Daily Stormer: The Life and Times of Andre Anglin

Have you heard the old saying that those who live in a glass house shouldn’t toss stones? I was reminded of that in Andre Anglin’s recent attacks on Jim Object.

A few years ago, Andrew Anglin was extremely embarrassed when his past as Andre Anglin of OutlawJournalism.com and RealitySituation.com resurfaced and attempted to buy the rights of this podcast in order to suppress it. The video doesn’t seem to exist anymore on YouTube.

This is who Andre Anglin was in 2012. He was worried about microchips being implanted in our brains. He thought the White race should be bred out of existence. Weev was still openly Jewish at the time. Jim Object was escaping from the feds in the Anarchy Chopper.

So, if we are being totally fair here, we got to look back at where all the various parties in this dispute were in 2012. They’ve all come a long way although Weev has had the longest trek of all having evolved from being Jewish in 2013 into being a Neo-Nazi in 2014.



Iconoclast Radio Round Table with Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: I don’t see what the beef is with technology… Technology is not evil and technology does not make people weak. The people genetically, are already weak. They’re weak because of their genetics, they’re weak because of their morals.

Andre Anglin: But that’s racist!

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: No, it’s not racist. Wow.

Andre Anglin: Yes, it is racist. It is racist.

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: How is that racist? Man, that’s reality, dog.

Andre Anglin: I’m hanging out with Philippinos, man. How are you gonna say that Philippinos are weak because of their genetics? And any Philippino who you give a cell phone to is gonna use it and they’re gonna start text-messaging and it’s gonna change their entire environment!

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: Okay. … Who has the power, Andre, who is it?

Andre Anglin: I don’t know, man. When people have the capacity to abuse other people, they do it. So, I mean, what are we gonna do about that? … So I mean, I understand where you’re coming from with how all these people are Jews but I mean that’s just obvious because Jews are genetically bred to be more intelligent than everybody else. Of course they’re running everything. … I’ve had a lot of Jewish friends, man. They don’t have any divorced parents. They don’t have any of this shit. I mean, they have a much more intelligent way of running their lives. They’re smarter than us. … Do you think, that if somebody else had the capacity to do this, that they wouldn’t be doing it?

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: They’re not more intelligent.

Andre Anglin: IQ, which is a fuckin racist concept, it’s bullshit, man. I know, it’s a racist concept. … But is this Jewish cult, is its purpose not just to defend itself? And is that not a logical purpose to have?

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: Defend itself from what? Who’s after it?

Andre Anglin: Everybody’s after it, apparently!

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: Why? That’s what happens in cults. They get paranoid that everyone’s after them and they usually they create the situation for themselves. Now, why is everyone looking at the Jews? Well, because they look at everyone else as being subhuman, and they being God’s chosen. We’re Goyim, right?

Andre Anglin: But people thought that before. When you go back, every tribe does that. … Jews are more capable of dealing with this shit. They obviously are. … I mean, Paul, I like you a lot. I don’t see why all of your shit has to be so fuckin’ angry!

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: You’ll be alright. (laughs)

Andre Anglin: I’m alright. … How are we going to stop genetic engineering without a world government? I mean, we’re going to have to have a world government for everyone on the planet… If technology didn’t exist, would any of this be a problem? That’s what I’m asking you. Because it wasn’t for how many millions of years. It wasn’t a fuckin problem. We’ve got records of shit and people did not fuckin’ destroy themselves for so many millions of years. And now we’re in a situation where people are destroying themselves.

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: There’s nothing you can do to stop this shit. It has to happen. Technology is not the problem. If these people were decent and they actually were caring people they’d take responsibility-

Andre Anglin: Well show me where people that happened in history. Show me when people that cared about other people were in charge of other people. It didn’t ever happen. Every single time you put some in charge of other people’s lives- … It’s not the Jews fault. That’s stupid to talk about how its the Jews fault…

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: It’s your fault, Andre.

Andre Anglin: Okay, I’m going to go ahead and take a bathroom break okay? Is that cool? … Look man, I wanna support you. Cuz I don’t really give a fuck about any of the things we’re disagreeing about. I mean, whatever! Because, man, I mean, I know you’re for real. And I don’t know anybody else that’s for real so who else am I gonna be interested in talking to? But talking about 9/11 is non-sense. I mean, anybody that doesn’t get it by now? Jesus Christ. What more do we need, that we gotta keep talking about this shit for 15 fuckin years?! Every single one of these people is full of shit. I mean, that’s a really important point. There’s not one that we can point to. … But why should black people be forced into this system? They were never going to invent this system. Neither were Philipinos, neither were Malaysians. The only people who would have ever invented this system are white people and Chinese. So why should everyone else be forced into it. You see the way white people – and it IS white people – went around the whole world and FUCKED everybody and made them accept this shit: Christianity and money! That happened, man. I mean, that’s just a fact of history. … Like, Leave It To Beaver? That’s fake.

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: Why do you hate yourself so much, man? White people, man?

Andre Anglin: I don’t hate myself. I mean, uh, obviously my race is powerful, uh, I guess. … I think we need more mixed races. Mixed races would be a positive progression for everyone. … I think the white race should be bred out. This is dangerous to have these people.

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: You can’t breed white people out.

Andre Anglin: I think white people are dangerous! I think white people are dangerous!

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: Well you’re saying you’re dangerous then. White people can be dangerous but so can other people too.

Andre Anglin: I’m only attracted to black girls, honestly.

Lewka Peel & Paul Ironshore: When we talk about genetics, some white people might not like oriental. Well that’s cool. That’s their prerogative. It’s okay to be racist, man. In the sense of just having a preference.

Andre Anglin: He thinks white people should all breed together? Well fuck that shit, man! That’s stupid! What I care about is human beings and the species, you know?”

Note: Anglin also founded TotalFascism.com some time during 2012.

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    • Yes, when I first saw this last weekend, I laughed. Weev was Jewish in 2012. Anglin was living “off the grid” in the Philippines having rejected modern society, technology and civilization to live among the Noble Savages being corrupted by the White man.

  1. “Andre Anglin: I’m only attracted to black girls, honestly.”

    Are you sure this isn’t satire? And why would he have a website promoting “totalfascism” in 2012 while believing all of the above?

    • Very sure.

      This isn’t satire. It is who Anglin really was in 2012. He went from this interview to Total Fascism in the blink of an eye. For years on the internet, he had been Andre Anglin, not Andrew Anglin. Granted, people change, but Jim Object’s transformation from lolbertarian An Cap escaping from the feds in the Anarchy Chopper into Jayoh wasn’t nearly as dramatic of a U-turn.

      My reaction to these bad faith attacks has been disbelief. Weev was Jewish at the time. Andre Anglin was basically some eco hippie living in communion with nature in the Philippines who was worried about a microchip being implanted in his brain.

      • A very astute observation regarding the change from “Andre” to “Andrew”. Andre of course being a name more often used by the blacks.

      • One thing I’ve noticed is that he wasn’t good in his debate with Vox. Really slow moving and dull. Very different from the funny playful text he bylines at DS. That’s a sign of ghost writing or at least an editor reworking his articles. Not that there’s anything wrong about that but there is a hidden skillful hand… [Ed]

      • I remember Andrew’s sister commenting on the total fascism blog back in 2012-2013. She posted “very proud of you Andrew” or something like that. It was really strange because from all appearances she is a shitlib. It set off some alarms for me, which is why it has stuck in my memory. The comment could probably be found in archives of the site.

        • Chelsey Anglin his sister right in the below pics that ignatius posted? Yep very weird for her to congratulate him on his total fascism blog almost all women are shitlibs so no surprise there

      • It’s possible that in 2012 you’d still be hesitating about these sorts of opinions and even spouting a little but of boiler plate Liberal or left or ecological stuff. But I suppose that’s the point about Jayoh, it’s possible that in 2012 Jayoh was in a different place politically. The London riots in 2011, that ended my sympathy for left wing politics. So Anglin ought to lay off the speculation about Jayoh and come to a modus vivendi.

      • As I said, I was wrong.

        But the speech patterns, the thought processes in this ‘interview,’ don’t even sound like the same person who writes for DS, today. Not that I’m denying your investigative results, but it appears like this is some sort of brain-dead typical 20-something fool, and not the man who has run DS for the last what? seven years?

        Totally confusing, HW.

        • It’s not confusing.

          From 2006 to 2012, he was Andre Anglin of OutlawJournalism.com and RealitySituation.com. He was the person in the podcast above. Andrew Anglin has gone to extraordinary lengths to bury his former persona as Andre Anglin who was a truther and conspiracy theorist.

  2. I knew about that exchange but not that he said he was only attracted to negresses.

    White men who are attracted to black women are usually homosexuals attracted to the masculine ways and looks of black females.

    • Ron,

      If White men who are sexually attracted to negresses are in denial homosexuals, then why don’t they just act on their homosexual urges with another man?

      Your statement is fallacious conjecture.

      Just listen and read Anglin’s own words. He only found black women attractive as recently as 2012. End of story.

      • Anglin also takes an interest in Asian woman sho generally have the same body type as a prepubescent boy. It is certainly related to his homosexuality.

        • I hate Anglin even more than you do, but it’s absurd to say that attraction to Asian women is a sign of homosexuality.

  3. Such a dumb move on the part of the DS. It seems like there was some internal drama between them and TRS. I don’t know why these issues always have to be made public. If you truly care about this movement you don’t do things to discredit and weaken it. All this does is raise questions about the DS.

    • Yeah nobody really remembers AIC huh?, the 90’s wasn’t even that long ago but it feels like already a century has passed. People compare them to nirvana but thats just because they were both from Seattle and came from the grunge scene

      They had a few decent tunes, actually Dirt was a decent album but the singer was a tortured drug addict (then again aren’t they all?) and killed himself with dope less tragic then shooting yourself with a shotgun? Perhaps but the end result is the same I think

    • Correct.

      He claimed to be Irish and Native American. The charitable explanation is that it because he was so anti-White at the time. He blamed White people for ruining the world with technology.

      • Our technology is certainly and ironically helping to destroy us whites at this point, no doubt about that. It could be turned the other way of course, but there’s not much sign of that happening.

  4. ” Jews are genetically bred to be more intelligent than everybody else.”

    Hahaha, oh my! ‘Intelligenct’ isn’t the correct word.

    Can anyone make such an abrupt change in attitude in just a couple of years , as an adult ? Things are getting too fishy.

    • Well it’s a Eugenic argument so it’s just a matter of degree. That position is just one or two steps away from advocating for Eugenics among your own folks. I listened to the interview and everyone was talking about what makes Jews tick. Once you start doing that you are not far from being anti Semitic. The issue about his shift from Eco primivitism to to racism isn’t that unusual. A lot of the European roots of fascism are embedded in environmentalist whackjob ideas from the 1890s. Observing the shift in opinion we can see that he’s already a Eugenicist in 2012. Contemplating the biological world is just as a valid a way to get there as studying historical events or economics.

  5. Who would be surprised if DS is a COINTEL NGO sponsored financially by a Soros, Epstein, Kushner, or Maxwell type consortium?

    Leopards don’t change their spots.

    • The Daily Sausagefest doesn’t have to be funded by Soros or any other jews. They have dealt with countless “anti semitic” groups and leaders before and they know that most of them will eventually self-destruct on their own.

  6. “I think the white race should be bred out. This is dangerous to have these people.”
    “Note: Anglin also founded TotalFascism.com some time during 2012.”

    WTF was Anglin thinking stirring up this hornets nest???
    Anyway, I guess I should thank you Hunter for showing me the truth. I’ve never been a big Occidental Dissent guy but as Admiral Halsey once said it’s better to know than to be ignorant.

  7. (Note to self: Don’t ever become a sellout or traitor. HW will find out about it and write something like this.)

    The movement obviously has prominent provocateurs, Jewish or pro-Jewish, with funding coming from (((sources))). Whether they’ve had assistance from gov’t and/or private sugar daddies doesn’t matter. They’re playing the co-opting game in order to destroy a movement from the inside. This is one reason why the idea of following leaders is bull. Think for yourself. Keep an agnostic mindset about what and who you read.

    The good thing about this is, elites wouldn’t bother with us if they didn’t see us a threat. We just have to be more careful than the ideologues and other useful idiots on their side, is all.

  8. HW Infostormer has an article mentioning you. It’s a good look into the Drama At the DS read the comment sections to related articles it’s an eye opener!

    • Sunburn: Azzholemador is patrolling the comments section of Infostormer to make sure that site becomes as poisoned as the Daily Sausagefest.

      The jews can’t stand each other but they have a clear advantage over pro-white activists: In spite of their disagreements they work together when it’s necessary to do so. That is something the so-called alt-right seems incapable of doing.

  9. DS is the biggest psyop in Domestic White Nationalist history, I applaud anyone who relentlessly exposes these shills for the agent provocateurs they are. It’s shameful how many people can’t see the obvious ruse this is.

  10. Yes, Anglin did try to have that podcast pulled as well. I have screenshots of the texts he sent the podcast host trying to buy the rights to that show.

  11. Brad you know Anglin does make a good case against TRS
    I’m glad I never got involved with the TRS or Cantwell croud. TRS endorsing Elizabeth Warren threatening to round up WNs for thought crimes if president makes you think.
    Besides Brad seriously what dog do you have in this fight? From what I see on the outside all three of them are compromised DS, Cantwell and TRS from all the evidence provided. Fuck them all especially Cantwell and TRS, the rat bastards!

    • Anglin knows that Sven and Enoch hate public drama and have always avoided it and he is taking advantage of that to attack them. They could easily respond to him, but their policy has always been to avoid drama.

      The reason that I have responded to these two so strongly is because I have been watching them disrupt, divide and discredit our sphere of the internet since 2014 and by my count this is like the 8th or 9th time this has happened. Every few months the Jew Weev who runs that site picks a new target. TRS was warned about them over a year ago. They eventually figured out what was up on their own and tried to move away from DS as quietly as possible. They stopped responding to Anglin which infuriated him. Hence, his current revenge campaign against TRS.

      I’m not even on the best terms with everyone in TRS although I know Mike, Striker and Jayoh. I also who Weev is whose name means destruction. They made a big mistake ever associating with Daily Stormer as did everyone else.

  12. Nothing new here. I have seen all this before. Anglin is something of a goof, and went from extreme cuck to extreme fascist around 2012. That is not uncommon. …but the problem with this dumpster fire is not what you are saying about Weev. Obviously he is far better connected and far more intelligent than Anglin, and essentially controls him, in a very bad way. Nor is the problem with what DS is saying about TRS. I took one look at these guys in 2017, “the daily shoah” and all these gas chamber allusions, and immediately realized: FEDS. And they are. So they are accusing each other, and they are both correct, but that is not the problem with this dumpster fire, either. The problem is, why does an Alabama good ole boy, a Christian, have to be involved with any of these fascists? So you have your reasons, whatever they are. But it is still a problem. Those of us who remain Southern Nationalists are uncomfortable with this.

  13. The 2 Andrew jooz are whining about snitching like you are all some nigger drug dealing gang members trying to cover up some drug dealing criminal enterprise with yo fellow niggers.

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