Looking Ahead, 2020-2030

#1. – Donald Trump Loses The 2020 Election

If I had to bet on the outcome of the 2020 election, I would predict that Donald Trump will lose the 2020 election. I’m not saying this because I am personally disappointed with him.

Trump won the 2016 election because disaffected swing voters turned out in record numbers in the Rust Belt and because the Democratic base was overconfident and failed to rally behind Hillary. Those non-traditional voters who won him the presidency have melted away which is why his campaign is making a play for states like New Mexico in 2020. The Trump coalition has shrunk, Democrats will be energized in 2020 and the demographics will be less favorable. The Silent Generation and Boomers are a declining share of the electorate and the demographic tipping point was the 2018 midterms. The energy is still also on the Democratic side.

#2. – Advances In Genetics Will Continue To Discredit Anti-Racism

I got this one right in the 2010s.

There has been a huge divergence between science and our growing understanding of genetic differences between human populations and the deep human past and the rise of woke culture which is based on the instruction of the Millennial generation in dogmatic adherence to the pieties of late 20th century political correctness, multiculturalism and postmodernism.

This is what we currently know about White America:

This is what I currently know about my ancestry:

I don’t have the updated version immediately at hand, by my DNA test results have only become more accurate since 2016. By 2030, the genetics of intelligence and the evolution of the modern human races will be well known thanks to AI’s superhuman levels of pattern recognition. I’m not sure how our society will deal with that knowledge in light of woke culture.

#3. – The Demographic Chickens Come Home To Roost

We’ve spent the last 40 years telling conservatives about the implications of changing racial demographics and the consequences of Whites becoming a minority in the United States. These warnings have been blithely dismissed until now, but in the 2020s a number of Red States – North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Texas and Arizona – will become Blue States.

#4. – Conservatism, Inc. Collapses

Somewhere around the mid-2020s when Texas becomes a Blue State or possibly sooner after the 2020 election, Conservatism, Inc. will collapse. It will try mightily to attract new non-White voters, but it will fail to do so primarily because of its unpopular economic dogmas. In between a rising non-White electorate and an angry, beleagured and increasingly racialized White base, it won’t be able to perpetuate itself or meet the challenges of the future.

#5. – The Wokelash

The Democrats will return to power in the 2020s, but will preside over an America that is even more intensely polarized and is rapidly balkanizing due to their narrative and electoral strategy. The backlash against Barack Obama will also pale in comparison to the wokelash against the Biden, Sanders or Warren presidency. The Wokelash and the collapse of Conservatism, Inc. will drive millions of disaffected, alienated White Americans into the “far right.”

#6. – China Wins

In the 2020s, China will become a superpower and will economically surpass the United States, and will take advantage of America and the European Union’s internal loss of cohesion to assert its newfound dominance around the world. China will become the center of gravity and hegemon of the post-liberal world order. Foreign countries will seek to emulate China which will be wealthy, stable and homogeneous rather than the dysfunctional West.

#7. – The AI Revolution

The American liberal establishment has no idea how it is going to handle this. AI will creep into our lives in the 2020s. Automation will decimate working class and middle class jobs in the Heartland. Predictably, the mounting stress will balloon the constituency that is receptive to populism which will displace conservatism in the 2020s.

#8. – Post-Boomer America

The end is near.

The stranglehold of our parent’s generation over America is rapidly approaching its end. 2020 is their last hurrah. The Silent Generation and the Boomers were shaped by a mid-20th century America that is fading from view. The Boomers and their culture were decisively shaped by the Thirty Glorious Years. The America that elected Ronald Reagan will be dead in 2030.

#9. – Social Disintegration Accelerates

This is another easy call.

If our theory of liberalism and the two-story state is correct, then we can project the further erosion of our common culture and its substitution by the anonymity of the marketplace. Christianity will continue to decline. The family will continue to crumble. The nation will continue to disintegrate as the bonds that held it together are attacked by woke culture. With the AI revolution, we’re entering a bull market for the Arthur Flecks of the world.

#10. – The Crisis of Liberalism

In my view, the fruit was ripening throughout the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s, but it will be harvested in the 2020s. Thirty years only seems like a long period of time to those who live through an era. Historically speaking, it is a blink of an eye. It takes time for a crisis to build up to a crescendo. There was a lot of ruin in what used to be our great country which was wrecked and transformed into what is now in the span of a generation thanks to modernism.

Liberalism will be challenged in the 2020s like never before. Will it survive the storm? Perhaps it will navigate the crisis and reform itself like FDR and the New Deal saved the system in the 1930s? Perhaps it won’t though and what could replace it as the system goes down?

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  1. I’m of the opinion that the 2020s are going to be America’s years of violent turbulence. Neoliberal feeds off poverty and destitution and as the non-white share grows and stagnates economically, white Boogeyman will be needed.

    Oppression has already started and normie whites will get the hammer along with us. But this is where are opening starts. I firmly believe white identity politics will coalesce in the 2020s, 3.0 – more serious and less character, less online more IRL. A radical societal transformation is incoming.

    We will take power in the 2030s.

    Maybe I’m just the optimistic type.

  2. The “race isn’t real” line is becoming more and more difficult to maintain, so they will be forced to start arguing ethics more. “Yeah race is real, but discrimination and segregation is still always wrong and because other races have genetic handicaps within liberal capitalist paradigm, Whites need to work extra hard to help them progress.” These are the kinds of thing we will begin to see, rather than the current blanket dismissals of race as a meaningful categorization.

    • That’s funny because that’s almost a throwback to how things were justified early on.

      Sure you had the Marxist line of “race is a social construct,” but for most Whites things were sold on the fact that we had to give some leeway for the “lesser races.”

  3. HW your predictions sound like a dystopian nightmare, but I believe your right. Just look at us today, their brainwashing surely made our White young very vulnerable to their insane agendas that go back not so many decades. Politicians are too blame when Nixon gave our Industrial might away to China and traitorous politicians made Israel what it is today that all three big powers back openly. I fear there may be another violent civil war with no clear sides or objective and an economic world war unlike the earth has ever experienced. God help us…

  4. My bold prediction for the 2020s: Camp of the Saints + The Turner Diaries = Ivanhoe.
    It’s either that or we get Planet of the Apes forever and ever until the planet rolls into the dying sun, having been left devoid of higher life or meaning.

  5. mostly agree. But HW is too optimistic about White response.

    IF the Jews can sustain the daily warm shower of debtbucks thru the mid-2020’s,

    the Jews and their shitskin stormtroops are going to win,

    and the Whites are going extinct. My experience of

    genX, millenials, and genZ tells me that

    they are even more Jew’d than boomers.

    • ” are even more Jew’d than boomers”

      So no loss then?

      I only care about the minority of Whites within those groups that want to survive. I don’t care if self hating whites go extinct. The world will be a better place when they are gone.

    • “…genX, millenials, and genZ…are even more Jew’d than boomers.”


      “…jews and theirshitskin stormtroops are going to win,

      and the Whites are going extinct.”

      Serious black pill, Haxo, I for one foresee at least a remote possibility that a White remnant can survive and eventually recover in a defensible redoubt on this continent.

  6. Regarding # 3 : Another of 500 reasons to re-boot an enlarged ( all white, ) Confederate States. In the meantime, or “while in the process of,” we can hold things together by halving, ( making a north and south, ) Texas, Georgia and Florida. Notice the demographics of these states. Buy time. Buy time people !

    Move south young man … and don’t stop at Tacobell on the way, or anywhere else that’s more than 5 % black –


  7. “woke culture which is based on the instruction of the Millennial generation in dogmatic adherence to the pieties of late 20th century political correctness, multiculturalism and postmodernism.”

    This is a big problem. The Boomers will be gone, but their obsolete and irrelevant ideology will linger on, along with the ghosts of the 20th Century.

  8. Interesting that you post your “predictions” for the next decade and you never even mention jews or their influence. Ok for a boomer site, but “occidental dissent”? It reads like preparatory propaganda with no solutions even hinted at. I fear that OD’s recent hiatus was but a sit down with the ADL types to decide just what OD will be allowed to be moving forward.

    • We talk about Jews every single day.

      My predictions the other day talked about Jews, and I haven’t even touched on the Jewish Problem as a whole and how it’ll play out in the next decade.

    • No discussion that ignores jewish cultural, political, and economic subversion of White countries and the power of the jewisih banking cabal can be taken as serious.

  9. If you believe there will be no big wars, all things will continue on the current path, well ok. My prediction is World War 3 will happen in this decade. Shortly after the AS-500 is deployed in Russia. India, and China, they will attack ZOG. What follows, the sword, the famine, the pestilence, as Ezekiel put it. The shitties will be in ruins, the sticks will be the place to be, with 5 AR-15’s, night vision, and 10,000 rounds.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if Drumpf won though. He’s doing everything the elites want in spades, so why change? It’s not like votes matter, IBM saw to that years ago.

    • Even though trump gives them what they want, they still hate him.

      They don’t just expect a president to give them what they want, they expect a smooth operator that doesn’t need to be told what to do and delivers the goods with good optics.

      They don’t want someone who they have to twist their arm or hold their hand to achieve their agenda.

      A trump loss means the end of implicit racism in the gop, the end of dog whistling. Good bye pickup trucks and cowboy hats, hello asian/Indian bugmen in Acura’s and infiniti’s voting for lower taxes.

  11. I predict the Messicans will deal with the coloreds, thus proving that immigrants are indeed doing the jobs that white Americans won’t.

  12. 2020-2030, mass starvation as the grand solar minimum (Eddy minimum) drastically curtails crop production. US Population reduced by 50 percent. USDA discovers insects are like any other crop recording low yields and cannot supplant other protein sources. NYT urges cannibalism; culling of humans should begin before loss of body weight induced by starvation.

  13. The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, West Virginia, and western Maryland are still very White. But, all are under stress from the Hispanic & Catholic invasion.

    Our ancestors had the French & Indian War, in which they defeated and drove out the French Roman Catholics, and their Indian allies many of whom were Roman Catholics too.

    Naturally, the Roman Catholics have their Jew allies today, who are allied against us, along with the Hispanics and other non-Whites.

    We could lose the country of our ancestors?

    Brad, I was surprised when my DNA came back over 70% English-British. My siblings got the same results from different DNA labs. None of us had expected that high of an English-British result. Sex in Early America? LOL.

  14. The GOP doesn’t need to ever be the dominant party again, it simply needs to maintain a 1/3 – 40% status in Congress/senate to play the foil.

    Democrats want an uber pro-business foil so when they can blame any of their corporate give aways as a forced concession to the gop. Unsurprisingly the only wins the gop as a minority will win will be corporate give aways.

    The GOP will have a list decade where local races will still repel middle/upper class non-whites with white messaging of pickup trucks and cowboy hats but as those white cultural signifiers fade away more and more ‘high skilled new americans’ will vote for lower taxes.

    I see this as a big opportunity, and i hope the gop completely abandons even implicit white messaging. That’ll create an opportunity for a viable 3rd part to split the vote with a high 30’s low 40’s win.

  15. The Pro-White Movement should no longer be in the business of trying to save as many whites as possible, not when so many whites of all generations don’t want to save themselves and have deliberately positioned themselves as enemies of the Pro-White worldview. The coming conflict will not be a “Race War,” it will be an Ideological Cold War – a War of Worldviews – fought between Whites who want to save themselves on one side and a coalition of non-whites + Jews + WINO’s (Whites In Name Only, i.e., race traitors) on the other side. In this conflict, the non-whites will be nothing more than shock troops and side props, while the Jews will do what they always do and try to manipulate things and move things in their favor. The real power struggle will be within the White Race.

    I believe that in the 2020s, we in the Pro White Movement should leverage things in our favor by pushing the Left into ever crazier extremes and by relentlessly critiquing Conservatism Inc, thus causing both to isolate themselves in their own spiral of ideological purity. This will have the effect of causing more and more normal Whites to abandon both Liberalism AND Conservatism and thus “align” with the “Far Right” by default. They won’t adapt the specific tenets of our worldview, such as opposition to race mixing or even concerns about racial demographic change (NAXLT is an impossible attitude to dislodge short of personal experiences that change the mind), but what will happen is that more and more Whites will long to go back to the way things were in the second half of the 20th century, and both Liberalism and Conservatism will:

    1. Not be able to offer that

    2. Vehemently oppose them for ever wanting to “return” to a “White Supremacist society.”

    By 2030, the choice before White America should be clear: Side with the Pro White Movement and live, or do nothing and die. Hopefully by then we will have purged the low IQ social failures in our ranks who use the Pro White Movement as their own pathetic club of social outcasts, because right now, the utter stench of loserdom surrounding the Movement – along with its decades long image of being immoral and evil – is whats causing normal Whites to rationally chose to reject us. This can and will change.

  16. White Nationalism will eventually take root and it will show growth on steroids from from former White SJW Leftists who will be pushed out of the Democrat Party leadership and forced to assume supporting roles. The slow purge of White Democrats by Democrats of Color is happening even now as we speak. The growing number of Hipster Racists on both coasts are going to make ye Good Ole Boys from the South and the Midwest (indoctrinated as they are by Christian Zionist Evangelism) look like a walk in the park to the Usual Suspects.

    The death of Capitalism will also spur things on. There will be a big surge of support for Socialism until idealistic Whites get red-pilled (and that only happens from experience) by the racial spoils system that will be imposed by Democratic Socialists. This will all be about so-called people of color soaking YT and many of the working class Whites that SJWs so despise will not be the ones tapped to fund it; THEY will.

    Even then, support for the Anti-White agenda is actually miles wide and inches deep. What we have is a nation of Paycheck Liberals among Whites. Getting (and keeping) a good paying job is reliant on presenting yourself as a liberal. Right now, the money is flowing liberally, if you pardon the pun. So, even the police sit on their hands when ANTIFA is bashing pro-police Trump supporters. When the ZOGBUX dry up, so will the pool of Paycheck Liberals and then all bets are off.

    The changing demographic is not necessarily as bad for us as you may believe. They are composed of people with NO sense of Holocaust Guilt, i.e. East Asians and Hindus and NO sense of Negro Slavery Guilt, i.e. the Latinx (who have demonstrated they have no problem rumbling with African-Americans when interests clash. To paraphrase a Mexican, “their stomachs are here, but their hearts are in their homelands.” When the ZOGBUX dry up, so will the pool of Asians and Hindus and Latinx in this country. They will self-deport. In the meantime, they are NOT going to want to fund Negro Reparations and they are going to be hostile to any ethnostate they perceive as White and the only “White” ethnostate they perceive as controlling its borders is Israel.

    So, my recommendation is to be patient, be optimistic, and concentrate on preparing yourselves and your families for any economic upheavals on the horizon. Focus on putting yourself in a position to wait them all out. It may not look like it, but the wheels of Amerikwa are about to fall off and faster than we think. TMFIIC are well aware of it, thus all the attempts to censor and deplatform anyone who calls them out. Which is another catastrophic mistake on their parts. They are not going to get the controlled crash they are seeking. Count on it.

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