Editor’s Note: If you are for reason, free speech, calm persuasion, international peace, non-violence and oppose fanaticism, congratulations, you are the bigot and the extremist now!

So, if I understand this correctly, thousands of rightwing YouTube channels are being purged and it is all because Steven Crowder ridiculed a gay Latino writer for Vox.com for endorsing violence and deplatforming. As a result, YouTube caved to a Twitter mob and is censoring and purging all of his political enemies including such notable Neo-Nazis as Ford Fischer and Jesse Lee Peterson:

It appears that not everyone is buying into the “moral authority” of this individual who is screaming and wrist flapping about YouTube being “a queer space” and calling for violence and censorship of everyone on the Right because it “works” and should be used “way more aggressively.”

I’m guessing this is likely to intensify the David French vs. Sohrab Ahmari debate over the nature of conservatism in the post-Blompf era. Ahmari’s whole point in that debate was that the moral consensus on key issues that used to exist in this country – the taboo on political violence, general respect for free speech, civility in politics – has disappeared under classical liberalism and that militant progressives seek to destroy their opponents and cannot be reasoned with.

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  1. I’ll answer Gage. The Nazis were apparently burning a child tranny pervert whathave you pornography collection.

    That’s not what YouTube are doing. YouTube are getting rid of the right wing on behalf of pornographers and kiddy fiddling scum.

    We are in a reformation right now.

  2. The only one who can fix this mess and his name is Trump. Don’t hold your breath, because it’s all part of plan.

    Trust the plan -Q

    I can’t take it! How can there be so many stupid naive people in this country? We’ve gone backwards especially with the support for those parasitic Christ killers in the ME and their big brother in Amerika the ADL and its military phyop Q.

    I’ve been in so many arguments about their phyop Q and the Trump Israeli plan and these people don’t even have a clue. It’s like they’re memorized or under a spell. I’ve been kicked off so many platforms regarding this I can’t count. Silence my voice and many others? What’s next, the many manifesto’s that will be written? Maybe that’s what they want for the true end-game on our behalf.

    • I wouldnt be surprised at this point if Anglin or other expat dissidents abroad don’t start showing up dead by strangulation and flame.

      Trump is acting like Henry VIII. His rabble rousing in 2016 was like throwing the right off a steeple and commanding the “movement” to stop in mid air by mid 2018.

      Expect dead right wing dissents to surface in Nigeria.

      • Anglin should be eliminated anyway. Either the Reds can do it, or he’ll get the Ernst Rohm/Night of the Long Knives treatment from my side later on.

  3. Nothing is or will be done about any of this by Trump.

    He will trade on the outrage in the run up to the election and win. The slow burn will continue til 2024 with the boomercons warbling impotently from their electric scooters.

    Whitehouse goes Dem in 2024.

    Game over.

    • No, the White House gets overthrown in a Soros-funded “Peoples’ Revolution” by 2024. This whole Democrat/Republican puppet show is just about over. Stop waiting for Sean Hannity to tell you what to think.

  4. Carlos Maza, be damned. Anathema. May your sins be brought down on you, may you suffer for your perversion, may your name be blotted off the face of the earth. Exaudi oratione nobis, Domine.

    • The ADL server with machine learning must have a physical location. It’s literally skynet.

    • Trump and that gold-digging Slovenian tramp of his deserve the abuse. I hope that Orange Prick is America’s last president. This “constitutional democracy” bullshit has become INTOLERABLE.

    • A great deal of the hostility to Trump in the protests there could be branded as Anti-Semitic. Shame that no one made a Kushner float with him counting shekels.

  5. We are being forced underground for Wrongthink. We are being forced to adopt guerrilla tactics for communication and self-expression. Revolutionary movements start by carefully sharing and distributing information amongst aggrieved people. It starts at venting, then evolves into planning and retaliation. If this totalitarian crap doesn’t stop and soon, the idiot oligarchs will discover that pushing dissidents into secretive groups tends to end badly for the ruling class. As these rulers are especially weak and sensitive, striking back at any level will bring howls of disbelief and fear from those smug cretins.

  6. I happened to be watching a Vox Day video a couple of weeks ago and he was talking about this event coming. He said he had already prepared his own video site, so he wouldn’t miss a beat when the ban comes. So I am assuming that Stephen Crowder was not the reason for the bans, he was just the excuse to put this operation in motion,

    The interesting thing Vox said in this video is that the censorship that comes out of these companies, comes not from very the top, but from relatively low ranking SJW employees. He said SJWs don’t care about their fellow co-workers at all. They don’t care if they wreck a company in the pursuit of their political goals.

        • Denise what’s your stance vis a vis atheist jews?

          I’ve known horrible atheist ones, and very decent religions ones – within their own individual agency. Judaism as a group think project is the problem in my book, not all jewish people.

          All the Abrahamic cults are misanthropic and misogynist. Protestantism is the least oppressive but mostly because it isn’t organized. You can’t even nail down what it is, really.

          I ask, though, because the evangelicals are very zionist and imperialist, even if most who go along are just brainwashed. I think we need to consider that Judaism works in tandem with these various elements of Christianity, instead of viewing the jews so much as an isolated group.

          Just my two cents.

      • Here’s the thing. Conservatism Inc. is not going to do anything no matter how much we protest, because they approve of this censorship. They had a cosy relationship with the far left, where they got to play the kept opposition, but the Internet has ruined it. In their ideal world Youtube will be no different to network TV.

  7. Yup, just checked out my YT subscriptions, 1/3 are no longer including one of the best ThuleanPerspective.

    I wonder how much longer HW will be able to hold on to this site?

    We got to do something besides sitting behind keyboards!

    • You’re absolutely right. Something must be done, but it won’t include any more AmRen or CCC conferences at the Airport Ramada Inn.

  8. This is an opportunity to form an NGO, ( if that’s what it is, ) legal ATTACK group. ( Not defense fund … we’re beyond that. ) OUR version of ACLU. OUR version of SPLC. A law group patriots can donate cryptos, silver gold, even mail money orders, that handles all our class actions against big credit and big tech. We file criminal charges against them AND against any DA’s that don’t prosecute, AND civil charges. We can not only win … we can win HUGE $$$$$$$$$.


  9. So one must now obtain the approval of jews to post online. No surprise. I just wonder what’s next.

  10. Simple solution. We should all simply boycott Youtube. Youtube makes money from creators and their subscribers. Some enterprising person will create another No-Censorship platform. The creators and their subscribers will follow. Youtube will devolve into a leftist echo chamber. But even then the leftists will eat each other alive and get those sites demonetized or banned. And/or in the end, no one will be watching Youtube.

    The smartest knife in the drawer, the owner of Twitter, is already seeing fall-out with Twitter. He should have stood firm for free speech, but he bowed the knee and now he’s lost half his customer base. Because no one changed their minds, Twitter is devolving into a leftist echo chamber and people who get bored move on.

    • Right, clytem. Take away viewers, and you starve the beast. BTW, the Twitter guy is talking about starting a “free speech” version of his service. Kind of like Gab, I suppose. The snowflakes can have regular Twitter, and those of us not lobotomized can have our say without retaliation. Supposedly.

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