GOP Momentum Builds Behind Red Flag Laws

Conservatives are fantasizing about killing White Nationalists now:

Bill Mitchell is having a meltdown on Twitter:

Less than six months ago, gun rights was the top argument of “conservative liberals” like David French against the “post-liberals” that mainstream conservatism has conserved nothing of value. Less than a week after writing an article on National Review called “Against the Republican Daddy State,” David French and “conservative liberals” have come out in support of the most sweeping gun control legislation in 20 years which is the ultimate example of the Daddy State.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — Congressional Republicans, under intense pressure to respond to this weekend’s massacres, are coalescing around legislation to help law enforcement take guns from those who pose an imminent danger — a measure that, if signed into law, would be the most significant gun control legislation enacted in 20 years.

Such “red flag” laws might not be as momentous — or controversial — as the now-expired assault weapons ban or the instant background check system, both of which were enacted in 1994 as part of President Bill Clinton’s sprawling crime bill. The House, under Democratic control, passed far more ambitious bills in February that would require background checks for all gun purchasers, including those on the internet or at gun shows, and extend waiting limits for would-be gun buyers flagged by the instant check system. …

The laws authorize courts to issue orders allowing police to temporarily confiscate firearms from a person deemed by a judge as posing a risk of violence. Often, requests for the orders come from relatives and friends concerned about a gun owner who expresses suicidal thoughts or threatens to harm others. …”

Imagine empowering a liberal judge to arbitrarily seize your firearms without due process on the basis of a request from friends, family members or even total strangers who disagree with your politics. Virtually everyone in the Dissident Right has a family member who disagrees with their politics. In fact, this has already happened to Jeffrey Clark who is a DC based White Nationalist who was arrested after being reported to the police by a family member after the Pittsburgh shooting.

Jeffrey Clark had nothing to do with the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. He posted on Gab as DC Bowl Gang and “followed” Robert Bowers there:

“A D.C. man who described himself as a white nationalist to law enforcement officers and became a social-media follower of the suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting has been arrested on a gun charge after his worried relatives contacted the authorities, according to federal court filings.

Jeffrey R. Clark Jr., 30, is charged with illegally possessing a firearm and a high-capacity magazine and made his initial court appearance Tuesday afternoon in U.S. District Court in Washington. He was ordered held until Friday.

Clark, who lives in the Bloomingdale neighborhood, was arrested Nov. 9, court filings show, after two family members alerted police to his increasingly agitated outbursts, including that the 11 victims of the Pittsburgh shooting “deserved it.” The outbursts occurred in the wake of Clark’s brother’s suicide. …

The documents said the brothers had four guns between them, registered in the District — a Remington Arms handgun, a Mossberg shotgun, a Beretta handgun and a Ruger Mini-14 rifle. The Beretta was recovered at the site of the suicide, the court files said. Court documents said agents seized the other weapons from a relative’s home outside the District.

The documents said Jeffrey Clark surrendered another weapon to agents, a Colt .38 handgun, that was not registered to either brother. The FBI said in court filings that agents also confiscated two kits to convert semiautomatic AR-15s into fully automatic rifles.

Authorities said they found two muzzleloading pistols, in Jeffrey Clark’s bedroom and in the basement of the house. In Edward Clark’s room, the court documents said, they found two ballistic vests, two ballistic helmets and two gas masks. FBI agents said in court that shotgun shells were also found in Jeffrey Clark’s bedroom, the filings said.  …

Clark was charged with illegally possessing a firearm while using or addicted to a controlled substance and with possession of a high-speed magazine. During his interview with federal agents, he told them he used marijuana nearly every day. …”

Jeffrey Clark was associated with Robert Bowers.

There is no proof he was planning any terrorist attack. He was just caught up in the hysteria after Pittsburgh. He had a handgun, shotgun and a rifle and was charged with illegally possessing a firearm. The feds arrested him and confiscated his registered firearms and he is now facing 10 years in prison because of guilt by association and owning a single unregistered Colt .38 handgun.

Let that sink in.


“President Donald Trump is exploring ways to use regulatory power and executive action to curb gun violence after a pair of deadly shootings over the weekend — a move driven by his aides’ belief that Congress is incapable of coalescing around consensus legislation in a heated 2020 election cycle.

White House officials on Monday said Trump and U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr are “resolved” to take action after the shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. The administration is exploring solutions “that actually make an impact,” as opposed to “things that feel good,” one Trump aide said. …”

Blompf is determined to take executive action on gun control.

The goal here is to extend the same legislation that enabled the feds to arrest Jeffrey Clark and seize his firearms in DC after the Pittsburgh shooting nationwide. This is worse than any background check. It is worse than even an assault weapons ban because the feds can round you up and throw you in a dungeon for your politics even for owning a handgun.

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  1. Ahhh – the irony of more gun laws being passed with the Orange Dotard in office than were ever passed under Obammy. Tired of #winning, yet, T-Tards?

  2. The Kikes know the (((economy))) is crashing. Their attempt to start wars with Iran and Russia are FAILS. China is going to sodomize their (((Fed))) fiat scrip printing scam. The bill is coming due. They want to get those guns before the train crashes. Every-one, however is PISSED TO THEIR EYEBALLS. Every-one. The Trumpenkike Admin certainly has succeeded in creating national unity; the entire country wants Hell to be paid. And it’s gonna be paid.

    • The bill is coming due…that’s exactly right, Denise. This timing has various axes but the crash we’ve all known was going to happen eventually is finally upon us.

      All I can say is wow. I’ve known intellectually what was coming, and roughly when, but living it is altogether different.

    • This is a good idea. Be even better if Tucker just said “fuck it i’m going to run for prez” but in all honesty who wants to be held with a barrel to your kids heads by the jews and be President?

      Fuck that.

  3. Never talk to the police, politely but firmly invoke your 5th amendment right to counsel and to remain silent. You may spend the night in jail because of that decision but you won’t spend ten years in jail because you chose to “cooperate” with the police such as Mr. Clark. This maxim is especially true regarding political crimes such as firearms and “free speech” violations which will be used to silence people with the “wrong” opinions.

    Don’t consent to searches, politely but firmly require the police to have a warrant. If the police search anyway a lawyer can usually get evidence obtained illegally suppressed and it exposes the police to a civil rights action. The police care about their physical safety and their pensions, they don’t want to be on the receiving end of legal trouble.

    Make sure your vehicles are registered, insured with all required equipment working. Have a valid license and never drive drunk or on drugs. Don’t drive around with people who cause trouble and are looking for a fight.

    When filling out medical or other questionnaires don’t answer questions regarding firearms, illegal drugs, politics etc. All those records are available to government officials, none are confidential regardless of any laws to the contrary and will be used against you. Don’t say you are depressed or suicidal or the police will be hauling your ass off to jail and seizing your property.

    The police aren’t your friends and they aren’t there to help you. They are there to arrest people, most of whom have done something bad and are deserving of arrest, think of places like Baltimore. Don’t be that person who has done something bad deserving of arrest. Don’t cause trouble, advocate or participate in violence or encourage others to commit violence. This will avoid much trouble in life.

  4. Conservative, Inc. propaganda outlets on talk radio are already hard selling this unconstitutional precog gun grab. The boomer cons will fall in line with the Pragers, Hannitys, Limbaughs, and Levines.

  5. Mental health screening won’t make a dent in these spree killings. How could Patrick Crusius have been pre screened? His dad is a fabulously wealthy psychologist and therapist specializing in PTSD. He wrote an autobiography explaining how he fixed his life by embracing open mindedness and self actualization typical of the therapeutic state. Patrick was already under the observation of two healthcare professionals trained to observe for signs of distress and psychosis, HIS PARENTS. This law is a joke.

  6. A little amateur Psychology.

    Let’s call it the Betts-Crusius Effect. Homicidal psychosis produced in sons brought up in a liberal therapeutic-state home environment.

    How do you profile for this?

    Ask these questions: Does the mom tweet about “white priv”? are the the parents involved in the healthcare-therapy industry? Are they Upper middle class? Do they punch down on class status while they decry racism? Has the father written autobiographical books about turning their life around from petty crime and addiction to self actualization? Are the parents slack indulgent boomers or militantly left wing GenX?

  7. Anyone still betting on America?

    Anyone still planning on a Slow Cleanse?


    We are all Afterthought now, or will be soon enough.

    This is real: we are going for a geo-historical-spiritual earthquake triggered by Partition but not stopping there.

    The entire anti-man anti-mankind’s God edifice must be torn asunder.

  8. John McCormack—–Irish

    Bill Mitchell——Irish

    Are you getting my drift? Why are the Irish such whores? This filth was starving to death, and were to stupid to go fishing and they ran to us, white Christian America to save themselves. And now these Irish have whored themselves out to the Jews to destroy everything American. What garbage? What ungrateful disgusting filth?

    • Well, the Brits starved them to my understanding, but yes, they certainly have caused a lot of problems. Was it a type of sub-conscious or direct revenge against the Anglo founded nation?

      • Yankees destroyed the South, not Irish. Southerners adopted a Yankee version of Christianity so they are fixated on Catholicism (except more in an ethnic sense as opposed to a true religious antagonism – Yankees hate the Catholic religion) and Catholic immigrants (after all plenty of Irish were brought to colonial America) so that they don’t blame their real persecutors.

  9. Slightly off topic; It took a few days for the low agency Siege-Tards to get it up on Bitchute,but they did.
    Our old pal, “Joachim Hoch”, has re-emerged. He has found a worthy audience on “Goy Talk Live”.

  10. Good morning fellow white nationalist. We all are white nationalist now, they told us so and that’s what we will be.

  11. I encourage every pro-white activist to disobey these tyrannical and unconstitutional gun laws. #1776
    Shall not be infringed!!! Also, this goes against due process as the burden is now shifted towards proving your innocence before the JEWdicial system.

  12. This sucks and is so predictable.

    Why not present sensible views on guns, as well as sensible views on mass immigration, Islam, endless neo Conservative foreign wars for foreign interests?

    Sensible views on guns and weapons include not letting mentally insane, ex felons, convicts out on unsupervised weekend furloughs, known Mafia, or Mexican drug cartel members posses semi auto military rifles or basically any guns.

    In places like New York City, Baltimore, Chicago areas very close to where I have lived, a sensible person wants Guliani type NYPD mid 1990s laws and customs, where basically no one out in the street, on public transport or in public housing is carrying guns.

    Sensible people support stop and frisk, broken windows policy.

    I’m more than fine to implement effective Japanese policies for

    Strict immigration restrictions
    Strict hard drugs restrictions
    Strict gun restrictions

    I’d also include strong birth control restrictions (finesse abortion issue) on the underclass, drug addicts, gang members.

    I’m afraid there is a very sizable % of White Americans who just lose their minds when the subject comes to guns and the US Constitution. This leads to things like idiots like dumb as* cowboy Cliven Bundy who hates the Government, insists he can do whatever the hell he wants and he also wants unrestricted immigration from Central America because these Mestizo Mayan Indians supposedly have such a great work ethnic and FAMILY VALUES.

    It is rather easy to present, sane sensible views on guns that do protect the rights of (sane, non criminal) Americans to possess practical guns for legitimate hunting and self defense needs. For issues like putting down negro riots (very real possibility of that) we will need organized militias with officer corps, command structures – that isn’t anything like a Mad Max scenerio where everyone is armed with AK47 semi auto rifles shooting up the streets, Wall Mart Parking lots slaughtering people over parking spaces and disrespect.

    I’ve made many jokes that American Libertarian true believers must think Mogadeshu Somalia is a Libertarian utopia because there is no practical government, no restrictions on (Quat) drug use, no real traffic laws and everybody is armed to the teeth with military rifles.

    Please separate yourselves from the crazy people or anything goes guns folks, Constitutionalist absolutists and work for sensible gun laws, gun rights in your local areas. Regular folks in small town rural Alabama and Pennsylvania should and will be able to keep practical guns like 22 rifles, 12 Gauge shot guns, 38 S&W revolvers.

    Also understand that extremist gun rights folks are also highly receptive to the worst Christian Zionist End Times nonsense.

    Also please prepare yourself for expected persecutions. Don’t look, dress or act like the Hollywood image of the crazy, hateful gun nut who is stockpiling guns, ammo and racist literature. If someone is inciting you to go postal, wage a one man war against the government or invade the US Holocaust Museum there is a very good change he/she is working for the government or the SPLC.

    Don’t live your life like you are reading from a bad Jewish Hollywood scrip as the evil Racist NAZI gun nut.

    Get healthy, form communities of other like minded people who want to say “yes to life”, this implies going with the idea that the world isn’t going to end this year and JESUS isn’t going to come back and RAPTURE all the good people.

    Why don’t the bad people get raptured?

    Also, notice there are so many places in the world where most everything is sane (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, now Syria) sensible and few people are running around acting like they are in a Mad Max movie and slaughtering random people in a Wall Mart parking lot.

    • The problem is, this incrementalism never stops until your government-granted rights are completely taken away. The mental illness reason for red flags has already been expanded into punishment for Badthink, as Hunter shows above. What Uncle Sam gives, he can take away. Without pushback, this thievery by the gov’t of our rights and property won’t end.

    • “Also understand that extremist gun rights folks are also highly receptive to the worst Christian Zionist End Times nonsense.”

      This is a massive problem with many whites. The fact is, Jeezus isn’t coming to fix everything.

  13. Just who are those “other individuals” to be used in “some cases” Billy boy? I never trusted the f**king NRA either. How many 2A enthusiasts will continue to stand by The Traitor in Chief after this?

    The mask is off. Conservatives are showing their true anti-White colors that even the blind can’t miss.

  14. Sensible views on military guns, crime, immigration, foreign wars – these are always practical winning issues.

  15. “Imagine empowering a liberal judge to arbitrarily seize your firearms without due process on the basis of a request from friends, family members or even total strangers who disagree with your politics.”

    In the case of Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, etc, the judge is likely to be in some distant Blue State and the “total stranger” is likely to be a transplant, or even a far off Blue State resident.

    Notice that this time, I didn’t say Yankee, Yankeedom or Carpetbagger.

  16. I think that the particulars of these incidents will be forgotten within a month. Could be that they’ll be buried by similar, follow-up events. The damage has been done. The politico’s will bloviate and then act.
    And the chattering class will chatter ad nauseum.

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