Ross Douthat: White Identity Politics Can Be Suppressed

Ross Douthat is trying to get a rise out of us.

New York Times:

“Last week I wrote a column that simultaneously argued that conservatism has a problem with white-nationalist infiltration and that liberalism, influenced by the revival of racial chauvinism in the Trump era, is increasingly tempted to smear mainstream conservatives as racist.

The response was varied, but a common critique from the left was that any defense of individual conservatives from the charge of racism is basically irrelevant to the underlying structural reality that the Trump era has exposed — which is that the American right’s coalition is founded on racism, endures because of racism and has no future as a morally decent force unless it is essentially refounded, its racist roots torn out. …”

I read last week’s column about White Nationalism.

I didn’t bother to respond to it because I was busy with other things. This week’s column is also about the quarantine on White Nationalism. Ross Douthat seems to be worried about the stability of that barrier which has taken a tremendous blow in the Blompf era even with the censorship.

The quarantine isn’t coming back for a number of reasons:

1.) The quarantine was a unique product of the Thirty Glorious Years which are never coming back. The Greatest Generation, Silent Generation and the Boomers will all be dead or dying soon and the generations that will follow them were formed by a very different America.

2.) Historically speaking, America’s bouts of racial egalitarianism have been the byproduct of wars and a confident, triumphant liberalism. The American Revolution led to a short burst of racial egalitarianism. The War Between the States led to a short burst of racial egalitarianism. World War II and the Cold War led to a longer burst of racial egalitarianism. In all of these cases, it was confident White Northerners who were victorious in a war who pushed these values into the mainstream only to quickly retreat from them. This is what happened from the Jefferson presidency to Lincoln. It happened again from Redemption through the Great Depression. The retrenchment is happening again with Trump.

3.) The cause of this historical pattern is the demographic makeup of the American North which until quite recently was over 90% White. After the American Revolution, the War Between the States and World War II, it was possible to be a racial liberal in the North because racial problems were something that other people dealt with like Southerners or Nazi Germany. Notice how the Civil Rights Movement ran out of gas as soon as Martin Luther King, Jr. went to Chicago and blacks rioted in Watts and Detroit and other Northern cities. Backlash politics gave us the Nixon presidency.

4.) As of 2019, America as a whole now has the demographics of the Deep South. In fact, Alabama is whiter than the national average. The South’s racial problems have been nationalized. While the South has changed since World War II, it hasn’t changed nearly as much as the North and West. Led by California, the North and West have changed faster than the South. In the process, White Northerners and Westerners have been exposed to “diversity” in a way that was never true in the past.

5.) The future of White America is the past of Mississippi or South Carolina which were majority black until the 20th century. In less than a decade, the country as a whole will be returned to the Reconstruction era under the thumb of one of these “woke” progressive Democrats.

6.) The quarantine was a product of the age of film and television and the consolidation of the mass media in the 20th century. This is also never coming back and censorship is a last ditch effort to preserve the status quo. Even with the censorship, this effort will prove unsuccessful.

7.) The confidence and trust that Americans had in the mainstream media and institutions in the Thirty Glorious Years is similarly a ship that has sailed. The liberal establishment has lost its legitimacy. It was a confident and triumphant liberalism that imposed its values after three major wars. The situation that liberalism is facing today is more similar to the legitimacy crisis and revolt that brought down communism. Millions of people on both the Left and Right have stopped believing in liberalism.

8.) Conservatism will run out of White voters in the 2020s as the Silent Generation and the Boomers die off. In spite of Ross’s happy talk, the fate of the Republican Party nationwide will be its fate in California.

9.) There isn’t going to be any solution to the immigration crisis which is ultimately a proxy for resentment about demographic change.

10.) Religious conservatives have been totally defeated in the culture war. Younger generations reject the family, reject Christianity and reject patriotism. There is no possible scenario in which these people gain the upper hand and convince young people to embrace Judeo-Christianity. No, their loss of influence is rapidly accelerating and soon they will be marginalized as “fringe.”

11.) Blompf and the GOP are on Twitter every day doing minority outreach. They are so desperate for non-White support that A$AP Rocky was sprung from prison. They passed criminal justice reform too. Conservatism doesn’t appeal to racial minorities because of its economic policies.

12.) After 40 years of mainstream conservatism, it has succeeded in deracinating White America and institutionalizing neoliberalism. The smoldering cauldron of resentment is a product of the success that conservatism has had in fulfilling its project of creating the deracinated, powerless, atomized, mentally ill individualist lorded over by unaccountable corporations and rocked by wave after wave of social revolutions that have destabilized and unraveled the social order.

We’re on the doorstep of the future that White Nationalists have worried about for the past 50 years. Twenty years ago, White Nationalists were concerned about the 2020s, 2030s and 2040s. I’m bullish on White identity politics because now that the future for White people is about to arrive after Trump it won’t be something that only intelligent, highly educated and ethical people who worried about trends and who were demonized by conservatives as “racists” in the 20th century have to deal with. We’re about to finally enter the post-racial paradise of a White minority America.

Betting on the “fringe” will pay off in the long run when the “mainstream” is discredited and those of us who dissented from it are vindicated.

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  1. Does anyone know if the Pope still cuts open a bird and reads its entrails to predict the future. This is an ancient Roman Catholic practice. Done on a yearly basis, or as needed by the Roman Catholic Church. I thought this practice had been given up, but, maybe not?

    Maybe, Roman Catholic Douthat knows?

    • KW, the Pope does no such thing. The ancient pagan priests did, but not the Pope. If you’re going to criticize the Pope, do so on what he actually does, not on what you fantasize he does.

      • No, the Pope has done this up until the Nineteen Sixties on at least a yearly basis. I thought the practice was discontinued in the 1960’s after the Vatican Council, but, now I’m getting word that the Pope is doing it again.

    • Umm, I think you are confusing the Church of Rome, with the Talmudic rabbis and their divinization of entrails, and swinging chickens above their heads. Get your cults correct, Krafty.

    • P.S. Douthat may be a cultural Novus Ordo [sic] catholic… but he’s no Christian. Racism is part and parcel of the Biblical Religion. That Rome now argues for the exact opposite, is merely the workings of the Judaizing Bergoglio, the antipope. Anathema to him, and all (like Douthat) who hide behind their Impastors.

  2. When people are ‘smeared’ with the term “racist”, why don’t they dismiss with “race is real, reality exists”?

  3. >>>The American Revolution led to a short burst of racial egalitarianism. The War Between the States led to a short burst of racial egalitarianism.<<<

    There was no burst of racial egalitarianism either after the Revolution or the War Between The States. Only an ignorant fool would say that. However, after WWII, egalitarianism did spread because there was a sustained campaign to promote it through newspapers, television and Hollywood.

    • Sure there was.

      Slavery was abolished during and after the Revolution. There was also a brief period in which racial equality was defended. It waned after Jefferson became president. Then there was the Reconstruction era.

      • I know that the likes of Washington, Henry and Jefferson spouted egalitarian nonsense but that was merely political talk. Reconstruction was pushed by Radical Republicans, who were minority even in New England, for political reasons too. Ordinary White people simply did not believe in racial equality in those times anywhere.

        After WWII, especially after the 60s, it’s a different story. Negroes did not just become political equals but social equals. Even though this was primarily promoted by Jews, White men submissively accepted this change. Whites in both Northern and Southern states began to fraternize with Negroes freely. This was not the case after the Revolution or WBTS.

  4. Pretty good analysis. However I don’t think Christianity has been rejected. Christianity Inc certianly has though. Studies show that all over the world it’s religious folks who have babies. I saw a study once they showed of the Amish keep doubling their numbers every 20 year a, in a couple hundred years there would be 200 million Amish. Now that’s not going to happen exactly like that, but you see the point. Secularists win short term, but don’t reproduce. They can’t win the young either since it’s been found up to 80 percent of the young still retain their religion as they get older. Christianity will survive, evolve as it’s always done as the culture does. I think we will be surprised over the next few decades. We tend to compress time too much. We forget Christianity has gone thru phases like this before. Medieval writers also complained in their times how the young were leaving the church, and people won’t come to services. Same ol same ol

    • Chrispyanity has run its course in the West. Needless to say it was never truly embraced by most Whites, because it was imposed upon them by fire and sword. Perhaps it shall have a new lease on life among the Orientals in the Far East.

      • Depends on who was doing the ‘fire and sword.’ Just because someone says they are a Christian, {did we not say, Lord, Lord?} don’t make it so. Just like posting on this forum, and denying being a federal agitator, don’t make it so, either, Spawn.

  5. HW is an amazing writer. His historical analysis is second to none. The only quibble I have with any of his points is #9. There will be solutions to illegal immigration imposed, once resentment about these forced demographic changes becomes existential. But that’s if and when enough people wake up, and there’s certainly no guarantee of that ever happening.

    • Illegal immigration is being taken away as an issue

      America’s asylum laws allow anyone to get into the country, legally, as long as they claim they are in fear of persecution in their old country.

      There is an army of lawyers to help them make that claim.

      The potential for open borders through this loophole has been there for a long time, but it has only now been fully exploited under Trump.

      • There are at least 30 million illegals in this country. As your comments show, the elites have cemented our replacement into law and regulation. The most likely solution to this widescale invasion is removal, which means use of force. That’s why I see the possibility of getting them out as remote. People won’t be moved to react against TPTB unless desperate, and if there’s protection for their violent actions from official channels. Currently, only leftists get protected from legal punishment. Once some pols on the right let their balls drop, though, things could get very interesting. But like I said, it’s a remote possibility.

  6. Yoo Hoo! Rossy Dough-hat! Don’t hate us cuz we’re beautiful! I realize it’s tempting to be…jealous…what with that weirdly shaped…head…of yours. Is that what you call that growth, festering atop what I can only imagine is a neck……?

    I realize you hate White People because most of us are totally gorgeous, brilliant, wonderful and noble. Aryans, after all. Now – not all Whites are actually…attractive. I checked your ethnicity – you are allegedly White. I think you hate us because you are, deep, deep, deep down inside, afraid that we will reject you…because….you know…and you want White lands flooded with hideous Orcs so you won’t feel so devastated about yourself, every time you look in the mirror, or try on a new pair of pants. But it’s ok. We are generous and forgiving group, There IS a teeny tiny shred of hope for you. You can make amends for your base, cowardly treachery! You must apologize in the most stark, groveling terms, on your sites, and praise our wonder and glory and genius and GREATNESS and, of course, exquisite beauty. You can donate LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of money to this site, and other Pro White Advocates. We will eventually forgive you. Sometime. Eventually. Maybe. Perhaps.

    Meanwhile – you must deal with your feelings about yourself, and realize that there are places for untermenschen like you. Remember Linda Hunt. You are practically her twin brother…or whatever you are. She did not possess a movie star visage – but she was very talented (that is an advantage that may not apply to you) and was accepted and even loved. She had a wonderful life. I’m certain that you could, too, if you turn away from your wicked path.

    Please consider my words. I’m holding out a hand. Of course – I’m wearing a very thick, well made glove, and I would actually touch you with a 6 million foot pole – but….think about it.



  7. The change that occurred in the 1960s was the result of the Establishment, both liberals and conservatives, realizing that there was money to be made off the Civil Rights Movement and the Great Replacement/Globalization. Specifically, allowing african-americans, women, hispanics, people without religious faith, gays, etc., to become employees drives down labor costs, which are 66-75% of the cost of any organization, for-profit of non-profit, through supply and demand.
    Additionally, these new employees are now potential consumers, whose low incomes are boosted by constant use of credit. Also, the destruction of moral values likewise raises profits because with less inhibitions, businesses can supply products and services to the libertines/social liberals. Anything goes means a bigger market.
    Finally, importing an increased supply of employees once more drives down wages and increases customers, further boosting and stabilizing profits, which are then used by employers to buy politicians to rig the supply/demand curves permanently in their favor. Who the new employees, whether domestic or imported, vote for is irrelevant-the wealthy control both parties through donations to political campaigns.
    The net effect of all these forces is to permanently establish an oligarchy among the already well-off that keeps its status intact through legal bribery in the political realm, and keeps the rest of us amused, fat, and full of anger towards everyone but the real culprits, through their control of the communications apparatus-the establishment media, the entertainment industry, the educational establishment, and the scientific community. Bread and circuses (income above survival levels,trash culture making everyone disrespect their fellow citizens), divide and conquer (promoting differences as relevant, not trivial).
    Unless we the citizens are willing to do the work to educate ourselves to the situation, nothing can or will change. Trump has the correct instincts, but he is old, ignorant, and incompetent. A new Huey Long is needed, someone who knows how to exercise political power effectively because he or she knows the levers of power within the executive and legislative branches, and is ruthless enough to defeat the opposition he or she would face. And we citizens would have to act together, despite differences, to strike the next time gas prices are raised $.25-35 a gallon arbitrarily, a prima facie anti-trust violation that the government always ignores. Just stop cooperating with the bastards, do no work, buy no products, just shut it all down until the powers that be start to act like they care about more then their success. It can be done.

  8. It doesn’t look as if the white race has much of a future in the Americas or Western Europe. Maybe in Russia, Poland, Hungary and the former DDR, but certainly not here.

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