Disgruntled Bama Fan Bursts Baby Trump Balloon In Tuscaloosa

I don’t even like Blompf.

As an Auburn grad, I like the University of Alabama even less.

I love this state though. How dare you disrespect the King of Israel while he was here to watch the game. Very disrespectful. Eat shit, libs.

Note: LSU won the game.

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  1. Does Alabama have an all Negro football team. They really need to recruit some White guys to play football for Alabama.

    LSU’s White quarterback ran them off the field, and LSU only had a few White players.

    • Agreed I can’t stand sportsball either, I have tryed to enjoy it as a cultural event but nope too boring and too stupid, its just not for me. You need to be drunk just to be entertained by it. The juden are gonna be shit out of luck when whites are genocided whos gonna watch their precious sportsball then? Maybe Mexicans will start watching it? but from what I recall they love soccer (ironically also called football) more

    • The commercials feature miscegenation, and they just rub your face in it. It ruins watching football for me.

      Then there is the whole subject of watching Negro players jitterbug during the game. Every halfway decent play is an occasion for Negro antics.

      I’m sick of the Mexican beer commercials too.

      • I was mainly addressing the fact that you have a whole class of low-IQ blacks who are now enabled to score white trophy wives because they can run fast.

        • Not necessarily. Many elite black athletes are married to black women. LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton are just a few..

  2. In their current form, professional and amateur sports are as much a detriment to white survival as anything.

  3. Spahn:How many of those white cheerleaders are dating black football players? When is the last time you have been to a high school game and watched cheerleaders perform? Notice the music they dance to. Collegiate and professional football is virtual Negro worship. It will get even worse now since the NCAA is going to allow college players to earn money while playing and market their likeness.

  4. Porky & Co. can manage to take a balloon popper into custody, but they seem to be unable to apprehend individuals who assault Trump Supporters who are entering or leaving rallies. If I was the person who was taken into custody, I would have told the Cops that I hope that they are set upon by the animals that they’ve chosen to side with. It isn’t Trumpsters that are raining rocks, bottles and bags of feces down on law enforcement personnel.

    I’ve told several of our “protectors” that they are only one domestic dispute call or traffic stop away from not only losing their jobs and their precious pensions, but also of having to go into hiding (Darren Wilson) and maybe even going to prison.

    These Keystone Kops are really good at making excuses as to why they can’t restore order when it is unleashed by Antifa or BLM, usually claiming that they were ordered to stand down or some other such nonsense. Yet, they can swoop in and scoop up any and all Conservatives that show even the slightest hint of being an activist. The more of it I see, the more I have begun to wish the worst on them. After all, it’s not like any of them give two shits about what happens to you or me.

    • Cowtown Rebel,

      My thoughts exactly. It just confirms that cops throughout the country are all acting from the same script.

  5. For years I grew up with posters of Magic Johnson and James Worthy on my wall, recorded hundreds of regular season and playoff games on VHS and studied them relentlessly with the intention of working for the NBA some day as a scout or a coach. Running along parallel tracks to this was my readings of history and philosophy which included reading a biography of Hitler by John Toland and not too much later Mein Kampf which laid the foundation for my eventual awakening.

    Needless to say, all those earlier plans went out the door as I grew to understand precisely how NBA Commissioner David Stern was doing his part as a Jew to wreck this country by utilizing the NBA and its players to normalize miscegenation, gangster rap, and relentlessly promote these players as role models into the eyes of the sheep.

    Now I have enormous contempt when I see the locals here in Salt Lake City get suckered by the Utah Jazz marketing gimmicks of having a ‘family night out’ while spending hundreds of dollars going to their precious Jazz game wearing a $100 jersey of one of the players, a Jazz baseball cap turned sideways with the damn sticker still attached, their jeans hanging down below their ass, and their $400 pair of Nikes as they are oblivious and indifferent to the dystopian future that is approaching us like a rifle-shot. Throw the NFL, MLB, and college football on top of this and you have nothing but a mob of unnecessary duplicates!

    • Ed in SLC,

      Since I never watched any rap or hip hop videos, is that where the idea of keeping the stickers on baseball caps originated!

      My theory was that POC want whitey to accuse them of shoplifting, and then chimp out with all the requisite sjw fallout from (((msm))) and “community organizers.”

  6. I love seeing the balloon deflated, and the leftist junk associated with it attacked. And the guy who did this gets arrested? Some free speech and dissent we have.

    I agree with the comments on sports. I find them boring, unless I’m actually playing them. And the darky worship is so intense. I did like seeing a segment on NBC news about Marshall Plumlee, a white basbetball player who did the NBA and Duke, but joined the army to further his intellectual and social development, and be in the real world. How many bakketball players ever do that?

  7. Actual quote from “Trump baby” balloon popper:
    “This is the first time I ever seen a liberal get mad about choppin’ babies up.” – , on the Rick and Bubba Show.

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