest that some 60 million people died in world war II, including about 20 million soldiers and 40 million civilians.” The suffering of some people isn’t as important as (((others))), however.

        • Rich L,

          it was pretty horrible all right. i suppose the next one will be worse.

  2. I’m only surprised that those who accused this woman of fabricating holocaust stories weren’t thrown into prison for holocaust denial.

  3. Only jews are aloud to make up outlandish and unbelievable claims and bullshit stories about the holocaust goys can’t do that tho

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