Daily Mail: Jewish Hate Crime Psychologist Brutally Murdered In South Africa

The accelerationist shooter in Germany is being criticized on some websites for both his “low score” and his failure to kill any Jews. Meanwhile in South Africa, a group of black criminals were much more successful in killing a high profile target.

Daily Mail:

“A brilliant psychologist and specialist in hate crime and violence in South Africa was brutally butchered and had her throat slit in her own home by a gang of armed robbers.

Leading scholar Dr Mirah Wilks was ambushed and attacked by the men who had waited until her husband Frank left to worship at the local synagogue, leaving her home alone.

The group had climbed up onto the roof and removed tiles and dropped down inside the house and stabbed Mirah at least twelve times in the chest and back then cut her throat.

Retired husband Frank, 72, returned home from evening worship on Sunday night and found the blood soaked body of his wife of 45 years lying dead on the floor of the family home.  …”

This isn’t accelerationist terrorism.

This is nothing but the usual black violence in South Africa. I haven’t seen it take out a such a high profile target like this though since Steven Otter went down.


“There are multiple truths on South African university campuses at this time of the 2016 # Fees must Fall. Social media is rapidly shaped and defined by incendiary hate speech, hate crimes against sexual minorities, blatant racism, and a grotesque paucity of moral reasoning. How did this happen in the rarefied spaces of Socrates, Fanon and Mandoza? Who is the uber arbiter of this ultimate and singular truth? And what do we do with that noble information? Fundamental to being a moral minded practitioner professional, there should be a modicum of deep thinking. According to REBT founder, Albert Ellis, in using such words as should, could and would, we enter the world of irrational thinking. We need to find it within us to dispute such improbable thoughts and language in those that are determined to uphold irrationalities as truths.

Decolonisation of language is an essential start. Reconsideration of the oppression and suppression of human rights is a necessary way forward. Thinking in ways that don’t support the enslavement of ideas and human rights, such as: sanctioned gender-based violence, corrective rape, economic abuse, genocide and endemic intolerance, is fundamental for moral change. In professionally adhering to the Ethical injunction to do ”No Harm”, who decides if we inadvertently harm others, by either our omissions (oversights, exclusions, lapses) or our commissions ( instructions, contracts, directives)? Should there be some latitude for moral ineptitude?

While we all fuel up self-righteously on our Constitutional Human Rights, when do we show our humanity? To whom to we show our social responsibility? When do we take 17 the time to really hear the Other? What is our rush to discount or marginalise the Other? And why are we so good at sustaining the path most travelled?”

As a moral minded professional, one wonders if Dr. Mirah Wilks showed her social responsibility in her final moments. Did she take the time to really hear the Other in South Africa? Did she discount or marginalize the Others who broke into her home and cut her throat?

Note: I don’t wish a fate like this upon anyone. Listen to this bullshit though. This is the sort of rhetoric that inspired the shooter in Germany.

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  1. “A brilliant psychologist ”

    Brilliant? There it is again. The most used adjective with the noun Jew. It’s like peanut butter and jelly.

    If she was so brilliant, how in the world did she not see it coming? I think we need a shitload of blacks in all Jew neighborhoods.

  2. LOTS of intelligent NON -Jew WHITES have been brutally and violently murdered in South Africa [ and also in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe ] and every day very intelligent NON-Jew Whites get brutally violently murdered in South Africa. We NEVER hear about them. A jew gets brutally murdered and we hear about it and we’re told it’s a great tragedy — because she was intelligent, because she was a Jew. And what did the Jew psychologist woman say about hate crime violence that makes her such a ” leading scholar” in the subject of hate crime violence?

    Did she ever mention the role of her JEW tribe in making Rhodesia and South Africa murderous African sh*thole countries? Because her Jew tribe played a huge role in turning over formerly White South Africa and formerly White Rhodesia to the black African savages. Did the “leading scholar” Jewess ever tell anyone the huge role her Jew tribe played in turning the blacks in South Africa [ and Rhodesia ] against the Whites? Speaking of hate crime violence, the Jews commit more hate crime violence than all other groups in the world put together. I bet the jewess “leading scholar” in hate crime violence NEVER mentioned any hate crimes committed by her JEW tribe.

    The jewess is a victim of her own Jew tribe and the Jew agenda of her Jew tribe to turn Rhodesia and South Africa into black African sh*tholes. I really don’t care that she was murdered. I do care that so many NON-jew Whites are being brutally murdered by blacks every day in South Africa and we NEVER hear about them. I don’t give a sh*t about jews suffering. And I don’t care what the reason or reasons are for their Jew suffering.

    We always hear about Jew suffering but we never hear about all the suffering the Jews inflict on NON-Jews. I’m tired of hearing about Jew suffering. The Jews are not my people, they are LIARS, they are full of HATE for NON-Jews. They inflict a lot of suffering on NON-Jews — but of course they always act as if they’re innocent. And the world did NOT lose any great intellect, any great scholar, any great thinker, any great anything, with the death of this jewess. She suffered and she was brutally murdered because of the agenda of her Jew tribe, a Jew agenda I’m sure the jewess herself [ and her jew husband ] supported. F*ck her, f*ck him. Who gives a sh*t about either one of them, I don’t.

  3. I wonder if this annoying, uncouth jewess was ever disgusted by the tens of thousands of innocent Boers and Afrikaans who were brutally raped and murdered by gangs of nigger savages since SA became a “free” country?

  4. Probably should have watched Outlaw Josie Wales, savages sneaking in through the roof is the oldest trick in the book!

    The silver lining is that she finally got to have the “Decolonized” exchange she dreamt of. Promblem was, the colony was Africa.

  5. That recent german shooter was a tard tho seriously who folds there plan after you encounter a locked door and then shoots a german woman because the dumb bastard was frustrated bout the locked door

  6. Some random news snippets out of South Africa:

    New censorship laws:


    South African Broadcasting Service news: “US decision to blacklist the Gupta family: Nick Harper”. The Gupta family, in collusion with the previous state president Jacob Zuma (nickname “one man wrecking ball”), was involved in state capture:


    Gupta family:


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