Pocahontas Is Losing To Trump In The Polls Now

Occidental Dissent is monitoring the situation.

As we suspected from that Thomas Edsall article, it is possible that the Democrats could lose the 2020 election by nominating Elizabeth Warren, firing up the Republican base by impeaching the King of Israel while losing moderates by overdosing on transgenderism.

Blompf isn’t the God Emperor of the Alt-Right anymore. He is the King of Israel and the Second Coming of God now. The disloyal Jews are out to get him and don’t recognize him as the Chosen One and the Moshiach. We haven’t even reached the second term yet, folks.

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  1. The fact that the News media keep referring to Biden as Trump’s election opponent is a Freudian slip.

    The powers that be intend to run Biden as the Democratic anti-Trump.

    • Good luck to them, Biden is a damn fool, he is always laughing and smiling like a court jester. On a good day he is a clown but he hasn’t had many good days lately. The impeachment investigation is intricately linked to Joe and his idiot son’s corrupt escapades that the MSM is trying to ignore. Joe bragged about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired; on video no less. The guy is a moron.

      One thing Trump is right about is Joe Biden and his drug addict son.



  3. The truth is this impeachment hoax and the fact the Democrats are a GOD less and white hating party will be their undoing. It could be a Trump blowout. The mostly Jewish controlled media can only keep a lid on the goys for so long. Trump is also raising massive amounts of money which will be weaponized against Slow Joe or the wacky fake Indian. I do not believe Biden is beating Trump today at all. His son has caused a huge blow to Biden’s already boring and forgetful ( in more ways than one) campaign.

    Biden is a part of the Democrat Party’s past now. He is an aging white person in a sea of Jews and non whites. The democrats in the House are about 66 percent Jewish and non white. And the remaining white faces are going to be retiring and/or dying soon. People like 80 year olds Pelosi and Steny Hoyer. The black and brown wave in the Democrat Party will be taking over all leadership positions along with anti White Jews, of course.

    Trump has done good things. He has cut the legs of muh urban expansion into white areas. The wall is finally going up. The economy and gas prices are good. He is not a warmonger. I think many good things will come from a Trump second term especially if Republicans win in the House and Senate.

  4. As bad as Trump is, Biden will be just as bad. However, the last thing that we need, are any of the other Democrat loons running for office, to actually get it.

    Because, unfortunately, I don’t think that mainstream Normies have it in them to revolt. It’s not 1776, or 1860, anymore.

  5. I hate to admit it but a second coronation of the king-emperor is a real possibility, now. The ‘blues’ aren’t gonna’ have a good candidate, ‘cuz it looks like warren’s the one. Her numbers ain’t gonna’ get much better. Not with the impeachment circus an’ all…blompf just might pull-off a squeaker. After that, it’s Katie-Bar-The-Door.

    • Blormp will probably win a second, thoroughly undeserved term by default. But having that stupid orange clown win again might infuriate enough of the commies and coloreds to start them rioting in the streets, attacking every white cracka wearing a MAGA ball cap. Naturally Blormp will do absolutely nothing about that, thus emboldening the scum to become even more violent.

      Could Blormp be the accelerationist candidate I’ve been looking all over the place for?

      • Spahn;

        They’re already starting the rioting although they only have the dial turned to three now, wait until they turn it up to 11. The demographics favor the coloreds who cannot tolerate the restrictions of civilization such as paying a subway fare. When they finally get one of their own in the White House and control Congress they will wreck everything, look at S. Africa.


        Ferguson, MO will be back with a vengeance once the next Democrat gets power, the coloreds will get lots of room to destroy. Fortunately they don’t travel more than about 5 miles from their homes and they are afraid of the deep, dark woods where white people can hide while the cities disintegrate.

  6. Princess Gray Beaver isn’t even the demoncrat nominee


    when/if she is, the demoncrats will unit behind her,

    and that’s +5 pts in each of the state results.

    Drumpf knows this, and that’s why

    he switched his legal residence from Jew York to Florida:

    FLA he must carry, but will need every single vote to do so….

    even his own.

  7. After Trump both parties will be nominating the dusky hued types. Trump, Pocahontas, sleazy Joe Biden, Bernie etc. represent the end of the baby boom generation, they are simply ageing out of active life. Behind them are OAC, Ilhana Omar, Fidel Castro from Texas, Camel Toe Harris and millions more like those wogs. After Pocahontas loses (assuming she loses) Trump will finish out his second term, Pence will be the 2024 nominee for the Republicans and some wretched wog will be the Democrat nominee.

    By 2024 the demographic tide will have shifted Texas, Florida, Arizona and possibly Georgia and North Carolina solidly Democrat making it mathematically impossible for the Republicans to win another presidential race. The dusky hued Democrats will win the White House in 2024 and probably Congress too. The Republicans will try nominating another colored person but they will be just a figurehead to try to give legitimacy to the two party system. That will be the end of the USA, done in by the wonders of democracy.

    What comes after 2024 (or 2020 if Trump loses) is up for grabs. The wogs who will inherit government could not run a two car funeral to save their lives. The credibility of the U.S. around the world will go to zero along with the U.S. Dollar (if it isn’t killed by Trump first). The country will disintegrate as commerce, utilities, law & order and all the systems of daily life fail. California with its fires, drug addicts, illegals, blackouts etc. is a taste of what’s to come.

    This will shock white normies who assume things will continue as they have in spite of having colored people in charge. There will be a great sorting of people as white people group together for protection against the dusky hordes. Out of that disaster it may be possible for a new order to arise free from the historical baggage of liberalism/conservatism, Inc.

  8. SO, 12AX- What you are saying is, prep and move to a WHite-Aho?!

    Cool. Now, if all of our ‘brothers’ in the prepping community, and all of the ‘transplanted Xtians’ (like former Constitution Party Prez Candidate what’s his name in MT) would keep the home and land prices low enough for all of us regular Whites… oh wait.

    There are so many Californication bastards with their ill-gotten gains from SF and LA, looking for their retirement “Western Style” McMansion in the ski-going “Coeur d’Alene” State, that housing has gone through the roof…. and that was a decade ago! But hey! Israel-firster miscegenating asses like J Wesley Rawles still are making a buck from their websites, so yeah! Go and pay inflated prices to live in a ‘white paradise,’ even as the Nigs and Nogs in Boise say, ‘That’s not who we are….’.

    Why don’t we all move to West Virginia, and gentrify THAT state, instead. Or is the “Hillbilly Highway” state not chic enough for y’all? Cuz Asheville and Richmond are already lost……and Atlanta’s “Designing Women” all look like Meshach in drag, these days… and THAT’s the night, that the lights went out in Georgia!

  9. Fr. John+;

    You sound like you are giving in to despair, not one of the Christian virtues. I suggest people prepare where they are by doing what they can, not necessarily moving although that is certainly warranted in some dangerous areas. Some of those preps are just common sense such as getting out of debt, saving money, having at least a month’s worth of food and medicine for everyone in the house, legally have a long gun and ammo (and practice shooting at a range, legally of course) etc. Most people live as though everything is great and will only get better so party on!

    John Wesley Rawles is an idiot, he is running a business by preaching disaster. Applying common sense, being frugal, self sufficient (as means allow) and setting aside supplies and developing useful skills (gardening, cooking, repairing, electronics, carpentry, plumbing etc.) is what I am suggesting. This era of insanity too shall pass, prepare for what’s on the other side. The scumbags in charge don’t have a thought for tomorrow, they just believe the white man’s magic will continue without the hated white man, like some kind of magic.

    After the deluge comes the rebuilding, there is the Christian virtue of Hope.

    • I’m wondering if saving money is a fools game. You are getting robbed with these interest rates and if the wrong people come into power in a few years, it is conceivable your savings could get swiped away with the click of a button.

      • Good points but there is more than one way to save. Look into Au and Ag as financial insurance policies. Silver is much cheaper than gold and small, pre-1965 coins are available and retain their face value as well as their inherent 90% silver content and they cannot be stolen by Congress if kept at home. 1965 and later U.S. coins with (a few exceptions) have zero grains of silver in them.

        A year’s worth of food stored (if possible) is a good way to save too, inflation is always at work and having cash at home in small bills for use in disasters is a good idea also. There is no perfect solution to the problem of saving but the perfect is the enemy of the good.

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