Drag Queen Shows Off Her Amazing Halloween Costume

Editor’s Note: In this case, I chose to refer to Blair Back by her chosen pronouns to highlight the absurdity the whole thing.

H/T Summit News

Good morning, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

Today it is Halloween and we are putting the spotlight on Charlie Kirk’s future partner Blair Back who we expect to join him one day at Turning Point USA’s Culture War events.

Don’t forget that Rob Smith fought for our freedom in Iraq!

Blair Back and Rob Smith deserve to be on stage with Charlie Kirk and welcomed at CPAC and Politicon. You are an -ist or a -phobe. Benny Johnson says you are the Westboro Baptist Church. Don’t you people realize that we are conserving liberalism here?

Oh, and meet this woman.

She has completed her transition into a cat.

Halloween is an opportunity for the rest of us to dress up in costumes and indulge in make believe for one night of the year, usually when we are kids, but some people would rather live permanently in their fantasy world and demands that society accommodate their fetish. True Conservatism is also fully willing to accommodate their fetish, but not White Nationalism!

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  1. The jews and fags at Toilet Paper USA accuse Castizo Nick of being “disgusting”. But I’ll bet they aren’t disgusted by this.

  2. I used to think drag queens were funny, when I was a kid. I didn’t know any better – and NO ONE I knew told me any different. As I’ve written, when I was a teenager and young woman, I used to be involved in Theater, and I knew all kinds of people.

    I later began to feel sorry for these deranged freaks. I know a lot of sodomites re” theater – and I began to witness how unhappy and miserable many were. They all had booze and drug addictions. I can say I probably knew 3-4. that DIDN’T. Wait – 6. I can think of 6 that weren’t emotional/psychological train wrecks. And their vaunted “relationships”? Zowie.

    Now – I have begun to LOATHE them, They have social and legal power granted by the Jewish patrons. They are used as tools of destruction and agents of sickness. They, like their Juden masters, enjoy inflicting misery, destruction, and humiliation on their innocent captive.

    I especially loathe the GROTESQUERIES of so-called “drag queens” . I know Jews have spend reams of time and energy on attacking the psyches of normal women. Young women are vaunted and rewarded for behaving like the trashiest of street whores (White men – why did you let this HAPPEN?) , Women, overall, are degraded. But the vile “dragsters” are not enacting “representations” of real women – they are mocking the physical BEING of actual women in the UGLIEST, most OBSCENE ways that their febrile imaginations can concoct.

    The must be REMOVED. NO exceptions. JUST like their kikenvermin owners.

  3. “Tranny abortion hour, A true blessing of our liberties” David French

    “BOOM Trump is letting in trannies, drag queens in the republican party at accelerated rate from the democrat plantation and what thanks and respect does he get from the do nothing democrats? Crickets folks we love our trannys and drag queens don’t we?! And if you Don’t think homos getting married, drag queens given access to children or boys being forced into dresses and chemically castrated isnt true conservatism them my token gay black friend would like to have a word with you” Charlie Kirk

  4. What’s going on with our troops? This is the second video I’ve seen where someone who is former military turns out to be some degenerate freak.

  5. This shit is satanic. . . . . This is what “Conservatives” want to conserve? Years ago freaks like this and the bar owner would have been dealt with privately, it just would not have been tolerated and in a “liberal” area too.

  6. ” What’s going on with our troops? This is the second video I’ve seen where someone who is former military turns out to be some degenerate freak.”

    You’d have to be a fucked in the head degenerate to want to volunteer to be a golem for ZOG.

  7. All while the Republicans and Trump talk about the Constitution, Free Market Capitalism, and cutting rich people’s taxes. My how the Republicans and Trump will save us from Demons…..literally Demons walking around on Earth. Yea I’d say this is literally a Demon. I mean look at it…..key word It. Abortion, Drag Queens, Homosexuals, Race Mixers, Feminists, and other forms of Evil have no place anywhere in the World. It all goes against God. It goes against Tradition. It goes against Morality. It goes against all good in the World. These problems will continue until people stop voting for social Liberals like Trump and focus more on Christian Reconstruction, Nationalism, and making everything better in the World. Deo Vindice !

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