John Bolton Has Been Fired

This is the best news since David Koch croaked:

It remains to be seen who will replace Bolton. When Gary Cohn was fired, he was replaced by Larry Kudlow. There was a personnel change. There wasn’t a policy change.

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    • The next one will be just as bad or worse. This is what AmeriKans with any power are comprised of ; Islamophobiia, militarism, fanatic pro Zionists. Every thing else is negotiable and tolerated but those ideologies.

      • Nellie – Yup. Ivanaka the Brainless Bagel and Chabad White Hating Kushner are still very much in power. And Bibi Satanyahoo is drooling over the “Iranian threat” .

  1. Ivanka “Beeg Tits” Kushner ain’t going to be happy with Bolton’s firing. She will come back from South America swinging her massive udders at anyone who gets in her or Kushner’s way. Count on it.

    Ivanka probably wants Henry Kissinger back in the White House.

    • You are wrong, Krafty. Ivanka with her bolt-ons does not want a Goy in that position. I suspect strongly she was behind the firing. If I am not wrong, look for a 100% Kosher replacement.

      • Kissinger is Jewish, Thim. But Ol’ Mumbles won’t go into a situation where he isn’t top dog, anyway. BTW, great names for Ivanka, Denise and Krafty! She is a “Brainless Bagel” with “Beeg Tits.”

  2. Soon to be replaced by some other Israel-worshipping Boomer sack of shit. When are you guys going to realize that everyone in DC rides Israel’s cock carousel.

  3. The next one might be a little less likely to beat the war drums but he/she will certainly be another stooge for Israel.

  4. Don’t celebrate too soon. Pompeo is still Secretary of State, jared kushner is still Blompf “senior adviser,” Pence is still VP, and Bibi Netanyahu still controls American foreign policy in the Middle East. For all we know, blompf might make elliott abrams his new national security adviser.

  5. He never should have been hired in the first place, he and all the other good “conservatives” who conserve nothing but war and misery. Now he can join CNN, rail against Trump and advocate for war from his new perch. If he promises not to criticize Trump he can go back to FOX TV instead of CNN.

  6. Too bad the above illustration of Bolton wandering through the halls of power mortally wounded is not real. The reality is he will get a cushy new gig as a “Senior Fellow” at the Atlantic Council or as a “defense consultant” for Fox News.

  7. Keep in mind John Bolton is a swinger (as in to swing). His ex-wife made the claim that Bolton got off on other men having sex with her while he watched. Bolton used to taker her to the now defunct Plato’s Retreat.

      • Rick Wilson is a possible (he’s 55) David French was 16 when Plato’s Retreat closed in 1985. Having said that, both have levels of cuckoldry that are off the charts. All these Shabbos Goys have to go. Also, did you ever see this video from our mutual friend?

        • Jeez, I thought David French and Rick Wilson were in their 80s. Tucker Carlson is just a few years younger than they are!

          Uncle Charlie never “brainwashed” or “programmed” anyone into doing anything that they didn’t want to do themselves.

          • French has been hanging out with boomer cuckservatives for so long, he has taken to their mannerisms and speech patterns. Wilson is on the tail end (born in 1963). French is little more than a Gen X hanger on. I heard Charlie Kirk reminiscing about Ronald Reagan and “Blessing” Israel a couple of days ago. Crap like that doesn’t work on anyone under 50.

            Ditto regarding Uncle Charlie.

  8. Yea I think Trump knows how much Nationalists can’t stand Bolton. So it was a must going into 2020. However the Jews / Neocons still make the rules on foreign policy. So we’ll see who’s picked. Deo Vindice !

  9. Clearly orange retard is engaging in a cynical attempt to pick up isolationist votes in 2020. Never forget Trump is 100% Zionst bootlicker.

    • I’m not voting for that rat-bastard again. Besides, how do we know that Boltron isn’t still advising the Drimp regime in an unofficial or indirect capacity?

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