YouTube Purge

Here are the latest victims of the Jewish conspiracy to censor the internet which have been officially suspended either today or this past week:

  • American Identity Movement
  • James Allsup
  • TRS
  • Way of the World
  • Martin Sellner

Everyone stay calm.

The situation is being monitored.

It’s fair to call this a Jewish conspiracy.

There is no ambiguity about what is going on here. As is the case with the movement to dissolve our borders, Jewish organizations are behind the censorship in Silicon Valley. It is being done by Jews and in the name of Jews for the sake of advancing a Jewish political interest.

Note: Occidental Dissent was suspended in June.

I didn’t even bother to upload content to the channel. I used it solely to watch fitness videos, philosophy lectures and historical documentaries. My kid also used the channel to watch cartoon learning videos.

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  1. Jews are paranoid schizophrenics. The walls are out to get them. Those cooking channels are broadcasting coded anti-Semitic and Nazi propaganda.

  2. When will those banned folks start calling for Partition?

    When the blade is half way across their throats?

    Remember old Assange? Because he never came clean on Seth Rich, no one will go to bat for him. Much like the alt right and the destruction of the movement. The answer is Partition, but even today Greg Johnson was tweeting out the “Slow Cleanse”. Only by shutting this country down and starting a new one can we SURVIVE. And people are crying about you tube channels?!? Their lives and Darwinian future are at stake.

    As I said during the peak of the collapse of the alt right, it would take a fool to lose now, the trouble is we have a lot of fools around!

  3. “Jews are paranoid schizophrenics”

    NO, they aren’t.
    They appear that way to you. Their characteristics are those of a ruthlessly amoral predator. They press in every direction to further their goal.

    • Jews are inbred and mentally ill, but that doesn’t excuse their ruthless predatory and parasitic behavior.

  4. Jews refuse to believe anti-Semitism has anything to do with them. They know every detail of their miserable history and learn nothing from it.

    • Jews thrive on the hatred they generate among the gentiles. It strengthens their tribal unity and justifies their pathological hatred of humans.

    • I don’t know why you’d want Nick to be purged Aside from his ego I sort of like nick but he’s a unrepentant Catholic cuck he rarely if ever criticises Rcc, hes a funny guy tho Hes a pretty good debater too

  5. I just started watching “Way of the World” today, on YT, before I saw this article. Weird coincidence. The current channel of WOTW must be a new or backup one. The channel features thoughtful, intelligent commentary.

      • Channels get mirrored by other users but how long those videos stay up is temporary, Allsup was a straight shooter he never even swears rarely if ever and he was still purged despite that

        • Yep, Allsup was as straight arrow as possible.
          We will have no freedom with (them).

          Every form of porn is just fine, but the mildest of political dissent is HATE SPEECH.

          (I am so sick of that fabricated concept/word.)

  6. Since the shooting in El Paso YouTube has been putting far fewer political videos in my “Recommended” box. Also seem to be pushing cuck videos like Fox News and Stefan Molyneux.

    • V Dare does put out a printed full color magazine every there months that can compare with any mainstream magazine as regards quality!

  7. The French Roman Catholics are upset that the USA didn’t sign on to their internet hate pact according to head French Catholic politician Macron.

    The damn Catholics are every bit as dangerous as the Jews. France is major power not to be underestimated.

  8. Hunter,

    bit off topic.

    Maybe you can write an article about this.

    I discovered a video that might open white people’s eyes about uncontrolled immigration.

    Bhutan – no homelessness, perfect paradise.


    Min: 4:07 — No immigration at all. Tourism discouraged.
    Min: 7:02 — It is illegal for a citizen to marry a foreigner. Period.

    And yet when white people want a place like this, they are nazis.

  9. Yea it’s pretty bad on You Tube. Oh and Nationalists aren’t the only target. I know that You Tube has been cracking down on Gun Channels. Just mentioning a “Gun” or “Ammo” will keep You Tubers from getting any money off You Tube Videos. The same goes for Dip videos. Vape videos. The list goes on and on. I’m sure that’s just the beginning. The Homosexuals will eventually get strong enough in terms of control that You Tube will delete Christian videos. What people should realize is that Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube are only warning signs for White Christians Americans. The Democratic Party is extreme left wing now against White People. It’s only a matter of time before being White and Christian is illegal in America. The same goes for our Symbols. It’s already happening in South Africa with the Black Communists banning the South African Flag. We better do something about it. We do that with Nationalist Unity. Get things done for our people and put people in office. That’s the solution not endless Violence. Deo Vindice !

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