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  1. I like whisky but I tend to avoid scotch its just too pricey never tried the isle of skye scotch pictured above. Whether it chivas regal, dalwinnie or glenfiddich 70 dollars for a bottle is a bit steep I don’t get drunk more then once or twice a month tho if you do you are a alcoholic imo

  2. Even as a Scot, I could care less for spirits- apart from the Holy Spirit, that is!

    Whiskey? Might as well drink gasoline and get the same effect- a burn that would kill streptococci bacteria in your throat is about all it’s ‘gud’ for…..

    When all you nancy boys under 50 are ready to grow up, I’ll lead the Bible study. Ach….

    • How can any true Scotsman not enjoy a wee nip of scotch every now and then? Even the vicar at the local parsonage will do that.

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