Black People Still Aren’t Digging Mayor Pete

Black people still don’t seem to be warming up to Mayor Pete.

New York Times:

“ROCK HILL, S.C. — Addressing a conference of African-American church congregations in this vote-rich city, Pete Buttigieg quoted scripture on Sunday morning and extolled his “Douglass Plan” to combat racial inequities in America, one of several attempts this weekend to confront his strikingly low support among black voters.

But Mr. Buttigieg also undertook a delicate task before the African Methodist Episcopal worshipers. As a gay, married man addressing a denomination that does not allow same-sex marriage rites, he tried to seek common ground over being members of minority groups whose civil rights have come under attack. It was a nod to his sexuality, following the disclosure last week that the Buttigieg campaign held focus groups that found some black voters in South Carolina were uncomfortable with a gay man as president.

“All of us in different ways have been led to question whether we belong,” Mr. Buttigieg told the pews of black worshipers. “And I know what it is to look on the news and see your rights up for debate. All of us must extend a hand to one another. Because I also know what it is to find acceptance where you least expect it.”

As Mr. Buttigieg increasingly presents himself to Democrats as a younger, moderate alternative to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., he is struggling badly to compete against one of Mr. Biden’s strengths: deep connections to black voters. Nowhere is that problem greater than in South Carolina, which votes fourth in the Democratic nomination fight in February and is the first state where black voters are decisive — a critical test that could be a prologue for primaries in March where African-Americans will also be influential.

A Monmouth poll of Democratic likely primary voters in South Carolina released last week found Mr. Buttigieg at 3 percent overall, with just 1 percent support from African Americans. …”

Is this too much social liberalism to swallow for black voters?

It sure seems so.

Now, if black voters can’t even stomach Pete Buttigieg’s gay marriage, how do you think they feel about progressive liberalism wanting to go pedal to the metal on eating bugs to stop climate change and transgenderism, gender fluidity and polyamory?

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  1. Rock City is “vote rich”? That’s terrible writing. Any city is vote rich. The thankfully few times I ever read NYT articles, they seem like they’re written by aliens. I suppose they are.

  2. Negro voters aren’t always as dumb or easy to manipulate as we might think they is. To their credit, unlike tens of millions of whites, they never supported Romney, Trump or the Bushes. And they certainly aren’t going to vote for some effeminate little pansy like Mayor Buttplug.

    • No, the blacks won’t be voting for the degenerate. To their credit they understand that homosexuality is a mental illness.

  3. Things I like about black people—-

    they don’t bargain
    they know how to keep their mouths shut
    they don’t like Mayor Pete

  4. I sure if he was in prison African-American inmates would drop any apprehension they had about his homosexuality and actively seek him out. Black males do not think it is a homosexual act to have sex with another man as long are they are the ones on top.

    • Exactly. Most of the Commentors here are making remarks to the effect that them Big Bad Mandingoes don’t go for the Nancy Sissies – but this is not true. They only disdain homosexuality in public. Which is better than Eloi Whitey. But in private – anything and everything goes.

  5. I’m pretty sure blacks are just pro-gay as the rest of the democratic base nowadays. It isn’t 2006 anymore. After Obama endorsed it most of them changed their minds. I understand it may be a bit different in the rural South though.

  6. I had written about white liberals, man and ESPECIALLY women.They are truly society’s, CANCER !

    One saving grace the black chappies have, is their inherent aversion to homosexuality.
    God Bless them for that !

  7. Buttplug is just another cracker that needs killin,’ as far as Black folks are concerned.

    Unlike most ostensibly White, mostly urban, mostly Northern and West Coast SJW types, Black folks aren’t taken in by obvious bullshit.
    As one door to door salesman said, it’s easier to sell bullshit in Yuppie neighbourhoods, than in Niggertown, or White working class neighbourhoods.

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