Rusty Reno: Time to Take the Lead

First Things:

“David French v. Sohrab Ahmari. It’s not a prize fight. It’s a debate about the future of American conservatism.

So argues Ross Douthat, and he’s right. Are we going to keep singing the old fusionist tunes? Or will the Right become relevant again in a society fractured by the global economy, demoralized by cultural deregulation, and misruled by a clueless elite?

Douthat gives an accurate account of the ambitions of those of us frustrated by the classical-liberal, limited government conservative establishment. His analysis expresses well my own goals and the direction of First Things.

Religious and social conservatives, not classical liberals and libertarians, need to lead American conservatism.  …”


I agree with every word of it.

Note: OMG … we might lose Bill Kristol, Max Boot and the neocons! We might lose the lolbertarians! We might lose the sacred principles of True Conservatism!

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  1. You do realize that ‘First Things’ is ostensibly, Roman Catholic- and not in any way critical of the present papal duality, don’t Jew? (which they should be)

    Why would a LCMS care for what RCs are saying? Just asking…..

  2. Am watching the commemorations at Bayeaux British Cemetary.

    The Beauty of the old regiments and Anglican choristers paring respects to their dead is touching.

    Then you realize that there was no point or beneficial purpose to it. The British can’t make up their minds about Europe. Dunkirk was Brexit.

  3. We haven’t seen the last populist wave election in the country yet. The crackdown by the establishment ruling class is not yet complete.

    Still though, at the national level I think its too late to wrestle the reins from the coalition of Republicans and Democrats that are wholly in control of the ship of state. To do that would require nationwide communication to get a message out to enough people. Given the coordinated effort by big tech and the media, and the tacit approval of the establishment to dismantle the independent media on the internet, we can’t get any message out without outside help (not ruling this out, we have supported the opposition in other countries, they will do it too).

    It is far more difficult to control the independent media at the state level, and logistically there are still old tech ways to get a message out that are practical over smaller distances. Townhalls, Newsletters and townsquares etc. This needs to be an area of focus.

    The federal government is losing legitimacy. As it does, the States fill the vacuum by default. Thats how federalism works. We need to be positioned to take advantage of the shift when it happens.

    Accelerationism at the national level serves the end of delegitimizing Washington. Applying nationalist populism at the state level first, is how we can build a foundation on which a national resurgence can be launched.

    We can’t break onto the national scene yet.

    @hunter, what is this position that we are advocating called?

    Basically everything Tucker said in his clip on your other post was Paleoconservatism. Is this a resurgence of that brand? Or National Populism? What is this? There needs to be a coherent branding that we can fall in under to get some shade from the bigger players that will lend us the credibilty we need to come out of the wilderness.

    I’m anon. I can just pick up my flag and move it and it doesn’t cost me anything but manhours to change my memes.

    But to do that means putting distance between myself and the Daily Stormer (and all the poison it represents), TRS (all the conniving and infighting that they have caused) and Chris Cantwell (for all the disfunction and lack of good judgement on his part from boofing meth, to getting arrested for P.I. while on house arrest and all the other dumb shit including fucking over Heelturn).

    I’m willing to walk away from all of them. The only part of the Altright whose brand isn’t totally soiled, is the Southern Nationalists and Trad Christians and Dark Enlightenment types.

    All of those people can fit easily into a Paleocon type platform.

    Do we have enough willpower to intentionally set ourselves apart from the fetid still shambling corpse of the Altright? If so, I will keep my flag with the remnant.

    If not, I have nothing to lose by going Normiecon for a while and blending back into the woodwork before this ruins my life.

    Do we have a concensus on this? Or am I the only one thinking about it?

    Speak your minds, plz.

    • Old tech will always work. The USPS hasn’t been compromised yet, and there are also the private courier services. I think the CivNat religion is still strong with most pale people. So until reality smacks whitey between the eyes, a paleocon/trad Christian culture would be a good set of selling points for the right or populist normie. Most people on the right, as HW has repeatedly shown, are socially conservative and willing to support more authoritarian policies that preserve social order. Most people don’t want to blow it all up and start over. Plus, the vast majority like the safety nets (Social Security, Medicare) already in place.

      The natural desire of people to stay amongst their own is still there. As suburbs and the tonier urban neighborhoods get more people of preferred pigmentation, there is more uneasiness. We have nowhere else to go but more rural areas, where people commonly pull together and support each other. Things will sort themselves out, if TPTB don’t keep trying to force the issues that bring division. (Yes, TPTB are doing that, but resistance to the cultural programming is finally starting to show. These are interesting times.)

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