CNN Hosts LGBTQ Town Hall

What the hell did I just watch on CNN?

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    • Anathema Sit. That’s all one can say. This entire ‘propositional nation’ needs to be destroyed. Or transformed. The choice is Man’s, but God will not be mocked.

    • One of the analysts on “Waco, Rules of Engagement” noted early in the documentary that while studying the Branch Davidians, their overall world and life view, their religious persusasions and what led up to and commenced throughout the siege at Waco, it quickly became apparent to his mind that the question that needed answering above all was the question of which of the two factions (the Davidians, or the Government and their law enforcement agencies) were the more crazy and acted the more irrationally from start to finish. His implied conclusion, after weighing all the evidence available to him, was that the latter of the two were the bigger lunatics by a long shot, and I agree.

      The same logic applies to this issue of homosexuality and its being a mental illness that should be recognized as such, which you rightly point out. The bigger issue, though, is the mental illness of those who believe this kind of stuff is “normal,” or at least harmless and to be celebrated, even if it isn’t normal. Such persons are dangerous and have no business whatever participating in any way in the government of society.

      As has been stated many times by persons other than myself, “the inmates are running the asylum” in the good ol’ US of A.

    • Homosexuality was listed and treated as a mental illness by the medical profession in all 50 states until about 1975. Guess who got it dropped from the diagnosis manual and is trying to substitute opposition to homosexuality in its place as mental illness?

  1. CNN, along with the rest of the establishment jewish press, is no longer relevant. They are trying to appeal to the far left in a last-ditch attempt to remain relevant but I don’t think it’s going to work. Homos are the most affluent group of freaks in society, they are hardly a “victimized” or powerless group. Only white working and lower middle class heterosexuals can rightfully claim that title.

  2. Transgenders will progress to dominate women’s athletic’s ;however don’t count on them? moving progress forward with space exploration and cures for fatal conditions and disease.

  3. Is the Apocalypse coming soon? Lord, I sure hope so. The book of Revelation must have something about “allowing children to be chemically mutated and surgically mutilated to help them pretend they’re a member of the opposite sex” being a sign of the end times, right? At least tell me the evil parents are being slowly tortured to death for this child abuse.

  4. I guess it’s comforting to know they aren’t letting Pete Buttigieg donate blood. Somewhere somehow the reality testing mechanism hasn’t completely broken down.

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