The ISIS Playbook

Conservatives are comparing White Nationalists to ISIS and calling for us to be stripped of our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights and crushed by law enforcement agencies. Why don’t we crush them instead by blowing up their political party in the 2020 election?

In the 2016 election, Evan McMullin cost Blompf a victory in Minnesota. He also narrowly lost New Hampshire by less than 3,000 votes. Hillary Clinton’s margin of victory in New Hampshire was 0.3%. Blompf squeaked out narrow victories in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. He also won narrow victories in Florida, North Carolina and Georgia. Texas will also be in play in the 2020 election due to changing demographics. He barely won in 2016 with our support.

What if we got so angry and fed up with Conservatism, Inc. that we decided to blow up the GOP? How would we go about doing that? All it would really take would be doing what we did in 2016 except in reverse. Instead of voting for Blompf and the GOP Congress and cheerleading for them online, we could do the exact opposite. We could vote against them and devote our thousands of hours of unpaid volunteer work to trashing them online and discouraging disaffected voters from turning out in 2020. That’s where any “war” between mainstream conservatism and White Nationalists would be fought.

ISIS was never in any position to politically destroy the GOP. We can do it simply by sitting on our couch or writing in a vote for Tucker Carlson in 2020 while leaving the down ballot blank. There are enough of us alone in this country to swing the presidential election and hundreds of down ballot races. The cost to us of doing this is ZERO because Blompf and the GOP have done nothing for us anyway over the past two and a half years. If they are going to start labeling all White Nationalists as “terrorists” and advocating stripping us of our constitutional rights, then they have finally eliminated any plausible argument for returning them to power in the 2020 election. They would be moving the Overton Window in an absolutely unacceptable way. It is better to have Democrats in power than this sort of “representation.”

If we are not going to have any representation at all in the government, then conservatives shouldn’t have any either. So let them sink their hundreds of millions of dollars into the 2020 election. It is within our power to ensure that they suffer the greatest blowout of all time. Get on social media right now and DO NOTHING but clobber and trash mainstream conservatism, Blompf and the Republican Party.

Conservatives want to declare war on us? They will lose this war badly on social media. They will lose the war badly too in the real world in the 2020 election.

Note: BTW, it is not against the rules to trash conservatives, the GOP and Blompf on social media. Get on there and do nothing but that until the 2020 election and your accounts won’t get banned.

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  1. Ocasio-Cortez and her crew were put in position and promoted to get Trump re-elected. The great manipulators think dis-like for her and her crew will get Trump re-elected.

  2. The GOP is controlled by the wealthy country club set.

    They are for mass non-White immigration.

    They are now against the 1st and the 2nd amendment.

    They enforce political correctness, just as much as the Democrats do.

    There is no reason to vote for the GOP at all.

  3. HW, come on man be real. The GOP and the DNC might be on different roads but the destination is always the same.
    Amerika citizens needs to wake up and realize we’ve been taken over by a specific nation, a specific racial group and specific shabbos goy secret society outfits supporting these insane people and agendas If not RIP Amerika, you know it, I know it and most on this platform knows it.

    • *need*
      We’re not voting ourselves out of this. Until we realize this fact, it’s going to get worse.
      Us Whites are doomed, most have been so brainwashed, they hate themselves.

  4. Like Blormp, Nixon barely defeated his Democratic opponent in 1968. But he won reelection in a landslide 4 years later. I don’t see the same thing happening with Cheeto Jayzus, however.

  5. I hope I say nothing controversial if I point out that ISIS is a ZOG production (mainly Mossad, CIA, MI6) as was El Qaida before. So this comparison makes not much sense. Only if one considers that many far right groups were ZOG productions as well (the German-Israeli jew Strassmair was the handler of Tim McVeigh for example) this makes a bit of sense.

    Btw: I thought advocating violence was “verboten” here.

    • We’re not advocating violence.

      Unleashing a political bomb on the GOP by boycotting Republicans in the 2020 election would be far devastating to them than any pipe bomb or mass shooting. The worst thing you can do to them is change your own behavior. Don’t vote for them. Better yet, tell your friends don’t vote for them either. Support a third party write in campaign like Tucker Carlson in 2020.

  6. I wonder when the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) will be classified as a White nationalist, White supremacist organization? If they have not been already.

    • Tucker was one of the keynote speakers at Israeli and good pal of Bibi Netanyahu Yarum Hazony’s conservative nationalism conference .

      Tucker is a false idol.

      It’s far better to euthanize the mirage of an ally in the GOP at the ballot box by either not voting or voting for any other party.

      Get the hell off the sinking ship that is the Likud party of North America. They don’t represent sent our people’s best interests, so let’s give the GOP a one finger salute in 2020 and beyond.

  7. We should keep Trump for a second term, not because I think he’s muh lesser of two evils but because he has done so much damage to the country so quickly and he has that racial component too. Burn this bitch down, a 2020 Trump victory will ruin this country and kill the GOP.

    • He is certainly doing a lot of damage to the party and is a very polarizing figure, I’ll give you that. He just might have kicked off quite a bit of damage to the economy, as well.

      • Nice accelerationist nihilist blackpilled take cameron but if worse is better why not a democrat then? You accelerationist nutjobs can never answer that one…

        I mean if worse is better why cause a small fire in your house when you can just douse the whole thing in gasoline and lit a match?

        • I will vote 3rd party. I will not vote for Demoncrat white-haters, and I will note vote for a guy who gives Israel almost everything it wants and says we need more immigrants than ever.

    • I remember Trump saying something during his 2016 election campaign about changing the Constitution. He said, soon we will have the numbers to change it.

      He didn’t say what he wanted to change, but my suspicious mind assumed he wanted to modify the 1A in order to protect Jewish power. I am now more convinced of it than ever.

  8. If we just take a second to step back…….

    What have we actually accomplished?

    A LOT.

    We are not going to go to War with Iran…….

    There will NEVER be another Neocon War for Israel in the Mideast……


    The War is Stateside now…….


  9. I voted for Trump and the local district attorney in 2016 and left other races blank. We knew what the GOPers were worth 3 years ago.

    The only way I bother to vote next year is if there is a repulsive issue on the ballot to vote against.

  10. This entire thing was laid out and planned ahead of time by both parties — or I should say the Uniparty — you realize.

    I’m not saying the attack was a false flag (though the manifesto attached to it MIGHT be).

    But they had this response — the whole propaganda line, the red flag law bs, etc — all lined up and ready to go for when the next opportunity offered itself.

    It’s all too quick, too smooth, too well-oiled, too rehearsed, too unanimous.

    As Heartiste said, “the veil of tyranny has fallen.”

  11. My take is as follows

    Trump ultimately did not give us anything.
    We never expected him to but only buy us time.
    Partly we were also entertained by triggering the left and thought the internet unassailable.

    Ps Mr scientism on Twitter pointed out that social media analysis on what makes people angry and how to shut it down means social media is De Facto like cable now.


    A government falls during famine.
    An empire is discredited by defeat

    Hillary would have given us both but instead Trump bought THEM time and space to recuperate.

    Hillary fucking up bad enough may have discredited feminism, liberalism etc and even drove the EU to actually be independent and look out for itself.

    Instead MIGA

  12. Let’s put a positive spin on all of this: They’re getting their asses kicked on social media despite all the banning and deplatforming. The White Genocide meme has gone viral. They wouldn’t give a hoot about pro-Whites, aka “white nationalists”, unless they were scared shitless of us.

    First they ignore or ridicule you. Then they fight you like hell. Then they accept. We’re at stage two.

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