The Forward: 27 Jews On What It Is Like To Be Resented By The Goyim

I think more people are getting fed up with the Jewish whining.

They cry tears of pain as they strike us and censor our accounts, manipulate our foreign policy, dissolve the borders, poison and pervert our culture, corrupt our political system, etc. We’re tired of these people having so much power and influence over our culture and politics.

The Forward:

“If you feel your eyes watching the exit during Shabbat services, if you see danger lurking at Jewish celebrations and events, if you’ve felt the metallic cold of a Magen David as you tuck it into your shirt “just in case,” you’re not alone.

In a recent survey of American Jews by the American Jewish Committee, 1 in 4 respondents said that they “avoid certain places, events or situations out of fear” for their “safety or comfort as a Jew.” Nearly a third of the more than 1,200 respondents said they avoided “publicly wearing, carrying or displaying things that might help people identify” them as Jewish.

We wanted to hear the stories behind these numbers, so we asked readers to write in and describe when and why they had avoided places or public displays of their Jewishness. Many mentioned removing or concealing kippot. Others expressed particular fear for children, elderly people, and ultra-Orthodox Jews whose traditional dress makes them stand out. And some raised the concern that their pro-Israel activity would be met by anti-Jewish aggression. …

Last August, I took my family to a local festival in Ohio. As I walked around the festival with my family, I began to wonder if these types of folks might be the types of folks who would welcome in a white nationalist, or a white supremacist. For the first since I began wearing a kippah on a daily basis nearly 20 years ago, I wondered if this was a wise decision. I quickly realized that I was not afraid, and was proud to display my Jewish identity there. …”

Cry some more.

No one cares anymore. STFU.

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  1. It’s not so much that jews control everyone as it is that most people detect sort a weak punk rock attitude in many antisemitites. The idea that you’ll say it because it’s taboo. I could post porn too and it would be taboo. Most people are open to some rational criticisms except evangelical Christians.

  2. Disgusting. They own EVERYTHING, trash, insult, abuse, and destroy the Race that does EVERYTHING for them, and then whine and bitch about being “afraid”. They LOVE being “afraid”. The BS is so thick, deep and reeking every-one is beginning to notice the rancid smell, excepting the Heebs themselves. They NEVER learn.

  3. Jews always whine about how much they are hated by humans yet seem incapable of asking themselves why.

  4. Where is it dangerous for people to be Jewish in America? A halal slaughterhouse in Dearborn when no witnesses are around?

  5. Most paranoid people on the planet. And it’s because they know their actions are harmful to their host societies.

  6. I couldn’t imagine why Nebuchadnezzar, Julius Caesar, Cato, Aristotle, Catherine II, Ezra Pound, and Charles Lindbergh Sr. & Jr., and Henry Ford didn’t trust these people.

    The organization founded by the Jewish fraternal organization B’nai B’rith to defend the public perception of the rapist/murderer (((Leo Frank))) and currently ran by (((Jonathan Greenblatt))) assures me that anything negative about Jews is a dangerous anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

  7. Thomas Jefferson compared men of New England with the Jews:

    “…Seeing, therefore, that an association of men who will not quarrel with one another is a thing which never yet existed, from the greatest confederacy of nations down to a town meeting or a vestry, seeing that we must have somebody to quarrel with, I had rather keep our New England associates for that purpose than to see our bickerings transferred to others. They are circumscribed within such narrow limits, & their population so full, that their numbers will ever be the minority, and they are marked, LIKE THE JEWS, with such a peculiarity of character as to constitute from that circumstance the natural division of our parties. A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve, and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their government to it’s true principles…”
    — Thomas Jefferson’s letter to John Taylor 06/04/1798.

    Looks like those “witches” never left nor did their “spells” dissolve …

  8. What are they doing here with all the hatred they have in them for us and our Christ? Why aren’t they in their own country where they belong? They were given their own country to put an end to their animosity towards us.

    • The jews are forced to roam the earth like restless spirits because not even the devil wants them in his kingdom.

  9. Jewish “righteous resentment” is code for hatred of White people and justification of White Genocide.

  10. The jew is a parasite. It’s weapon: organized whining. They hone in on the frequencies that babies cry in and that women whine in to appear straight to a Man’s sense of protection. They whine so well they recently got themselves let out of Afghanistan’s prison. That’s pro level whining right there.

  11. They must have never been to a Hagee church or event where they could be worshiped by Gentile as literally Gods in human flesh.

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