Woke Supremacy: White Starbucks Manager Claims She Was Fired For Being White After Arrests Of Two Black Men

Is she a victim of woke supremacy?

According to Nell Irvin Painter, White people don’t even have to do anything to be guilty of “enacting American whiteness.” Perhaps Shannon Phillips was unconsciously guilty of an anti-black assault by being the White regional manager of the store?

NBC News:

“A white former regional manager for Starbucks alleges in a lawsuit that she was a victim of racial discrimination when the coffee giant fired her after the arrests of two black men in a Philadelphia store last year sparked local and national outrage.

In the suit filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for New Jersey, Shannon Phillips alleges she was a 13-year employee of Starbucks, overseeing stores in southern New Jersey, the Philadelphia area, Delaware and parts of Maryland, when employees at a Philadelphia store called 911 in April 2018 to say two black men were trespassing. …

About a month after the arrests, Phillips was ordered to suspend one of her subordinates, a white 15-year employee, who was a Starbucks manager but had nothing to do with the arrests or the store where they occurred, the suit says. The manager who was responsible for the store, who is black, was not penalized.

Her bosses told her that nonwhite employees at the store whose manager they wanted her to suspend had been paid less than white employees. Phillips objected, pointing out that store managers have nothing to do with determining salaries, which are set by a different division of the company, according to the lawsuit.

The next day, Phillips was fired, with managers telling her “the situation is not recoverable.”

The Daily Beast:

“Weeks after the arrests and surrounding media coverage, [Starbucks] took steps to punish white employees who had not been involved in the arrests, but who work in and around the city of Philadelphia, in an effort to convince the community that it had properly responded to the incident,” the lawsuit filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for New Jersey alleges. …”

The actual store manager where the incident took place in Philadelphia was black and he wasn’t fired. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was sick to his stomach though. Firing this woman who had nothing to do with the incident was a healing moment and a response to systemic racism. He also closed all Starbucks store to conduct racial bias training.

How many people are there out there like Shannon Phillips who have had their careers destroyed over this absurd bullshit in Two Minute Hates? How many people are out there who resent living under our present racial caste system which is based on anti-whiteness?

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  1. The shadow of things to come.

    As yet, White women have been used in the assault on White men, but the tables will be turned on them, rapidly.

  2. Wasn’t that incident at Jewbucks staged by a jew lawyer, like when Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a “white” man?

    • Their lawyer, Stuart Cohen.

      Nah, it couldn’t be staged, everyone is honest with goog intentions, especially the chosen one’s.

  3. Things like this wouldn’t happen with Segregation. However it was Liberals that thought…..We Could All Get Along????? We have the solution for peace and justice in the World! Deo Vindice !

  4. Our anti-White overlords would love to criminalize anyone simply for being White. They’re moving in that direction but they’ll vehemently deny White Genocide even after the last White child is gone.

  5. Starbucks overpriced shit coffee made by a heeb people are dumb enough to pay inflated prices for a phony coffee barista experience? Almost 4 dollars for a single extra large cup of coffee when I can make a 8 cup pot for half that

  6. I’m betting Kike Howie is a practicing Satanist. Could he also be a “P” word, too? Yup, very possible.

    Apparently, pinky does not understand the current caste system whereas whitey without any “connections” is at the very bottom of the barrel?

    • That sheenie does not have an honest face, madame. He looks rather sneaky and furtive, which are expressions typical of the semitic rodent.

  7. The Starbucks in my hometown closed down and became a Colter’s BBQ.

    The one in Paris closed down, then came back, for some reason. CEFCO and Love’s have better coffee for less money. Homemade is even better than Starbucks.

    • Some jews have good, solid German-sounding names, such as Reich and Kaiser. But dammit, they’re still goy-hating jews!

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