Benjamin Netanyahu Condemns Turkey’s Invasion of Northern Syria

In case you were wondering why all of Washington is screaming bloody murder in unison about the Kurds, here is your answer:


“JERUSALEM (AP) — For the past three years, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has bet heavily on President Donald Trump and been rewarded with major diplomatic gains in exchange for his warm embrace of the U.S. leader.

But the U.S. pullback from northeastern Syria, essentially abandoning its Kurdish allies, has called that strategy — and Trump’s reliability as a friend — into question. In particular, there are growing fears that Israel’s archenemy Iran could be emboldened by what appears to be an increasingly hands-off American policy in the region. …”

Oh … that’s the reason.

Times of Israel:

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday denounced Turkey’s invasion of Kurdish-controlled areas of northeastern Syria and said Israel was prepared to offer humanitarian aid to the Kurds in Syria facing an onslaught from Ankara.

The comments were the first from Netanyahu on the situation in Syria after remaining silent for several days following US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from the country and allow the Turkish offensive to move ahead. Several other Israeli officials have denounced the Turkish operation and urged support for the Kurds. …”

What if Israel was similarly betrayed by the United States?

What if the United States had a foreign policy that wasn’t controlled by Jews?

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  1. This is another example of why Trump’s presidency has failed. He has been trying to dance with the DC establishment while giving lip service to populist issues he ran on.

    Conservatism cannot coexist with America-first populism – they are two entirely different worldviews. Contrary to charges that dissidents were too demanding and expectations were too high – it is conservatism which is that way – it is their way or the highway when it comes to everything especially foreign policy.

  2. What was the thinking behind this move by Aryan Trump? Sometimes even dumb people make, unintentionally, a good move.
    Protestant Zionists must be mad with Trump right now.

  3. “What if the United States had a foreign policy not controlled by Jews?”

    Well, that would be the first time in over a century that an alien parasite wasn’t pulling the marionette’s strings.

    Without the Jews interference in domestic and international affairs, the United States would still be a very divided country and distrusted globally because of the damage inflicted by over one hundred years of ashkenazi dominance.

  4. I certainly make no claim about knowing what Blormp is up to. Has he finally run afoul of his Zionist jew bosses? Or is this going to be just another stunt where he pretends to look tough and decisive, only to back down again under pressure?

  5. Netenyahu should feel free to send Israeli troops, aircraft and supplies to his Kurdish friends if he really believes in their cause. He should also invite about 100,000 of them to settle in Israel with full civil rights. He does believe in civil rights, doesn’t he?

  6. So the zionist mouthpiece goo’ol bibi, who declared war against Syria for the Golan Heights region is now expressing support for Syria;s border integrity????

    Hey Bibi, I have one thing to say to you and the rest of zionizt PIGS – SUCK IT BITCHES !!

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