Should Racists Even Receive Medical Treatment?

Good morning, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

Today it is floating the idea of denying medical treatment to racists in the UK:


“Patients who racially abuse hospital staff could have their treatment withdrawn, an NHS trust said.

North Bristol Trust (NBT) launched its Red Card to Racism campaign after staff reported an increase of abuse from patients and visitors at the city’s Southmead Hospital.

The abusive behaviour covers racist or sexist language, gestures or behaviour.

Trust chief executive Andrea Young said they wanted staff to “challenge and report it”.

Under the scheme, any patient abusing staff would be challenged and warned, leading to a “sports-style disciplinary yellow card” followed by a final red card in which treatment would be “withdrawn as soon as is safe”.

Alex Raikes, from Stand Against Racism and Inequality, said: “It’s great to see NBT putting out the strongest message possible to the wider community about the abhorrence of any forms of discrimination against their staff or visitors.”

“Hundreds of hospital worker protested first lady Melania Trump on Wednesday for visiting those carrying out a program at Boston Medical Center that uses cuddling to help babies who are born with a dependency on drugs or alcohol.     

Outside Boston Medical Center in the city’s South End, as many as 200 workers protested the visit, saying the first lady represented an administration who they say has discouraged immigrants from seeking health care with tough immigration policies. Some carried signs that read “BMC cares for all patients” and “We believe that healthy women = healthy families = healthy society.” …”

Now, this is only a modest proposal to deal with the abuse that hospital staff are suffering from unrepentant racists. This will never be abused by the woke generation.

History shows us that …

Calling people “racists” was not a slippery slope.

The idea of punching a Nazi was not a slippery slope.

Hotels cancelling rightwing dissident conferences was not a slippery slope.

Doxxing people over their political views was not a slippery slope.

Digital platform censorship by Big Tech was not a slippery slope.

Gay marriage was not a slippery slope.

Branding the president a white supremacist over political differences was not a slippery slope.

The Russia conspiracy hoax was not a slippery slope.

PayPal deplatforming rightwing dissidents over their political views was not a slippery slope.

Mastercard and Chase Bank deplatforming people for their political views was not a slippery slope.

As totalitarian liberalism reaches its climax, we’re not moving toward a world where people who are branded “racists” will be subjected to ritual shaming by the media, erased from the internet, denied employment, stripped of the right to vote, denied medical treatment, subjected to physical violence, denied medical treatment and incarcerated in gulags for their political views. This is the Free World, not an authoritarian totalitarian state like China.

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  1. First the antifa beat you in the streets. Then the hospital denies you medical care. Brilliant! Toxic whiteness problem solved.

  2. It’s things like this which makes it very obvious that Conservatives will never represent White People or defend our White Civil Rights. This is only the beginning as White People will be eventually banned from voting, having children, having custody of those same children, buying a Gun, getting social services, and so on. Denying us health care is pure evil and literally is White Genocide. That makes it impossible for staying alive! Of course this isn’t about some random person who might act racist agsinst medical staff. This is really about White Genocide. Deo Vindice !

    • Will we be denied? Who invented all of this anyways?

      Who will pay for all of the Orcs?

      I’m not worried about this at all.

      The Orcs can treat the Orcs.

  3. The reality is that thousands of elderly white people in southern states languish in nursing homes and assisted care in which Negroes are the main employees. They abuse patients or simply neglect them as they gossip and laugh laugh at the nurses station and text their baby daddy on the phone while elderly whites flat line or lay in their own feces and probably get beat by the black nurse who has to clean it up!

    • To become a nurse these days, you need to get experience as a CNA. That usually means working in one of those warehouses for the elderly. The stories I’ve heard from White nurses and CNAs about how the niggers and ragheads treat those mainly White elderly people is both saddening and enraging. Gold teeth removed and sold, some not being fed or changed for days, physical abuse (beatings and rape included), stealing the few valuables those poor folks have left, and on and on. I blame families for not taking care of their own, too, which used to be common in our culture. In many of those “eldercare” facilities, our elder’s last days are a living hell.

      • Rich – what I am about to write may come across as harsh and cruel – but all those elders created their own fate. Everyone laments about abuse of elders, but almost NEVER addresses ABUSIVE elders. If their families don’t want to care for them….why is that? And how many of them fought and worked FOR the destruction of the West? How many fought Da Knaaazeeez? How many went along to get along with Cibbil Rites? The legal dispossession of their own kind?

        Reap what ye’ve sown, Gramps and Granny.

  4. No racists shouldn’t get healthcare they should be forced to eat bugs and hum the hava nagila until they are blue in the face then maybe they are worthy of health services

    • “No racists shouldn’t get healthcare”

      We already see this.
      Working Whites can’t afford healthy ins. or medical care and do without, while welfare ORCs and immigrants get the best that government can afford.

  5. For the sake of accuracy and honesty the headline ought to read: Should White people even receive medical treatment?

      • i am waiting until the inevitable “is killing and raping whites really a crime” headlines….which are coming, make no mistake.
        And our people sit here and pretend this is all hyperbole.
        Whites really are our own worst enemy.

  6. Although only whispered to other white people (including well known patients) it’s common for doctors, nurses and medical technicians to go from woke to racist after a couple of years of treating the hate filled, bitter, ungrateful, violent, stupid, abusive, self destructive diversity. The people protesting were unlikely to be high performing medical types. Most of them, judging by the pictures and names quoted were either bureaucrats, government types or low level workers in the hospital who want their illegal, criminal relatives to feed off the government tit too. The real medical people; doctors, nurses and technicians were too busy working to protest.

    BTW these ungrateful bastards are protesting within 15 miles of places where groundbreaking discoveries in CRISPR technology are being used to develop cures and treatment for all sorts of ailments that afflict them too. They aren’t the slightest bit capable of understanding the science or its applications or being grateful for what they have. They need to be deported.

  7. All forms of Collectivism is stupid be it on the right, left, or racial groups. It promotes a herd conformist sheep mentality of the masses. #promoteindividualism #smashcollectivism
    There are elite individuals in the human species, and the only way we can reach are next level of evolution is by transcending tribalism. This will be the test for our species survival. The problem is the average person cannot see this and it is why it will be a small elite of humanity that will carry humanity to the next level. This is what Friedrich Nietzsche was talking about per the Ubermensch.

    • @Kevin the Kretinous Krypto Kike: Funny how only white people people are encouraged to think of themselves as individuals, while the other races always put their own kind first. Don’t you also find that funny? Eh?

  8. WTF does chosen mean? If not racially superior then what? Seriously these kykes need to be Moshiached like there is no tomorrow.

  9. I’ll be more than happy to provide emergency medical to all you crackers… provided it is necessary. And any alchemy/biohacking consulting too.

    God knows I had to do for free for more Aztecs that I wanted to.

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