Bronze Age Pervert: America’s Delusional Elite Is Done

Idiosyncrasies aside, this wasn’t a bad response by Bronze Age Pervert to Michael Anton and the Claremont Institute. He seems to have taken it upon himself to respond to these people on behalf of the larger community and there wasn’t much in the article any of us could object to.

American Mind:

“I want to thank Claremont for the opportunity to reply to Michael Anton’s review of my book Bronze Age Mindset. Since at least 2015—but in fact from before Trump ever came along—there has been a tremendous intellectual disturbance or ferment online, among both the right and the left, that has escaped the notice or surveillance of the mainstream media, the literary and pundit-political establishment, and all those who imagine themselves gatekeepers of public taste and opinion. Trump’s campaign beginning in 2015 brought this countercultural phenomenon to view of the authorities, who have been struggling to understand it and contain it ever since.

What are the “crazy Pepe frog people” online all about? The terms “altright” and “altleft” have been designed as catch-all categories to describe what is going on, but they’re misleading. There have been a few inadequate attempts to understand this phenomenon before Anton’s article: for example Angela Nagle’s book Kill All Normies, or a few articles by lesser-known journalists. But Anton’s review of my book is the first big attempt, as far as I’m aware, to really try to understand what’s going on from a sympathetic point of view; which is to say, non-polemically and without the ulterior intention of getting us censored or of bringing the weight of the national security establishment on our backs. I think Anton, whatever our disagreements—and they seem to be considerable—must be praised for realizing that the phenomenon in question isn’t going away and cannot simply be suppressed, but must be understood.

What you are witnessing, I would like to tell the readers of Claremont, is the unraveling of the postwar American regime—or what is mendaciously called by its toadies the “liberal world order”—in a way that is far more thorough than the disturbances of the 1960’s, and with consequences that will be far more dire. …”

Conservative liberalism has failed.

As if to put an exclamation point on its failure, the chemical castration of James Younger in Texas crystallizes every resentment we have against Conservatism, Inc. These people have been given countless billions of dollars and decades of electoral victories and have used power that stigmatize and marginalize us to police the borders of the “mainstream.”

Meanwhile, conservative liberalism can’t even stop something as awful as that from happening in Texas because they have lost control of the culture. Not only have they lost control of the culture, they have absorbed one leftwing social revolution after another into mainstream conservatism – the Civil Rights Movement, feminism, multiculturalism, political correctness and most recently the LGBTQ social revolution of the Obama era and demand conformity to these things.

Here is a brutal fact: there has been more sweeping social change in the West over the last 50 years in the age of conservative liberalism than there has been in all of previous European history. This makes conservative liberals among the least successful “conservatives” in world history. They are bankrupt and don’t even know it. There is no one in their circles to tell them this either because everyone who has articulated our grievances has been systematically purged because the SPLC or the ADL or Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch has called in to complain.

When we look at the Republican Congress, we see a bunch of old men who do nothing but lose the culture war and condemn us while using power to pass tax cuts for their donors or to reward Israel with whatever it happens to be pushing for at the moment like the anti-BDS bill. The legislative agenda and priorities of the Republican Party has no correspondence to its social base. If the Republican Party sunk tomorrow, it wouldn’t make the slightest difference because the Left is pushing on any open door anyway against the Right which is in thrall to conservative liberalism. The mindset of cuckservatism permeates the mainstream Right from its think tanks to its organs of opinions to the halls of Congress to the judiciary to the federal bureaucracy.

Speaking of the Left, progressive liberalism has essentially become a rabid dog that has taken “equality” to ludicrous extremes and in the process has proven its critics were correct that ultimately it amounts to a state of perpetual social revolution:

Conservative liberals see their job as being preserving the liberal order.

In our view, the liberal order in the West is the problem. The Jewish Question is an effect of an underlying cause which is that Jews have flourished and risen into the catbird seat of the American elite where they enjoy shitting on everyone else below them because our social order is based on liberalism and free-market capitalism which made this possible.

The madness that stems from denying the biological reality of race, sex and gender stems from liberalism. The disintegration of our culture is an effect of the atomization and deregulation of norms which was caused by liberalism. The patriarchy was abolished in the name of equal rights. Every problem we have with the modern liberated woman is also a byproduct of the expansion of liberalism and free-market capitalism into the sphere of the family. The dissolution of borders and barriers to international capital flows is also a byproduct of liberalism. The rise of liberalism and the collapse of Christianity are essentially the same story.

If you think deeply about what has happened to us, we have become detached from both God and Nature under liberalism. We’ve been liberated from both of those authorities. The world has been turned upside down and is the opposite of the way it should be.

Do you see this?

This is the American mainstream under conservative liberalism. We’ve passed through the pearly gates of the liberal version of Paradise and only an “extremist” would object to a sight such as this. Obviously, this is what our entire society should conform itself to.

Nietzsche’s Transvaluation of Values is now history and this is what our society looks like now. What can be done to us though can conceivably be done to them. Imagine a world where everything is the opposite of the way it is now and hold that thought. Is it a pleasant thought? Now you have a better understanding of the goal we are pushing towards.

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  1. Folks, would yaat how great Don Jr looks with his beard! No more weak chin folks! Lil Donny looks like a real man today standing up to NAZIS! So brave

  2. Here we are, unable to do a single thing about this young boy. I was just thinking earlier today. If we managed to organize any form of street protest, we would only attract small numbers. Furthermore, large crowds of counter-protestors and fed-backed-antifa would show up, the police would let them engage us, and anyone “fighting back” would go to prison for years. Otherwise, you could be doxxed and your employer would fire you, taking away your means to provide for yourself. This is life in America now. I think at this point all we can do is wait around for a catastrophic financial crash, maybe something will happen then.

  3. BAP is a shill for the Republican party. He is being used here to set up the next stage of the Republican party strategy after Texas starts to flip, which will be some sort of Latino machismo BS. The Republicans will start running people like Latino military officers and delivering a more masculine image. But the policies will be the same big business shilling and American imperial policy (both of which BAP typically supports). I believe we will start to see this pivot pretty soon after the 2020 election. Nick Fuentes could be groomed for this as well.

  4. Nietzsche was pointing out that it was (((christian universalism))) that would ultimately create the Transvaluation of Values toward extreme universalism… i.e. … “an individual who was of all races and yet no race at all, of both sexes but of no sex at all” … y’all rail against the Jew, but, Ponder this for just a moment, a dead effeminate supposed “second coming of” an epicene Jewish guy is your personal god? … Just sayin…

      • Ah, No… it was his followers that tried to keep Germany Germanic and free of Trans-Supranational Usury Communism…

      • What we have been living through since the end of WWII is the triumph of Modernism, the “synthesis of all heresies”. Fundamentally Modernism teaches that Truth is relative, changeable, therefore morality, religion, law, family etc. are all changeable, apparently infinitely changeable. Religion is merely a sentiment, Revelation a fiction and scientific knowledge is the path to material progress which is the only kind of progress.

        Modernism started out as an attack on Christianity but has spread as a way of thinking to every aspect of life particularly since Christianity has declined precipitously since about 1900. Into the vacuum left by the decline of Christianity has appeared the philosophy of Materialism, an idea naturally arrived at from Modernism. The only things real are material, Faith is superstition, suggestion or mere sentiment. One’s personal experience is the yardstick used to measure all things.

        Both Communism and modern Capitalism are manifestations of Modernism. Both claimed to be best way towards material progress, Communism being immoral and Capitalism being amoral. Material progress being the only progress, modern Capitalism has nothing to say about moral decay as long as it doesn’t impede “growth” i.e. money grubbing by the elite.

        It has reached the end of its wretched road, Modernism is now consuming itself, it is unsustainable. No society which allows abominations such as this poor child’s abuse to be sanctioned can or should continue.

        But in red state Texas this is going on?

        • Christianity in America has been in decline as you wrote beginning in 1900. That’s about right. The famous Scopes vs Tennessee ” Monkey Trial” outcome was the beginning of the end of creationism.

          As usual, technology and scientific discoveries are leaps and bounds ahead of the human masses.

          It’s a shame that it boils down to Jack Nicholson’s character in “A Few Good Men” saying “You can’t handle the truth, ” so we find ourselves in a cultural war with truth on our side but not much else.

        • Mr. Griffin and 12AX7, Are you a global messianic monarchists or are you kinist with kin sovereignty? One is communism the other is not!! Keep in mind what the definition of communism is, and when the global messianic monarchist is installed he becomes the global state invested in himself in totality therefor he alone owns all property globally with his oligarchical minion’s including you. The Sodality of the epicene “messianic man-god” of Yahwism (and it’s has four branches) is leveling usury communism for thee but not for the oligarchy/priests/mannerbund of the Epicene “messianic” Avatar who will retain right to property for themselves, “a would be ruling and despotic “breakaway civilzation”, i.e. the globalist New World Order crowd, the ones who want to abolish natural nations for propositional ideological “legal” “states” as frameworks for private (oligarchical) control of the supra- neo-ideological “nation-states’ usury-political economy, and for tax farming and rent seeking from the soon to be propertyless, who seek to rid the inalienable right to private property and inalienable right of kin association (i.e. racial kin ethno-nations!!), at least for us but not for themselves, and create a subservient ideological (religion) race-less, root-less, ethnos-less, homogenous humaton non-identity (i.e. borg’s of the “ “Godbody” of the Epicene Messianic Avatar … see ) for the Jerusalem Temple of Usury Communism oligarchy’s exploitation, which will need thought police to enforce the “ ideological identity and religion”… the why of the coming high tech draconian surveillance “capitalism” (really international socialism which is communism (welfarism is not socialism, socialism is political economy: ) police state within the coming three borg empires (unless the true, in the traditional sense, nations of the earth confederate against them! …

    • And Nietzsche was mad…. some ‘leader’ to follow, who deliberately infected himself with an STD.

      “In 1889 at age 44, he suffered a collapse and afterward a complete loss of his mental faculties.[23] He lived his remaining years in the care of his mother until her death in 1897 and then with his sister Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche….Nietzsche had previously written, “All superior men who were irresistibly drawn to throw off the yoke of any kind of morality and to frame new laws had, if they were not actually mad, no alternative but to make themselves or pretend to be mad.”

      GOD DAMNED THE SON OF BITCH. So, all your ‘greatness’ is nothing but wood, hay, and straw.
      As my Irish Grandpa used to say to twits like you who disparage the King of Kings, Póg mo thóin.

      Just sayin’…..

      • John + is Irish? … so why you worship a jew as your personal god while at the same time rail on the jew?

        Cognitive dissonance indeed…

        Its so tiresome and is the root of our destruction:

  5. “Jews have flourished and risen into the catbird seat of the American elite where they enjoy shitting on everyone else below them”
    IMO, saying they’ve risen to the top and shit on everyone below them is inaccurate, what’s happening today is the result of them being among us, the level of infiltration and penetration into our social circles is where the problem comes from..the “Elites” are the modern day Trotskys belting out orders to their army of pee ones who subvert us via a massive surveillance and sabotage apparatus…They’ve done everything they can to avoid being detected as and declared a military, when the Occidental mind perceives this as a military operation and all these freaks as weapons against us, a natural soldier, capable of waging a full spectrum war, will emerge..from there our victory is certain.
    We’re not going to solve this in a single generation, keep in mind Ireland fought Britain for 500 that time Britain took over China and India but still couldn’t take Ireland..the trick to that was knowing and keeping track of who was Irish and who wasn’t, something the “Right” is failing to do in their circles..from what Im seeing of the “right” in North America looks like a bunch of jews who’ve hypnotized a bunch of White men into a false left/right paradigm…there is no right or left…its us and them!

  6. (SCENE: Father and 10-year-old Son sit at breakfast table. Dad is reading NYT/WSJ, Son is surfing on a tablet.)

    SON: Dad…?

    DAD: Yes, son?

    SON: What is “the JQ”? What does that mean?

    DAD: Well, son… “JQ” stands for “the Jewish Question”.

    SON: But, what is the question?

    DAD: Basically, the question is… “Ovens or wood-chippers?”

  7. Bronze Age Pervert is the anon who does nothing but show topless pictures of muscular men, right? Nothing faggy about that ALL ALL.

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