New York Times: Joker Is Unchecked White Supremacy

I didn’t think that Joker was about white supremacy.

It seemed to me to be a character portrait of a mentally ill loner who is driven insane by the social and economic misery unleashed by neoliberalism.

New York Times:

“Still, what struck me most is that what the film wants to say — about mental illness or class divisions in American society — is not as interesting as what it accidentally says about whiteness. For it is essentially a depiction of what happens when white supremacy is left unchecked. It shows the delusions that many white men have about their place in society and the brutality that can result when that place is denied. …”

It was inevitable though that someone would write the Joker is about white privilege take. Pretty much everything is now “white supremacy” from the perspective of progressives.

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  1. Guy gets beat up, let down by social services, abused by black people etc

    If you don’t accept that and think you deserve more you are a white supremacist. Lol. Jews simply want to genocide white people.

    • And THAT’S not an ‘lol’ moment! Don’t you folks get it? THE SAME BASTARDS WHO KILLED RUSSIA, now want to do the SAME TO THE USA!

      The Jews are the KILLERS OF GOD. That onus will NEVER be removed. THEIR LUST IS FOR DESTRUCTION. This is the CREED.

      “We Jews are destroyers – even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief. Jews will remain destroyers forever. Nothing that you do will meet with our demands.” –

      You talk of not talking about Violence on this forum, yet you quote the Jews’ desire to KILL US ALL, and you laugh? Don’t you even remember Charlottesville and how the WORLD viewed us?

      Wake up.

  2. Without peeking I would like to guess the ethnicity of the author who wrote that dumb article in the failed NY Times. I would say….hmmm….I would say that person belongs to a certain tribe of hostile aliens ….a tribe which enjoys immense wealth and privilege, yet always condemns its victims for enjoying that same wealth and privilege. How close did I get?

  3. Isn’t Joaquin Phoenix a mischling? So he’s not exactly white then, is he? At least not fully white. No matter, I enjoyed the Joker film immensely and plan to see it again tomorrow.

    • Hey, I’m Rich Little’s manager, using the big guy’s account for a little bit. Mr. Little wants to give you a birthday present, whenever it is. Have you ever witnessed the splendor that is southern Saskatchewan? Well, you’re in luck, boychik, because Mr. Little is springing for an adventure: A one-way ticket on Greyhound to Moose Jaw! Just give me your address, and soon you’ll be on your way to experiencing the joys of a six- to nine-day exploration of the US and Canadian highway systems.

  4. The NYT article really was strange, Lawrence Ware authored it. Basically the thesis is that Fleck thinks he’s owed something for being white but cannot access the privileges with Wayne, Murray or in the workplace. I’m not opposed to the framework, the screen writers are a couple of Jews taking a dump on a “white” character and on white society in general. The thing that rattles around in my head after digesting this is that Arthur Fleck is a Jewish character on many levels. He’s scrawny, socially otracized by whites, he thinks he can and should date a black, he’s nihilistic, outwardly nice but simmering with resentment toward white men like the Subway Three… And indeed the actor is partly Jewish. But of course we all know, Jews occupy the truly privileged territory in American culture. They get to make the films, they get to censor the films and then tell everyone what to think about the films. It’s a nasty arrangement.

  5. A black guy wrote it.

    Fleck is such a Jewed out character though. He’s David Berkowitz and Bernie Goetz rolled into one. Instead of shooting Dindus in self defense he’s shooting three white suits. He’s killing the guy who gave him the gun. He smothers the shiksa who was a crazy bitch.

    • Captain John,

      If Joker hallucinated that a talking dog told him to commit the murders, that would be some top shelf and Oscar worthy entertainment.

  6. Still haven’t seen this film yet, if i don’t see it in the next month i’ll probably wait til spring when it most likely hits the cheap theaters.

    I did however recently watched justice league on netflix yesterday honestly generally surprised by it, it was pretty good. Enjoyed it alot more then avengers infinity bore ben affleck’s batman actually wasn’t as bad as I thought

  7. “White supremacist” is an anti-White hate slur used against any White person who doesn’t want his race abolished.

    • @more of the same,

      Just like the epithet “anti-semite” doesn’t necessarily refer to a gentile that hates jews, as much as a radioactive slur jews use against Gentiles they hate.

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