Is Donald Trump Incapable of Making Policy?

I’m going to push back hard against this meme.

It is a myth that Trump and the Republican Congress have been rewarded with control over two branches of the federal government (three until the 2018 midterms), but chose to advance no policies while in office. In fact, they have used their power in Washington to push a number of policies.

It’s just not the policies their base wanted.

1.) The Tax Cuts – The single greatest accomplishment of Blompf and the Republican Congress was the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in which budget reconciliation was used to push it through the Republican Senate with 51 votes. The centerpiece of this bill was a reduction in the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% which was a bonanza for the wealthy and Corporate America.

2.) Health Care Reform – The Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed in the Senate by only one vote when John McCain torpedoed the bill. This was the top priority of Blompf and the Republican Congress in 2017 and a serious legislative effort was made to do it through the budget reconciliation process. Virtually all of 2017 was spent advancing the Ryan agenda on health care and tax cuts and the plan was to continue to push the Ryan agenda in 2018 with entitlement reform, but that had to be shelved because in December 2017 the Republicans sabotaged Roy Moore’s Senate campaign in Alabama and lost a reliable seat. Health care reform had failed even with “Big Luther” Strange in the Senate and with only 52 votes in the Senate that was the end of doing anything controversial in Congress.

3.) Banking Deregulation – In spite of the loss of Luther Strange’s Senate seat to Doug Jones, Blompf and the GOP scored another major victory for the donor class when they worked with their puppets on the Democratic side of the aisle to deregulate banks in May 2018.

4.) Gorsuch – Blompf nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court to replace Antonin Scalia who had died during the 2016 campaign. Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate got it done.

5.) Kavanaugh – Blompf nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings dominated last summer. Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate also got that done. Blompf and McConnell have been very successful in reshaping the federal judiciary with lifetime conservative appointments particularly in the lower federal courts.

6.) Criminal Justice Reform – The lame duck session of the 115th Congress was the last chance for the GOP to fund the border wall after repeatedly kicking the can down the road. Instead of getting that done or acting on any of the many immigration bills that died a quiet death in McConnell’s Senate, they used their last gasp of power to pass criminal justice reform for the Koch Brothers.

7.) Military Budgets – Blompf and the Republican Congress have had no problem pushing through blockbuster military budgets. Military spending has increased from $618 billion under Obama in FY 2017 to $700 billion in FY 2018 under Trump to $719 billion in FY 2019 and most recently to $738 billion in FY 2020 and $740.5 billion in 2021.

8.) Paris Climate Accord – Blompf had no problem pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord in June 2017 which was a major change in environmental policy from the Obama administration.

9.) Iran Nuclear Deal – Blompf unilaterally pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018 and has dramatically escalated tensions with Iran. This is also a major change in foreign policy from the Obama administration which negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran that had eased tensions.

10.) Iran Sanctions – Blompf has designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. He has piled wave after wave of sanctions on Iran. In a total reversal of our foreign policy under Obama, Blompf has taken us to the brink of war with Iran and is currently deploying troops to Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the region.

11.) Russia Sanctions – In spite of running in 2016 on easing tensions with Russia, Blompf and the GOP have done the opposite in power. The U.S. has formally withdrawn from the I.N.F. Treaty, piled wave after wave of new sanctions on Russia, armed Ukraine with Javelin anti-tank missiles which Obama refused to do and expanded NATO to include Montenegro.

12.) Saudi Arms Deal – Is Blompf incapable of exercising any power as president? Not when it comes to Saudi Arabia. He recently vetoed several bills passed by Congress which would have blocked his massive arms deal with Saudi Arabia and its allies.

13.) The Muslim Ban – This was a big deal on the campaign trail which differentiated Blompf from his rivals and established his bona fides as a populist outsider who was “moving the Overton Window.” In the end, the Travel Ban ended up banning travelers from a laundry list of the State Department’s enemies: Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, Libya and Somalia.

14.) Jerusalem – Moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem for Sheldon Adelson is currently one of Blompf’s greatest foreign policy accomplishments.

15.) Presidential Pardons – Blompf has used his power as president to pardon Sholom Rubashkin, a Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic Jew, who was sentenced to 27 years in prison for exploiting illegal aliens in his kosher slaughterhouse in Iowa. Just the other day, he commuted the sentence of Ronen Nahmani, an Orthodox Israeli drug dealer who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for distributing synthetic marijuana. He has also handed out pardons for Scooter Libby, an establishment crony from the W. administration, and most bizarrely, the long dead early 20th century black boxer Jack Johnson who was convicted of transporting a White woman across state lines to service him as a prostitute.

16.) Golan Heights – Blompf recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights in order to help Bibi Netanyahu win reelection. In return, Netanyahu named an Israeli settlement there in Blompf’s honor.

17.) Yemen – Blompf pulled out his pen to veto a bill that would have ended U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen.

18.) Foreign Aid To Israel – As you might expect, Blompf and the GOP worked together to raise foreign to Israel by $200 million.

19.) Foreign Aid To Palestinians – As you might expect, Blompf has cut all foreign aid to the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

20.) Anti-BDS Legislation – After all the noise of the 2018 midterms, Blompf and the GOP quickly pivoted to passing anti-BDS legislation which was AIPAC’s top legislative priority. It was overwhelmingly passed by both the House and the Senate. So far, the GOP has spent all of 2019 focusing on accusing the Democrats of anti-Semitism.

21.) Venezuela – Blompf’s foreign policy has been trying to foment regime change in Iran, Syria and Venezuela by all means short of sending in troops with a U.S. invasion. He supported Marco Rubio’s failed effort to topple the government of Venezuela earlier this year.

22.) H-2B Visas – In spite of Blompf’s theatrics on the campaign trail about immigration, his administration is granting the highest numbers of H-2B visas since the W. presidency.

23.) H-1B Visas – In spite of the saber rattling about Big Tech, 140 House Republicans recently voted to end the country caps on H-1B visas in the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act.

24.) H-2A Visas – What about Big Ag?

Is Big Ag getting left out at the trough? The GOP is delivering on cheap labor for Big Tech and the hotel and restaurant industry. As of a few weeks ago, the Blompf administration is changing the rules to make it easier for Big Ag to bring in more of its foreign peons to undercut the ones already here.

25.) Rise Above Movement – When Charlottesville stopped arresting White Nationalists, the Blompf DOJ had no problem bringing charges against the Rise Above Movement and seeking even further hate crime charges. Three of them will be in prison for the next 2 to 3 years.

26.) James Fields, Jr.


James Fields, Jr. got two life sentences and an extra 419 years in prison in federal and state court over Charlottesville. To put this in perspective, El Chapo only got one life sentence plus 30 years in prison.

27.) White Nationalism

I’m sure you have heard that “Mensch Extraordinaire” Blompf is “moving the Overton Window” and making White Nationalism more acceptable. Actually, the GOP stripped Rep. Steve King of his committee assignments as punishment for his milquetoast defense of Western civilization. It also unanimously condemned White Nationalism (Steve King included) while exempting Antifa of any blame for the violence in Charlottesville. Blompf signed it. The Democratic House later condemned White Nationalism again over the Steve King row in January and Republicans once again unanimously supported the resolution.

28.) USMCA – Do you remember on the campaign trail when Blompf denounced NAFTA as the worst trade deal in history? Do you remember when he vowed to kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Blompf was true to his word when he killed TPP. He later copied and pasted two-thirds of the text which was the basis of USMCA which he signed in Buenos Aires last November.

29.) Net Neutrality

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is so based!

He killed Net Neutrality for the cable companies. He later ruled out taking any form of action over social media censorship.

30.) Julian Assange

Oh … that’s right. I almost forgot. Mike Pompeo got that done too.

31.) Globohomo

Last but not least, the Blompf administration is currently waging two global crusades to promote feminism in foreign countries and to decriminalize homosexuality. It recently scored a major victory with the decriminalization of homosexuality in Botswana.

It’s true that Blompf is shifting the Overton Window and changing the culture. In the two and a half years that Blompf has been president, homosexuality has been mainstreamed on the Right while White Nationalism has been systematically deplatformed on the internet and effectively criminalized in the streets while immigration enforcement on the Mexican border has all but collapsed.

Are you tired of winning?

Imagine for a moment what Blompf will do for his supporters when he no longer has to worry about being reelected in 2021. He won’t even have to push our buttons and pretend to be a nationalist with his race-baiting tweets after the 2020 election is over next November.

I could continue to list all the great policy victories of the Blompf administration, but the above is sufficient to see the pattern. Blompf and the GOP Congress used power to reward wealthy donors, particularly Orthodox Jews, while doing virtually nothing that their White populist base wanted. Ask yourself why Blompf and the GOP chose to use power to pass or enact this unpopular agenda.

Is this what the crowds at the Blompf rallies who are trusting the plan wanted? Of course not. These desperate and gullible low-information voters were baited with one agenda by a professional con artist on the campaign trail in 2016 and 2018. As always, the GOP switched and quietly delivered on its real agenda while in office. The problem isn’t that these people lack the power to pass a populist agenda. It is that conservatives don’t even want to pass that agenda because they work for their donors.

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  1. I’m beginning to suspect that the DemonKKKraps have secretly agreed with the jew billionaire donors who control both parties to let Blormp have a second term, putting up only weak token candidates to run against him.

  2. As long as Jewish power and influence controls the money, media, politics, education & religion nothing will change but only accelerate the ongoing process of White Genocide unless Christ returns.

    It’s incredible that Jews try to claim the whole inheritance of the 12 tribes even though Christ says their Cannanites and Judah is only part of the 2 southern tribes.

    European people get screwed over by the Jews of their inheritance because the 10 northern tribes of Israel went off into paganism and later accepted Christ to become Christian but forgot they were originally from the 10 northern tribes that was divorced by God until Christ.

    If White Europeans ever come to realize their Biblical inheritance then it’s game over for Jewish power & influence.

    • Precisely. And understanding Preterist thought, is the key to that liberation. As well as the true Catholic understanding of the Church as the ONLY ‘Corpus Christi’ as all intelligent theologians have done.

  3. If Israel was getting a flood of illegal aliens into Israel Trump would IMMEDIATELY without any delay send U.S. troops to the border of Israel and the U.S. troops would have orders to shoot on sight any and all illegal invaders. The troops would not have Stand Down orders but would have Orders To Kill.

    But it’s not Israel that’s getting the flood of illegal invaders, so Trump does NOTHING.

    As per The Constitution Trump could LEGALLY send U.S. troops to the border and give them Orders to shoot on sight any and all invaders, but he pretends that he needs some circuit court judges [ all of whom were appointed by die-hard Leftists ] to give him permission to send troops to the border and actually give the troops orders to STOP the invasion and he laughingly is waiting for the Democratic Party politicians to give him the okay to use the military to STOP the invasion.

    What a joke he turned out to be. NO wall, only some troops with Stand Down orders [ which is the same as having no troops on the border ], MORE Illegal immigration and MORE Legal immigration. And he campaigned promising us Americans less immigration but is giving us Americans MORE immigrants, even more ILLEGAL alien immigrants, than ever before, the bastard.

  4. “29.) Net Neutrality

    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is so based!

    He killed Net Neutrality for the cable companies. He later ruled out taking any form of action over social media censorship.”

    The clique around MPC, and Daily Stormer aggressively pushed the idea that ending net neutrality was good because it supposedly would punish content providers like google that were censoring alt-right speech. Despite a good article in Occidental Observer explaining why net neutrality makes censorship of our views less likely, most alt-right people mindlessly went with the illogical and wishful thinking based troll-cult position.

    The entire logic was based on the idea that blump and his pajeet telecom lobbyist stooge would somehow work with Jewish run service providers like Comcast to punish Google for censoring the alt-right. It was based on fully believing blump was a hardcore, 1488 style white nationalist who would take on the biggest tech company’s to defend the Daily Stormer.

      • I think AA has been improving somewhat, and he is good for some laughs. He’s got an article on right now about cellphones which I think is pretty insightful.

        • AA is a FBI confidential informant and/or (((weev))) is his MOSSAD handler … if you visit the DS site, you are being monitored and tracked by law enforcement, ADL, MEMRI, and SPLC.

          • I remember when weev uploaded a video 2 years ago saying how awesome and based Ajit paj was and he did his stupid evil millhouse laugh celebrating the end of net neutrality and andre wanglin isn’t improving at all hes still the same toxic individual as before he’s off the trump train it only took 2 years btw! but he still does caved head takes and advocates for rape on white women just jokes tho

            Not so sure about weev being mossad wp hes definitely controlled opposition but i doubt hes employed by mossad

    • I remember the alt right favored ending net neutrality, but I recall it more to do with the fact that this would make it harder for poor people to use the internet and promote strasserism instead of baste capitalism on 4chan.

  5. Trump visited Poland he did say western civilization.But Steve King could not say that would exclude non whites.So from eastern Europe Western snivilization includes multi racial.

  6. Powerful list. The profoundest thing on it, is the witch-hunt railroading of James Fields Jr, getting life plus 419 years

    Comparing significantly to the vehicle attack by Jewess Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Grubman, ramming her SUV into a crowd apparently shouting ‘f-ck you, white trash’, injuring 16, and serving only 38 days in jail

    The big shocker about Fields, is that no lawyer appeared, to voluntarily defend Fields against an obvious stitch-up … which underscores the weakness of the identitarian or whatever movement … so mentally impaired & likely drugged-up Fields, was saddled with a fake ‘defender’ who was herself previously a prosecutor in the Virginia legal mafia

    There are over a million lawyers in the USA, 1 out of every 300 people is a lawyer … and yet none of them grabbed the free publicity chance with Fields, all too afraid of revenge by the USA political mafia establishment … where apparently even fed judges get shot dead on the street if they don’t play along (John Roll, 2011)

    But this means that whatever ‘movement’ is involved here, is impotent … it is bloggers, YouTubers, 4channers etc … who now must see, when the heat comes down, even in the most blatant stitch-up legal fraud, a million lawyers will just scurry into their rat holes and leave people high & dry

    As we have seen too, all bloggers etc can be quite gradually & comprehensively censored … and then have their guns confiscated before the civil unrest starts, all 8 million blogger etc types said to be on the USA big ‘list’

    They ran gun confiscation experiments both at Hurricane Katrina & the Boston ‘Marathan bombing’, & apparently it went down well for the cops … no ‘molon labe out of my cold dead hands’ gunfights, or at least we didn’t hear about them

  7. The Prosecution rests! Thanks for this article, and for the priceless portrait of potatus blompf!!

  8. There is a large part of Trump’s base – mostly well-to-do Boomers and evangelicals – who clamor for exactly the agenda Blompf is delivering.

  9. “POTUS is not a dictatorship” is the typical weak conservative cope for why Trump hasn’t done anything he said he would do for his base. True, it is not a dictator position, but it still has a large amount of power that Trump has not exercised. The veto is the most obvious. Trump has only used this a handful of times (and never for anything his voters would care about). The border is another, as the supreme court has affirmed his power to block travel and so on. POTUS also has power over executive staffing, which he has used to hire neocons and corporate stooges. He has almost absolute control over the military.

    When he has used these executive powers, he had used them for his rich donors or for ineffectual theater, never for his voters.

  10. Largely agree with your assertion that a policy has been followed during the Trump years which is more or less the policy of the Zionist donors. One could argue that this policy has been implemented long time ago (perhaps even since the inception of the US) and that Trump years only were a bit more aggressive in pushing the jewish agenda (not dissimilar to the Reagan years).

    Perhaps you should have mentioned that Tucker Carlson and Andrew Anglin are pushing the deceptive idea that the Trump years have been so bad for Whites because Trump is weak willed.

    But that the politicians are mere puppets is the feature of all “democracies” since they were designed in the 18th century. So the question whether Trump is capable of making policy is a bit misleading. Trump, like Reagan and lots of other presidents, is just a figurehead who offers his despicable face for this despicable treason.

    So the whole political theater which is presented in the MSM is not so relevant for our destiny. The deep state matters! And anyone who wants a fundamental change in policy must think how the deep state can be toppled. Certainly not through voting!

  11. Do you know what a true warrior would do? He’d make a treaty with his current nemesis to take out a mutual enemy. I think I am going to vote for anyone who stands up to the Zionists. They do divide and conquer, we do unite and conquer.

    AOC, Omar, Tlaib are starting to look mighty appetizing.

    PS: I don’t think Trump gave up his agenda for the donors, that was always the agenda. Muslim ban, not immigration ban. That’s why the Dems are the targets as well, they mostly haven’t sold out to the Zionists. Or, so it appears.

  12. There is also the problem of Trump issuing orders and federal departments going slow or actually ignoring them.

    And his allowing them to talk him into reversing himself. Examples of this are his 3 orders to leave Syria and Attorney Generalissimo Rod Rosenstein’s convincing (ordering?) Trump to cancel his order to declassify and make public materials including texts of FBI gangsters Strzok and Page. The first two orders to leave Syria were followed by White Helmet/alQaeda false flag gassing claims and Trump’s cruise missile attacks. The third withdrawal also never materialized and Trump actually stated that the US would stay in Syria for Israel. (They are pumping out and selling Syria’s oil in the US-conquered zone and the money is going to Israelis.)

  13. Trump also issued orders to release the FISA warrant applications but after Rosenstein’s visit to the White House this, too, was dropped.

  14. Gast mentioned the deep state.

    The FBI is clearly now a lawless, rogue enterprise, part of the Clinton crime syndicate. Recent news shows that none of those gangsters will be held accountable in any meaningful way. Rule of law? Equality before the law? Shit.

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