American Nationalism Isn’t Loser Nationalism

I was just thinking about the difference between the two.

In the remnants of the Alt-Right, there is some overlap between American Nationalism and Loser Nationalism, but the two are clearly not the same thing. The hallmark of Loser Nationalism is a peculiar combination of White male nihilism, extreme bitterness, mental illness, serious developmental issues and psychopathic rage. Loser Nationalists have a major problem with non-losers.

The difference between an American Nationalist and a Loser Nationalist is that the former will typically come across to you as somewhat normal and well-adjusted and live ordinary lives. It is easy to confuse an American Nationalist for a College Republican. They like American flags. They are more likely to support Trump. They are very moderate and concerned about their image. James Allsup is the quintessential American Nationalist. You look at James and see an otherwise normal young man from the Northwest. In contrast, the Loser Nationalist immediately strikes you as weird, insane and full of rage. They are dysfunctional and sociopathic. They are creeps who hate women. They actually resent men who have wives or girlfriends. You might alternate between feeling sorry for the Loser Nationalist or being aggravated by them. Andrew Anglin is the personification of the Loser Nationalist.

The Loser Nationalist is often an American sex tourist who either routinely visits or prefers to live in a Third World country. Matt Forney, the author of Do The Philippines, is a prime example of a Loser Nationalist. These people are attracted to these places primarily because they are losers in their own countries. They live in poor foreign countries because of their lack of self esteem. The Loser Nationalist is someone who despises and rejects goals that normal people value like marriage and family and who glorifies things like prostitution and miscegenation which have traditionally been considered shameful. You will find Loser Nationalists celebrating school shootings, glorifying mass shootings or random people being pushed off of bridges. They are obsessed with scoring with random women in their 30s and 40s. They will share their fantasies about beating and raping women because of their stunted development.

Don’t be fooled. The Loser Nationalist who talks about American flags, Christianity, “appealing to normies” or the welfare of White people might overlap with you on the surface on some issues. At the end of the day though, they are at the core of their being Loser Nationalists.

Note: Don’t take my word for it.

Weev has told you himself how much damage he is willing to inflict on his friends and associates. TRS had to learn the hard way. They were told a year ago he was insane.

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  1. Interesting flex, but unnecessary.

    I don’t think it’s worth getting too ahead of yourself with the TRS-DS drama. If you start labelling things you want to characterize your opponent as or things you don’t like as “Loser Nationalism” you’ve already lost.

    I thought it was pretty low of Anglin to attack you in his DS article and think this tit-for-tat he started is the gayest of all gay ops in the current year.

    Saying that though, he’s right to be suspicious of JO and this TRS policy of never addressing controversy is bad optics too.

    In cases like this, I’d like to hope OD would be a shelter in the storm from this lunacy.

    • Strange how you are willing to find fault with everyone EXCEPT Anglin and Weev, the two most suspicious characters of all. You need to find a more charismatic cult leader to worship.

      • Out of anyone on here spahn, you’re the only one whose opinion isn’t needed in my opinion. Your reading comprehension is off, you’re anti-Christian, and you’re a beta-cuck white knight.

        if I wanted your David French tier takes I’d be posting on National Review. Don’t reply to me, you’re boring.

        • “Colonel Anglin is right, women are disgusting. Only a man can understand the desires of another man.”

          – “OUTlander”, OUT Magazine interview, March 2018

        • Damn, that’s some chutzpah, even for a General Dynamics contractor/JIDF sayan.
          You do know that you are a nobody and Spahn is a well established commentator here.
          Go back to DS … you can earn more shekels there shitposting material for the next ADL/$PLC expose.

    • And in case anyone else is reading this and is unfamiliar with my post history on OD, I’ve never supported Weev at all, and I’ve only ever stated Anglin has a point about things, just like in this. People without a room temperature IQ will note in my above post that I’m criticizing Anglin for his handling of this information and creating another infinite drama quest, but that blame also goes on TRS for their policy of radio silence on scandals.

      Of course in an age of hyper-polarization I’m not allowed to like both Anglin and Mike Enoch and be critical of both.

      Just like how I was not allowed to respect both the then alive Harold Covington and future president shill of the United States Hunter Wallace (Freedom’s Sons).

      My position for the last 5 years was always focused on drama-free unity. If I don’t like someone, I don’t associate with them. I don’t start public flame wars. I knew about some of the shit going on behind the scenes in early 2017 at TWP but I kept it under my hat because undermining what Parrott and Heimbach were attempting to do would be counter-productive.

      I only post on OD now because Wallace and probably a handful of others, are among the few who don’t engage in spergy, public purity spiralling. I’d like it to remain that way.

      So yes, I do defend some of Anglin’s ideas because he’s correct from time to time.
      Anglin, TRS, Parrott, Wallace, Spencer etc. All have interesting ideas and perspectives and are worth considering even if you only find them partially right.

      Spergtism post below:

      How this situation should have been handled was Anglin asking Mike about it, Mike being like “Yeah this looks bad, we have no hard evidence that JO is a fed, but it is damning” and tell JO privately that it’s probably best that he not be their security advisor but he can still stick around. Maybe have JO acknowledge that he was making it up, tell the details, or state he’s not allowed to talk about it but isn’t a glow in the dark.

      Then everyone can move on with JO stepping down or aside and Anglin can chill and not post 3 editorials about it on DS.

      Of course we can’t ever have a mature handling of something in this movement. It’s always got to be blown up by people’s egos. Larry Ridgeway blew his career on TRS up the other day because he wasn’t invited to a TRS hang out and because JO wouldn’t let him have his buddy on his TRS show. Real childish shit.

      American Nationalism, White Nationalism, Wigger Nationalism, Loser Nationalism, how about Adult Nationalism?

      First rule of Adult Nationalism, don’t engage in petty drama. Address issues when they arise in a mature way. The age of the AmNat is over, the age of the AdNat has begun. OD can be its founding site.

  2. HW was involved in the WN/alt-right scene long ago, and of course has a well-known blog in our little world, so I’m not surprised he’s occasionally getting caught up in the bitchy little snipefests that often occur between prominent personalities in an outsider movement.

    Having said that, the hypocritical behavior and weird proclamations made by the “LoserNats” is troubling. It’s almost like they’re purposely trying to bring the movement into disrepute and chaos. All the more reason to stay away from them.

  3. I just watched that entire video and laughed myself silly. THIS is the guy we are worried about? How big of a threat can this person possibly be. Lol. All that being said: Omg, this has gotten so effin gay. Seriously, screw all of this. I WANT MORE HISTORY ARTICLES! Haha. Keep your heads up everybody. We’ll pull through.

      • Hey man, respect. Gotta love a guy who needs ever more space for his books and is willing and able to create it himself.

      • So does that mean your brain is larger assembling more book shelves?
        I’d bet 2/3 of your big brained books on your new big brained bookshelves are pure bull shit written by people with other motives. It’s been already proven, historians mimic eachother repeating the same lies.. Like David Irving says about historian writers and researchers, “you copy one part of a book it’s plagiarism, you copy several parts of a few books it’s research, you copy several parts of several books that’s extensive research.
        Lay off the false history and demonizing other White proponents, it makes you look bad.

          • Hunter,

            This Anglin drama is beneath you. Anglin is trying to frame you as being part of the “TRS side” in his article by calling you fat and for going on Cantwell’s show. Don’t waste time on Anglin’s ankle-biting, you don’t have a dog in this fight and it’s making Anglin look incredibly petty.

          • I know Brad but you don’t have to fall for the drama, let it go man. TRS is shady also DS and Cantwell. It’s pretty sad when you can’t even count on your own White race to do the right thing but fucks everything up like in the past. I’ve been dealing with this shit for too long and it rips my heart.

          • This has nothing to do with TRS.

            I haven’t said anything about Anglin and Weev that I haven’t said before. It’s not just TRS that dislikes those two. More than anyone else, those are two are responsible for disrupting and derailing the Alt-Right and shunning them is necessary to move forward.

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