Bill Maher Interviews Andrew Yang

Let’s assume that Andrew Yang loses the Democratic primary.

It is easy to see how this happens. The Democratic Party is too polarized and too angry for progressives to vote for an Asian moderate. Meanwhile, the more moderate Democrats are Boomers and stick with tried and true Joe Biden. In such a scenario, Yang drops out after the first few debates.

What happens then? The issues raised by Yang about the buzzsaw that is automation, robotics and artificial intelligence destroying millions of White working class and middle class jobs in the South and Midwest and vacuuming away the wealth to coastal enclaves like San Francisco isn’t going to go away. We’re only at the very beginning of the process which will pick up steam in the 2020s and 2030s.

If someone like Yang doesn’t address that problem, who do you think will? The political and cultural establishment is already discredited now in the Heartland. Populism is already soaring across the West. What do you think it is going to be like ten or twenty years down the road? If current trends continue and the polarization intensifies and nothing is done about the systemic problem that is shredding the social fabric and creating unprecedented levels of income inequality, what happens then?

I’m paying attention to Yang’s campaign and taking notes. I doubt that I am the only one in the “Far Right.” I have incorporated a lot of what he is saying into my own worldview while discarding all the social liberalism that I disagree with. There is no reason why other candidates can’t take what Yang is saying about automation and marry it to social conservatism and authoritarianism and present it in a different and more familiar way to that angry audience in the South and the Midwest.

Someone is going to do it eventually and that person isn’t going to be a buffoon like Donald Trump surrounded by a bunch of conservative hacks and grifters.

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  1. Why don’t you stick to history, which you’re actually good at, and quick licking the ass of this yellow garbage?

    • Ironsides,

      I’m interested in lots of issues. I also agree with Yang’s argument about automation and the impact that is going to have on the White working class and middle class here in the South. The fact that he is Taiwanese doesn’t really interest me because it is irrelevant. Either what he is saying about the issue is true or it is false. I believe it is true.

    • I also have no intention of stopping with the history posts.

      As anyone who reads this site can plainly see, I agree with Yang about technology. I’m concerned about the impact that automation is going to have on the South. At the same time, I am a social conservative and authoritarian and a populist, not a liberal progressive, which is why I can talk about Yang one minute and Theodore Bilbo or Robert Barnwell Rhett in the next breath.

    • Ironsides seriously this is hunters site he can post whatever he wishes, no need for gross name calling either hoping for yang might be cope posting but if elections are a giant lie and scam what difference does it make to you?

  2. Amazon paid no federal taxes last year. They barely spent any time on that!!!

    Andrew is the system’s 2020 version of Obama. Same goal, different messenger especially if he continues to get a lot of interviews and more and more positive press. Maybe he’s part of a dragon family. Maybe.

    • Not only do they not pay taxes and use the public road system for free, they pay their employees so little money that they have to get handouts from the government to make ends meet.

      Amazon is a net drain on the economy. Jeff Bezos is a blood sucking sociopath.

  3. Bill Maher just said Roy Moore is a child molester. Do you know how many people believe that as fact because it was said on television and there was no media outcry? Roy Moore got a hit job and, as usual, it was a total success. And, it was a message for those looking to run in the future..

  4. Unlike Trump, Roy Moore had no contact with Jeffrey Epstein. There’s lot of photos of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and Roy Cohn, among other undesirables, yet the opposition never focused on this fact.

  5. Yang said that people will spend their thousand dollars at “main street businesses,” but a big part of his argument is that main street businesses are disappearing because of Amazon. What is more likely is that people will spend their thousand dollars on Amazon. But I guess as long as there’s the value added tax so that every one of those sales produces tax revenue – and as long as that tax revenue actually gets used to benefit people – it would work.

    It’s a good plan, but he will never get the corrupt American empire, which funnels trillions to banks, bomb makers and Israel, to adopt it.

  6. Let’s assume that Andrew Yang loses the Democratic primary.

    We don’t have to assume it. It’s a foregone conclusion. Biden’s going to be next Presidenté.

  7. I hate maher what a lying unfunny double speak loser, it is so bizzare to me how some of these liberal jews are so bothered by trump even tho they agree 100 percent by his hardcore zionist policies and they know hes controlled by the deep state not putin yet they keep pushing this weird russia narrative This world is so bizzare like bizarroworld bizzare can’t wait fast enough for jesus to expose these perfidious rats cause if not him who will?

  8. SHTF with or without UBI. Demographics and racial resentment stirred up by the tribe will make that inevitable.

    Unlike the old Coca-Cola commercials, UBI will not teach the USA to sing in perfect harmony.

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