India Is Destroying Our Planet

Are you also tired of seeing White people being blamed for destroying the environment and told not to have children? We’ve come a long way over the last century.

I’m not saying we are perfect.

We’re not even close to being the real problem though.


“Of the world’s most polluted 30 cities, 22 are in India, according to research by IQ AirVisual, a Swiss-based group that gathers air-quality data globally, and Greenpeace.

The remaining eight cities are all in Pakistan, Bangladesh and China – but the list doesn’t include Beijing, which comes in at number 122.

Just looking at global capitals, it’s also Asian cities that top the ranking.

Looking at overall countries, it’s Bangladesh that has the worst air, followed by Pakistan and then India.

All these rankings are based on average air quality per year. …”

Just look at what it is like in India.

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  1. Maybe a good flood around India and Bangladesh would solve our Environmental woes. 100,000,000 dead would do it. The Monsoon does nothing wrong.

  2. I saw some stupid, White SJW on social media say that it’s a “racist” lie that African and South Asian countries, and China are causing nearly all of the global level pollution.

    These anti-White Whites are insane, stupid, dishonest and evil. They’re worse than Jews, and need to be punished severely, comes the revolution.

  3. India has very good relations with Iran. You get attacked when you don’t put out for Jews. It is always the same. Look at who is doing the attacking and ask why?

  4. But our spoiled, immature, virtue – signaling millennials will continue to believe they are the only ones who can “save the planet” through their “green activism” and use of paper straws.

    • Asian countries are also the largest polluters of the oceans with plastic trash. I can’t find the link now but this was a report from one of the bleeding heart/SJW organizations worried about plastic in the oceans. Naturally the hypocrites blamed the U.S. for this problem. Of course they said nothing about the mountains of trash, plastic and otherwise (used syringes) on the streets of SF and LA.

    • This may happen in South Asia. India and Pakistan have large nuclear arsenals, the means of delivering them at least 1,500 miles distant, no civil defence to speak of, little or no ballistic missile defence, irreconcilable religious/territorial disputes and growing, impoverished populations, especially Pakistan. They also share contested borders and have already fought three wars; 1947 – 1948, 1965 and 1971 but mostly with WWII weapons.

      Add to this witch’s brew that China supports Pakistan unreservedly and fought a border war in 1962 with India. Pakistan has supported terrorism against India for years as a way to weaken India resulting in India putting the majority Moslem province of Kashmir under direct rule of New Delhi and advising Pakistan that any more terrorism will result in India attacking Pakistan. With Washington consumed by impeachment hearings and not paying attention to much else it’s unlikely American diplomacy could be brought to bear to prevent another Indo-Pakistani war as it has been several times recently.

      A nuclear war on the sub-continent would be an unprecedented disaster. Hopefully such a war will not come to pass, peace is better than war.

      • If there was a nuclear war between Pakistan and India, or between India and Red China WOULD ANYONE EVEN NOTICE????

        • Mao Tse Tung said in the 1960’s vis-a-vis a nuclear war with the U.S. that China could lose 200 million people and hardly notice. The U.S. population was about 180 million at the time, 90% white giving us the qualitative advantage by a mile.

          Fast forward to today, the U.S. population is about 200 million white, 135 million wogs. The U.S. military is infested with wogs and freaks at all levels, the political class is far more corrupt and incompetent and China is now an economic and (at least regionally) military force to be reckoned with. The trends are in favor of China and against the U.S. now.

  5. And Indians are being imported as our new ruling class. Presumably US Empire will be ruled by an Ashkenazi-South Asian coalition. Do the Jews really know what they’re doing?

    • The Indo-Aryans thought the Caste system would preserve them. They were wrong. The whites were absorbed by these brown cow-worshipers. Whites need their own, untainted living space, or they will disappear forever.

      • The Norse also worshipped cows and look at what you get for leaving the Gods.

        Indians are brown you’ll be bantu.

    • You stretch and contract the definition of white to coincide with your mood.

      Beef eating and daughter selling christians are not Aryan.

  6. Years ago I was visiting the Grand Canyon. There is an observatory looking over the canyon with a few displays and some educational plaques. The observatory is a small building. There was an Indian family in there when I was inside, they were clearly from India and not people that lived in the United States.

    The smell coming off of them was putrid. A mix of body odor and fecal matter. Their clothes smelled, everything about them just smelled. I couldn’t stand it and my wife and I went outside and walked around for awhile. About an hour later we returned and walked back in the observatory. They were gone but smell was still there. It’s seems they are oblivious to it.

  7. Whites are the ones to bring democracy and liberate the lower caste to do this shit.

    Whites are against caste and Sati so capable Indians just migrate to the west instead of fending off western sanctions, sponsorship of Islamic Terror and espionage.

    Whites aren’t to blame white liberals are and it’s high time whites took responsibility for them including the damage they caused in colonizing India in the name of protecting women, muslims and untouchables.

    You will have no future until you can make peace with the past.

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