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  1. Too late Tucker. We need The Confederate Party and A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY. So … the question is … WHO is the Confederate candidate ?

      • A big ov vey yikes from me if you think a confederate candidate is gonna be potus in zog america use your head buddy it ain’t happening

      • @ Iron, 1 note is a marketing tactic. Repetition drives a point home. Maybe you should get off your ass and do something for the south instead of attacking the messenger who touts a genius concept hmm ?

        @ Thom / troll. & Denise … yyeeessss … let’s all ggiiivvveee uuupp. Quietly into the night. There’s nothing we can do. 🙂

        What’s the POINT of a blog ? Of free speech if we don’t banter back and forth about solutions ? If you could wave a magic wand and make things right, how would “right” look ?

        Aim your blog in THAT direction. Right now it seems the blog is drunk driving. Weaving here and there … no purpose.

        • I’m a troll now because i’m thinking logically? Look bucko the last pro white candidate that ran not trump of course was david duke he couldn’t pull in more then 1% of the vote and you think some good ol boy confederate do they even exist besides larpers or feds? is gonna come strolling in to save the day? Some genius concept gray ghost don’t give on your dreams or grandiose delusions…

          • Goofball ! Pay attention. I never said a Confederate candidate running for the whole country. I said, the only answer is Balkanization and our republic being Confederacy 2.0. This is a great idea to be talked about supposedly in places like this. Anyone who attacks it is either lazy or stupid or a troll.

        • Then please explain how to make A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY a reality. We’re all waiting.

          • Shall I draft a manifesto and cram it into a comment section for the less … intelligent folks ? Or can I present a “concept” to start a conversation ? How did 3 down and out beer buddies create The Third Reich ? How did a handful of founders create The United States Of America ? And how will WE create The Second Confederacy ? This is as much for you to answer as it is me. I have a LOT of ideas on the subject but I’m not Mr. Know-it-all.

            Participate Powell. Participate. Or … just stand by and watch YOUR inheritance be invaded and taken …

  2. Tucker Cuckerson recently went to the edmund burke national conservative conference headlined by a zionist Israeli name is Yorham Hazony the president of the edmund burke convention is David Brog i’ll let you fill the rest readers

  3. Fox news probably sent Tucker there as a soft warning to re-aglin his politics to (((true conservatism))) or else he loses his job at fox. Probably gets another visit from antifa mob if he doesn’t comply with the demand to betray his politics

    • That’s why we HAVE TO Balkanize, and create our own nation. A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY.

      • “A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITES” It’s a good concept and sounds like a viable solution, specially the way the (((oppressors))) are accelerating their anti-White agenda.

        Just leave religion and any god out of it. Freedom of religion, yes. But freedom from religion. There are millions of us W Nationalists who are atheists and moreover, don’t believe and haven’t fallen for an anti-White Jew religion.

        • Brenda Lichter – 🙂 Don’t let satan steal your chance. I hate the “bad” Jews as much as you AND God does too. It’s not a “Jew religion.” God had to reveal His Word to us through “someone,” and WHOEVER He chose would have been made a little special just because of that.

          Yes … we could say freedom of religion BUT NO SATANISTS OR MUSLIMS. I’m just tossing out a genius concept to get the conversation going.

          Do your eternity a huge favor and read : The Signature Of God, by – Grant R. Jeffery

  4. I think Tuckah knows the jews at FOX are already preparing to have him replaced, perhaps with Ben “I pull my pants all the way down and my shirt all the way up when I pee” Shapiro.

    No, there will never be any serious “nationalist” candidate running for president, but hopefully in the near future some states or region of states will begin to secede from the ZOG Union and ZOG mercenary forces will be too weak to stop them.

    • Yep exactly tucker doesn’t have long he will be replaced by dave rubin, ben shapiro or charlie kirk. Now that paul ryan is on the board of directors at sholmo and friends crazy i know dissent right wing opinions have to be purged tucker will have to go so kosher conservatism can go on without criticism

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