We Survived The Alt-Right

There was a moment when times were bleak.

Personally, I think the lowest point for me was reached around the Spring of 2018 when I was so disgusted with the way that things were going that I took a break from the internet that lasted for several months. It culminated in getting dragged into one of the Charlottesville lawsuits. Last summer, the Alt-Right had collapsed into a Trump cheerleading squad.

I’m glad that I took that break because I did a lot of soul searching. I thought about what had worked, what hadn’t worked and what ought to be done. 2017 and 2018 had been awful years. I was determined to turn the page on that in 2019. The goal was to just quietly work, explore new ideas, network with people in my area and avoid scandals. Instead of looking to make some big splash like the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, slow and steady would win the race.

Occidental Dissent

It’s Going Down

We have survived the Alt-Right. The post-Charlottesville funk is over and the energy and momentum have been back for several months now. This has nothing to do with the Groyper War which is merely one manifestation of the new wave that is building. It began around the middle of the year. In fact, we’re on track to eclipse August 2017 this month when we were in the middle of a media firestorm during the fallout from Charlottesville. In contrast, Itsgoingdown.org is collapsing because Antifa have nothing to do anymore without endless street battles and the ecosystem of free publicity created by their Journofa allies who are being laid off everywhere from Huffington Post to Deadspin to Splinter News.

A few of the key elements of our success have been:

  • Focusing on catering to our core audience
  • Hard work
  • Perseverance
  • Consistency
  • Moderation
  • Avoiding scandals
  • Avoiding unwinnable battles
  • Avoiding vulnerabilities like deplatforming

As we enter the 2020s, it is remarkable to think about how many people and organizations have crashed and burned and who are no longer with us. Their downfall was largely caused by some combination of their extremism, scandals, vanity and work ethic. Some people couldn’t wait for the Boogaloo while others couldn’t keep their pants on or away from the media spotlight. There was a tremendous amount of talent and energy that was squandered.

In the third wave of this, we must learn from our past mistakes. The best advice that I can offer is to find something useful that you are good at and hammer away at it like a honey badger. Let that be your thing and contribution to the cause and don’t get impatient, distracted or blackpilled. Stay in that lane and worry less about what others are doing. Own that lane.

We’ve lived to fight another day.

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  1. Excellent article.
    If I can throw my two cents worth as an outsider.

    For me, there are two elements within the American National movement, especially coming from the younger generations – the LIFE BLOOD of the movement.

    Is the ability to learn and upgrade/adopt a different strategy as you go on.
    Seeing failed examples. Either from those that have hit a ‘wall’ or those who have been burned out.

    Is the willingness or the ability to change, to morph the way someone expresses resistance, his/her ability to be creative.
    The lesson here is to be able to change to morph, because if your rigid you WILL ‘BREAK’ !

  2. What is the end game of Groyperism though? I predict they will still vote Trump as a “lesser of the 2 evils” cope, because people like that will never learn that federal politics is fruitless.

  3. Let’s do a better job of fundraising. In Hunter’s one fundraising effort we had modest success. Our people will support our good productive work if we do sensible fundraising in ways that ensure privacy.

    Let’s get some of our best heads together and discus the best ways to receive private donations.

    I have a suggestion:

    Try to find some retired older guy that is somewhat secure financially and doesn’t have to live in fear of having his livelyhood taken away if he is outed and doxed. This older retired person can receive donations.

    How did NORAID and the old IRA secure donations from North American Irish folks?

    • Amazon gift cards resell for 5 to 12% cheaper than face value at several reseller sites..pretty much the same costs as any fundraising platform..an Amazon gift card can be bought anywhere at anytime with cash or credit card, in person or online and the number can be sent electronically, anonymously..I don’t know why more guys aren’t using this method to circumvent fundraising platform bans..its an easy way around their money games.

  4. The history of the white racialist movement is a history of repeated failures whereby a leader builds up an organization and then dies and his organization fragments and all the factions fight one another until they fade into oblivion as a new person emerges on the scene and the whole process stars over. Witness George Lincoln Rockwell and William Pierce.

  5. The post WWII American white power movement is now 60 years old. Have we made satisfactory progress, or are we like the Bismarck, our rudder shot away and just sailing around in circles until it’s time to be finished off by the enemy?

  6. Interesting take, and I would agree that working on personal success (building a career and starting a family) is the best and only thing any of us can do right now, because this will be a LONG war that won’t be won with shootings, bombings, or elections, just time. I do want to ask what your thoughts are on the following:

    In 2017, people were doxxed attending Charlottesville and they lost their jobs. I will never forget the name of Andrew Dodson, who lost his life as a result of doxxing. Now we have these “groypers” that are on camera publicly asking questions about Israel and talking about demographic replacement, all WN talking points, yet they aren’t to my knowledge getting doxxed and fired from their jobs or expelled from their universities. Why do you think that is?

    • Important question re: doxxing

      IMHO it’s pretty easy to get away with the kind of arguments the Groypers are making, IRL, as long as you aren’t employed by a large progressive corporation and as long as the media doesn’t create a bunch of hype around you.

      I don’t know if those guys are vulnerable or not, but you CAN discuss these issues in a way that you can stand behind IRL, if you keep your message disciplined. Cucking isn’t necessary.

      I dunno if the media is just assuming they are within the mainstream for Trumpers and ignoring them or what?

      Maybe the media likes that they are harming Trump?

  7. Avoid optics that resemble pre and during The Spanish Civil war street fighting. The radical left can go ahead and trash their downtown urban center area masters turf. Downtown Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco all need to be avoided. Let infowar shills get kicked in the teeth interact with these leftists lemmings.

  8. The best advice is to not join the “movement” no matter what you want to call it, or try to “re-brand” it. The issue is the movement is controlled opposition. It is controlled by our enemies either directly via informants, agent provocateurs, or indirectly via collectivist racist propaganda. The elites want to keep people divided, and tribal in order to better control the sheep filled masses. The problem is that all forms of collectivism be they racial, or other kind promotes a herd conformist tribal mentality that is ignorant, irrational, and keeps people slaves and at each other’s throats. The true higher man embraces natural superior higher persons of all mankind as the wave of the future. The past dogmas will fade away, and a new future will arise.

    • Kevin singing John Lennon – “Imagine all the people sharing all the world.” (Accompanied by Kevin moaning in an effeminate orgasm). Keep dreaming, Kevin.

      Kevin as The Narrator for Star Trek – “To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before.” (As in No Country, No Associations, No Friendships, No Family, No Religion, No Morality. Only Truly Higher, Superior Kevin and his Multi-Gendered, Sex Robot floating around in outer space courtesy of Eon Muskrat). I think Kevin is at least eight miles high already.

      Kevin as Stuart Smalley – “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!” (Daily Delusional Affirmation with Kevin). Keep telling yourself that, Kevin.

  9. The tinge of NAZIism ensured the alt-right would get the treatment it got, from the alphabet agencies. My advice is to mimic the AfD, and have zero tolerence for any kind of NAZI nonsense.

  10. The key problem facing European mankind is Jewish power and the alt-right united to elect the most disgustingly philosemetic president in US history. Trump has no redeeming qualities. He is liberal on social issues and a servile shill for Israel. He is worse than useless.

    These simple truths are why the entire alt-right was an exercise in futility. It was destined fail, for soon as their “God Emperor” was exposed as a fraud so too would their movement. Recall how desperately they clung to Trump even as he hired neocons and bombed Syria. Remember the hilarious 4D chess theories? Yes the alt-right is dead because it couldn’t survive its own contradictions.

    And good riddance.

  11. One thing I’ve learned from the past two years is that e-celebs like the Earl of Spencer are just flashes in the pan, they are not the leaders or heroes we have been waiting for. And Colonel Anglin? If I ever come to power I’m going to give that little bald prick and his swishy followers the Ernst Röhm treatment.

    • Your comments are always killer Spahny. It’s good to see you are still active.

      To me this American national movement despite all its flaws proves that the USA is not totally corrupted and verjudet. During my excursions on the right-winged sites i learned that there are many good people over there i feel much more familiar with than with most of my own compatriots.
      I hope you people will stand your ground, regroup and continue.
      Your time will come.

    • Richard Spencer is not a frontline warrior or leader. His place in in a pro-White think tank alongside Mark ” insufferably pompous ” Brahmin.

    • Canadian,

      That was an inspiring and well done video, but Kai Murros doesn’t explain home to get from point A to point B. Without the meshing of a Pan-European Force, we are just spinning out wheels.

  12. But did we?

    It’s a miracle white Dissident politics survives the people that takes up its banner.

    Think about that.

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