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  1. I might watch it just to see the next president and how far this country has declined. I hope we see lots of “get whitey” stuff, “Trump is a Russian agent,” free stuff for 3rd world foreigners, permanent war for Israel, etc..

  2. I have nothing better to put on for background noise while I handle stuff around the house, so I’ll keep an eye on it. All I want is drama and naked anti-white rhetoric, and I’m sure they won’t let me down.

      • Yes, Powell. Thank God I don’t own an idiot box tied to the 1984 Propaganda Machine; I refuse to think any of the ‘candidates’ have one IOTA of Legitimacy.

        But you are correct: It is our death is what EVERY non-Christian wants; even the Evangelical Satanists (like the UMC, the SBC,, the Bergoglians, the neo-Calvinists, etc.). [Yang is a neo-Calvinist, for example]

        God is blinding the eyes of even those who say ‘Lord, Lord,’ in order to destroy this nation. And the Moslem hordes are destroying Europe, just as the Aztec scum are doing to U.S. The local Pagans, the ‘at ease in Zion’ folk, the merely sexually degenerate (trannies, faggots, lez-beans, serial fornicators, and the race adulterers) ALREADY are ‘blind guides leading the blind.’

        We are watching the fall of Rome, all over again. Or the Bolshevik Terror. Take your pick.
        Misericordie, Domine.

  3. Gay Booker wants to make a national office to fight white supremacy like that represented by infamous White Supremacist Donald Trump. This just might be the candidate America deserves.

  4. Letting criminals out of prison and allowing them to vote seems popular at Texas Southern University, an historically black school. Why is that?

  5. Warren is saying the right things – but she’s a Kosher Corporate hack – and she looks crazy. Crazy eyes.

    Soybeans rotting in bins is a good thing. SHAME on the corporate shill Big Agri Farmers.

    I need to run into Harris one night…on a dark road..

  6. Biden looks better than I’ve seen him look in a while. He must have started the infusions of virgin’s blood – and made him lay off the booze.

  7. Where is Tulsi Gabbard? Tulsi said the wrong thing, asked about things you’re not supposed to ask about and now she is gone for good.

  8. She is too sane for this crowd. The bloodlust is upon every non-White, and many of our racial (but not ideological) kin, who would rather see themselves led to the Gulag, than admit their own racial self-interest.

    WE are now the Nigger at the back of the Bus. And the beasts are lusting for vengeance.

    The Whites who will vote Dem? Lemmings, rushing toward the cliff of God’s judgment. It’s OT prophet time.

  9. ” This was boring.”


    They could spice it up, South Africa style…. “Kill da honky, kill da honky”.
    That’s the eventual goal.

  10. Klobuchar was the one who brought up rape gangs at the Kavanaugh hearings. You know, where girls were terrorized yet inexplicably kept showing up for the next party. Now she is getting favorable attention for saying, “Because I don’t want to be the president for half of America — I want to be the president for all of America.”

    That would indeed be novel. Serving even half of America would be a radical change. Now all these politicians primarily serve foreigners– Israel, migrants and illegal aliens.

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