David French: Against the Republican Daddy State

It has been about a week since the last stupid David French take in which he argued in favor of an immigration system that prefers non-European over European immigrants. Now, French is back to defend Silicon Valley from Sen. Josh Hawley and the threat of Big Gubmint.

National Review:

“On Tuesday, Senator Josh Hawley introduced his second proposed regulation of social media in as many months. In June, he introduced a bill to regulate political speech on large social-media platforms. In July, he followed it up with the “SMART Act,” a bill designed to curb allegedly addictive features contained in popular applications such as Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube.

I fully agree that social-media platforms should reform their speech policies. I also agree that too many Americans spend too much time on their phones. But there is a dramatic difference between declaring that something is a problem and believing that government should act to solve that problem. In fact, the very determination that government should act — rather than relying on a free citizenry to exercise its liberty responsibly — can be harmful to a nation and to a culture.

The SMART Act is a remarkable attempt at micromanaging the design of popular online products. It would ban, for example, “infinite scroll” (the feature that allows you to thumb rapidly through a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feed), the “autoplay” of a new video after the user finishes the one he initially selected (on sites like YouTube, but not on the ultimate autoplay device in American homes, your television), and certain gaming features on social-media apps, such as Snapchat’s “streaks” (which record how many consecutive days you’ve communicated with friends).

Welcome to the Republican Daddy state. …”

There is indeed a dramatic philosophical difference between us.

David French, Conservatism, Inc. and the Republican Party are on the side of the wealthy and the powerful. Generally speaking, they want to paralyze the government to get the state off their backs except for their unprincipled exceptions like military spending or federal civil rights laws in which case the eternal principles of classical liberalism are conveniently set aside in favor of their interest.

From our perspective, it is pointless to keep rewarding True Conservatives with political power. They are philosophically opposed to using political power to do anything except for the wealthy and the powerful. They have used political power to cut taxes and regulations for Silicon Valley. The Republican House recently ended the country caps on tech visas by passing the Fairness for High Skilled Workers Act for Google. Meanwhile, their base is enraged about illegal immigration and censorship and French wants the GOP to stand pat and do nothing. This is his highly principled position.

As long as people with French’s mindset are in power in Washington, we will continue to spin our wheels. The problem isn’t that they lack the power to advance our agenda. The problem isn’t the Democrats either. The real problem is that they are opposed to it on the basis of principle. Hawley can introduce all the bills he wants and they will continue to go nowhere in Congress like Steve King’s immigration bills. Nothing will change until these people are discredited and hurled from power.

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  1. what a President, Trump or any other, could do if the population is so ridiculous? The horrible Jews put something in the water?

  2. At this point, why not vote for Marrianne Williamson?

    A Jewess who instructs Whites to self-flagellate in front of Blacks to atone for Slavery and yada yada….

    We’re already fully inside some Hilarious Bad Trip so why not just uptick the Gas Levels?


    • @CO: By un-ironically using a yiddish term like yada yada you are unconsciously acknowledging the extent of jewish influence over you and your way of thinking, you schmuck.

  3. Little david french is just another worthless neocon but unfortunately the evangelicals love them some neocon bullshit and eat it up every chance they get.

  4. Conservatism, Inc. isn’t supposed to conserve anything, it’s just a grift, a fraud for the David French’s (and especially their owners) of the world. It acted like a narcotic for many years keeping restless, white middle America sedated with hope that this time (1968, 1972, 1980, 1984, 1988, 2000, 2004, 2016 etc.) the Republicans would really, really implement their “conservative” principles and not screw us again. This time they really mean it, not like last ten times and besides, the other guy is worse.

    The beneficial owners of professional conservatism are just trying to grab as much pelf as they can as the ship sinks. Sheldon Adelson, the Brothers Koch et al. know that illegal aliens, immigration, H1-B scams etc. are destroying the country. Quasi-monopoly practices in medicine, education, high tech and other rackets making up the rickety economy of the U.S. enrich the few while impoverishing the former white middle class. As long as white males show up for military service for “our greatest ally” it’s all good though.

    We are one stock market crash, one big war in the Near East from the wheels coming off of this country. There is no reserve of goodwill, wealth or patriotism left to be exploited by the establishment in a crisis, it’s all gone.

    • There really has never been a conservative movement in the US. It is essentially controlled opposition, at best.

    • Cold War conservatives were not entirely useless. They did indeed forthrightly defend American interests in that contest. Leftie historians charge that their behavior increased the risk of a nuclear showdown with the USSR, but even if this is true, at least they had some fight in them and their hearts were in the right place. (Unlike defeatist libtards.)

      The real conservative disappointment occurred in the wake of the Soviet Union’s fall; or perhaps earlier, around the mid-80s, when it was clear that the Soviets were struggling and that America had built up an unassailable advantage Republicans at that point began to cuck hard, selling out white interests at every turn (eg the Reagan amnesty in 86), even as they implicitly appealed to white voters (eg the “contract with America” response to the “year of the angry white male” in the 94 midterms).

  5. Spencer should ask that cucked faggot David French if he is ever allowed to watch his wife getting tag-teamed by troops of sweating, feral, muscular Negroes.

  6. All of the top tier Republican politicians and punditry live the same life as Baked Alaska, except they are more cunning and better paid.

    If David French dropped dead tomorrow, thousands of people would be lined up to take his place and all of them would be able to change their views, fake tears and outrage on command.

  7. David French is OK with his Ethiopian daughter being given access to WHITE businesses she didn’t create and access to captive WHITE children in schools forceably integrated with WHITE hostages. This guy doesn’t even understand his own principles.

    Big Tech operates under the laws regulating interestate commerce and should not be able arbitrarily to exclude persons.

      • I love it when these “trophy adoptees” backfire on their keepers. (After all, nigs are gonna nig.) When I used to see pics of Madona lugging around her little prize turdler, with that tired look in her eyes, I wondered whether it wasn’t already happening to her.

  8. David French needs to be dismissed via the Doc Holiday (played by Val Kilmer) treatment with , “I forgot you were there David. You may go now.”

    On the slim chance of that happening; I’m your Huckleberry French, and I’ll play for blood.

  9. David French’s job is to bait us at the behest of the Jews. It worked as it’s clear now that the neocons were attacking Trump because they wanted him to win. They know they are hated. They believe firmly they are immune from the consequences of that hate.

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