Jacob Wohl Accuses Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris Of Adultery

Grift Right rodeo clown Jacob Wohl has hosted two press conferences this month in which he has accused Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris of adultery:

What is going on here?

Is Jacob Wohl trying to make Nick Fuentes look ridiculous? Was it a setup? Fuentes debated Jacob Wohl on Israel last month at Grift Con in Miami.

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  1. Can you imagine what an emasculated faggot Warren’s husband must be? He probably likes to watch from inside the bedroom closet while half a dozen sweaty, muscular Negro bucks run a train on that old bag. As for High Yellow Harris it’s pretty obvious she’s a swinger. Isn’t she married to some jew?

  2. Wohl is pure cringe, he’s doing this stuff but he’s being laughed at and dumb bastard is too naive to see how democrats turn these accusations around like when warren posted on twitter a cougars sports team logo in response to the news. Wohl is too stupid to realize there is literally zero fall out when you out women on sexual affairs, unlike male politicians

  3. “First in, last out.”
    “First to go, last to know.” [her real age]
    Semper fi.
    It only takes one Marine.
    Someone had to bell the cat.
    Did he get a reach-around?

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