Pervert Aggressively Gropes Woman on Bronx Street

What do you call this?

I call this part and parcel of living in one of the many diverse moral utopian communities in our Northern states. This is what I imagine life is like in a society which has transcended racial bigotry and has risen above us mortal to a state of moral perfection.

Hey gurl, wut you doin’ gurl?

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  1. This will become typical behavior as society degrades, women will be afraid to venture out without an escort, a strong one.
    This is only a small facet of the dystopia that is planned for us.

    Women think that muds will behave with the civility of White men,LOL!

    • Arian,

      You made an interesting observation. Outside of the well-off area that I live in my girlfriends and myself go out in packs and never alone. That includes when attending a movie or going shopping.

      I do not trust the civility of men regardless of their race. While I demand the best in males I realize the world is a dangerous place. There are reasons why chaperones were popular in latin America in the old days.

      • @ Cristina Romana Alva

        “I do not trust the civility of men regardless of their race.”

        That’s because we have a mixed race society, all behavior is degraded by the presence of muds, including White.

        “my girlfriends and myself go out in packs”

        That behavior has been true for decades.
        (It has secondary consequences, making singles interaction more difficult, leading to fewer healthy pairings).

    • Won’t matter what her actions are, she’s a target.

      Remember the nggrs that would climb in trees over a park walkway, then drop on unsuspecting women?

  2. I don’t really know how much I care to read this shit on yet another dissident right websight. Daily Stormer covers this stuff pretty thoroughly on a daily basis, and its never uplifting material.

    Society is circling the drain. This kind of thing is why my wife carries a handgun everywhere with her. Worrying about it when I can’t do anything besides what I’ve done to keep her safe, is an emotional tax I don’t need.

    Is what it is I guess. I’d have torn this guy limb from limb if I’d seen it, not videoed it on my cell phone. My sheepdog impulse is strong, maybe too strong.

    • No, at this point we should have rolled out our tanks and get it over with,so to speak, but 99% of society have turned to cucks and cowards. What happened to a pre-emptive strike? I’m fine with people defending themselves, but its not enough at this point, in my opintion.

    • “I can’t do anything besides what I’ve done to keep her safe, is an emotional tax I don’t need.’

      I know the very same anxiety, even for women not related.

  3. Looks like a de-evolution of “elbow titting,” as described in the 1960s Bronx youth novel The Wanderers. The horny teenagers would brush up against girls in crowds or cause pedestrian collisions as an opportunity to feel up girls. One of the characters meets his girlfriend (future wife?) that way. The thing in the video is obviously much cruder and more nonwhite behavior.

    • That was my thought as well. It looked to me like a guy who was dared by his friends to do something outrageous. That “woman” is evidently a well-known, well-endowed local character. (Frankly I thought it was a guy in drag or a transgender nut — they’re quite common in the black and hispanic populations.)

  4. This is who we are! If you dont like it move to another place…

    Diversity of behaviour is our strength.

    Sexual emergency is a human right.

    This intetnets is full of bigots!

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