Hallelujah! A$AP Rocky Has Been Temporarily Liberated From His Swedish Jail

Blompf and the Grift Right are celebrating this YUGE foreign policy victory on Twitter!

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      • There are some alternatives, partial ones, at least. Maybe eastern or central Europe. How long will that last ?

        • @Arian,

          Unironically, the two supposed “based ” nationalist countries of Hungary and Poland have banned Richard Spencer from their territories. And most recently, the government of Poland got Jared Taylor banned from the European Union for the next several years.

          Perhaps things are better in the Baltic states.

          • Yes, that is very troubling.
            Most of those countries also have ‘holohoax’ denial laws.
            None have a Bill of Rights , either.
            Forget about a 2nd Amendment.

            In less than 50 years (they) have ruined a wonderful country.

          • November: The Baltic states are next on ZOG/NATO’s list of places to build military bases in order to stop “Russian aggression”.

        • Within certain South American countries, such as southern Brazil and eastern Paraguay, there are farily large regions with predominantly White populations or smaller self-contained town-sized communities. But for the long term, expatriating may be no better than endeavoring to carve out White enclaves here in North America as the empire declines.

        • No more crying or running away, Arian. It’s time to stand your ground and start fighting back, nigger.

          • Tell that to the other 250 million Whites who do nothing. I’m not going to carry their burden , then subsequently be stabbed in the back. I’ve had enough of disloyal Whites.

  1. Forgotten man and women Chump campaign for.Pandering to coons will not get votes for him.Matter of fact since Reagan still remains at 2%.

  2. Blormp knows that 90% of the niggers will never vote for him, so pathetic publicity stunts like this are nothing more than a clumsy attempt to disarm his critics.

    • Rap is trash they did the right thing not only does it massively harm whites and makes them abunch of self hating tards but it inflames problems with the black community like you wouldn’t believe. If black lives really mattered they would stop listening to that judized produced crap The jews are a bunch of evil demonic genius’s for making something so poisonous as rap and profiteering from it

      Good for china and russia but i don’t idolize china or russia like some nazbols do The chinese are still a bunch of dog eating shits and russia don’t even get me started with that ‘based’ country

  3. That trump tweet is pure boomer cringe, “week started off rocky, get home asap Asap” MIGA tards will eat that tweet up with a shit eating grin and say blumpf made a funny.

    I’m seriously starting to look forward to Trump getting jfk’d as trumps rapper friend Asap rocky puts it in one of his songs guns n butter

  4. Funny how Drimp is so concerned about the plight of this unjustly persecuted Negro poet-philosopher but has nothing whatsoever to say about Julian Assange or Edward Snowden. This is exactly the kind of low buffoonery I have come to expect from him.

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