Al Pacino’s Hunters Is Anti-White Pornography

Have you noticed a trend in our culture?

In our racially sensitive era of microaggressions, Hollywood has produced Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds in 2009. He followed it up with Django Unchanged in 2012. There was also Machete in 2010. These are only the most prominent examples of the genre that spring to mind, but all these movies had the same theme of righteous Jews or minorities killing the evil White man whether the bad guys were Nazis, Southern plantation owners or White nativists.

Rolling Stone:

Al Pacino delivers a chilling line in the new teaser for Hunters, the Amazon series created by David Weil and executive produced by Jordan Peele: “This is not murder. This is mitzvah.” The teaser isn’t long, but it gives us a grisly picture of what to expect from the show.

Hunters — formerly known as The Hunt and due out sometime in 2020 — will follow a pack of Nazi hunters in 1977 New York as they search for a group of Nazi officers planning to form a Fourth Reich. Pacino, in his first-ever series regular role, will play the mentor to series lead Logan Lerman. The series also stars Jerrika Hinton, Josh Radnor, Kate Mulvany, Tiffany Boone, Greg Austin, Louis Ozawa Changchien, Carol Kane, Saul Rubinek, Dylan Baker and Lena Olin. …”

It’s not murder.

You see, it’s mitzvah.

Can you imagine a movie or a television series being produced that, say, glorified a White lynch mob in the Jim Crow era? Suppose the star of the vigilante lynch mob that hunted down and lynched black men who were guilty of interracial rape said it was “justice.” No, you can’t imagine that because what is condemned by our liberal elites for Whites as one of the blackest crimes in our history for which we should forever be sorry is something that is being glorified here as a Jewish fantasy worthy of being shown and distributed on Amazon.

Note: If Amazon doesn’t like your political views, it also reserves the right to cancel your books. It’s not book burning when they do it. It’s mitzvah.

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  1. Pacino has spent the better part of the past decade playing Shylock in The Merchant of Venice on Broadway and Central Park where he said in many of his interviews that his goal was to make Shakespeare’s Shylock ‘more likable’ than he has been portrayed in the past. Zzzzzz!

  2. Pacino is a piece of shit for whoring himself out for filthy shekels to play a mudering jew. Wasn’t (((mandy patinkin))) available?

    Jews using the fiction that is the holohoax is nothing new. It’s their ‘go to’ woe is me story to keep the goyim under their spell. Boomers have to be the targeted audience of this talmudic tale of murder under the guise of avenging hooked nose golems.

    • I should’ve thought Jewflix would be attempting to skew its catalog towards a younger and hipper audience, not the friggin’ 60 Minutes / Morely Safer crowd.

  3. Historically no-one seemed foolish enough to trust them. The Khazars have been as corrosive to a functional society as poor sanitation and crop failures. They are the ones who poisoned the well we were warned not to drink from.

    Warnings about the nature of Jews were literally carved into stone and adore Notré Dame. Synagoga the foolish virgin of the capsarii. People who carve things into stone tend to not make shortsighted errors in judgment.

  4. I swore off Hollywood movies in 2005. I’ve only attended about 10 movies since then, and then only when I was dragged. Several were documentaries. One was “Downton Abbey.” I have never regretted my decision to withdraw my humble dollars from that poison Jew infested sewer. My abstention didn’t bankrupt Hollywood, but it has made me healthier. Just like my saying “NO” to drugs didn’t bankrupt any drug dealers, drug abstinence made me healthier. Abstinence builds its own inertia. After you stop doing something for a long time, it’s hard to start doing it again.

    • To each his own, Don. But I don’t like abstaining from anything (except homo stuff). Religious asceticism was never my thing, you dig?

  5. It’s in print that the NWO/Jews wanted to destroy Germany long before the mythical Holohoax happened….. for those that didn’t know. And, you can still find copies if you look. World War II itself was the Holocaust.

    Pacino should have put Theodore Kaufman’s book “Germany Must Perish!” onto film and let all the Goy know that the NWO/Jews were out to get Germany before WWII even started. What they couldn’t destroy with WWI, they finished off with WWII. They were the architects and project managers of the total destruction of some of the most intelligent, productive, conscientious, and successful humans on the planet.

    Then, Al could produce the sequel entitled “The Morgenthau Plan” calling for the total destruction of Germany after WWII. You can’t have a NWO co-existing with a powerful Germany just for Germans. Ever.
    Come on, Al, go out in a blaze of glory you old decrepit coot.

    PS: I see some sites say The Morgenthau Plan was the product of (((Harry Dexter White))). Don’t get confused, it’s the product of (((them))).

  6. Cant stand pacino nowadays he has turned into a complete hack with all the crap films hes doing this doesn’t surprise me that hed take this role

    I just recently signed in to netflix to be greeted by yet another nazi documentary! this one on Ivan the terrible the treblinka concentration camp guard who apparently personally gassed millions of jews also the fact the DOJ at the time extradited some poor American ukrainian factory worker from cleveland as the guard who shoahed them

  7. Undoubtedly the Jews believe the killing of the innocent Christ was a good deed too. You got to realize what we are dealing with here. They are animals. They are not civilized human beings. My reasoning? Only an animal persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent. Civilized human being do no such things. Animals prey on the weak and the innocent. Jews prey on the weak and the innocent. Jews are animals. And they are inferior to all civilized human beings. They want to be equal to us but they can never be, so they hate us and call us silly names.

  8. Seems of late the usual suspects have put the anti-White machinery into overdrive. This doesn’t indicate confidence about winning the war against Whites. I suspect they are trembling in the inner chambers.

  9. (They) know the power of media to acclimatize the public’s mind to anything, no matter how perverse or violent or cruel.

  10. Pacino played Shylock in a movie a few years ago, and like most recent productions of The Merchant of Venice, it plays up Shylock to the nth degree.

    I went to a production of the play last weekend, and Shylock was played by a woman, which seemed odd, but she was a good actress, but it was nice the production centered on the other characters and emphasized the comedy and Portia/Bassanio romance. I think Shakespeare certainly intended Shylock as the villain, and I remember once in college, one student argued Shakespeare was anti-semitic in depicting Shylock that way, and the professor was pretty vocal objecting that Shakespeare was not anti-semitic.

    Some years later, a black student accused the professor of racism in not giving her an A, her boyfriend threatened the professor so much a policeman had to escort the professor, and the university caved in and let him go.

    it’s tough to go to movies now, but I may see a couple this weekend and tell you about them.

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