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  1. The fact that Blompf would cuck to the a fake news rag that he frequently calls a dying newspaper reveals how pliable Zion Don the shabbos goy con really is to criticism.

    When Melania divorces his treacherous ass, I hope she write a ‘tell all’ that humiliates and exposes the entire Blompf-kushner crime families.

  2. What is this other than another Irrepressible Conflict?

    Luckily new leadership is stepping up, to illustrate:

    Bob Whitaker is to Horace the Avenger as Curt Doolittle is to John Mark

    The latter two are pushing Partition. All is well.

    • Partition is doable, and doesn’t even have to be violent. Nobody would even be required to move actually, but political power would be restricted to each race within its own territory. Then most people would naturally move to where their people had the reigns of government.

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