Twist & Shout Chicken With Bacon and Mushrooms Recipe

Do we have anyone else here doing Keto or low-carb dieting?

I’ve been posting a lot of Southern food porn lately. When I am not reading and writing, I spend a lot of my time watching these YouTube videos, experimenting and trying out tasty new recipes. I’m considering turning this into a series for July. Here’s how the French and Onion Chicken Breast recipe w/ Roasted Brussels Sprouts that I posted last night turned out this evening:

The Tango Spice Company sells this Twist & Shout BBQ Spice Rub. If you want to follow along with the recipe series, you can get this spice rub or any similar brand as a substitute.

Note: I had the French and Onion Chicken this evening with several bowls of the the Peel-a-Pound Soup this evening. I had no problem hitting my goals in MyFitnessPal.

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  1. I don’t do keto, but I have been doing a lot more cooking lately. I mostly do grilled meats and wild crockpot experiments (some of which turn out better than others), and my lady handles oven-roasting as needed for veggies. It’s cheaper, healthier, and a good way to bond if you do it with someone else.

    I like these cooking entries. There’s good ideas here even for non-keto types (I definitely like roasted brussels sprouts, though I hated eating them boiled when I was a kid).

      • Boiled brussel sprouts is nasty tasting, its too watery and soft. Oven baked brussels are good and steamed brussel sprouts is good too but if you steam them too long it tastes just like boiled. Also try lightly glazing them in olive oil or butter with a dash of sea salt

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