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  1. The original south park was quite politically incorrect, with a chomo teacher (mr garrison), kyle being teased for being a jew, kenny a white trash redneck, cartman an asshole.

    I honestly think South Park couldn’t come out today.

  2. A pox on South Park, which is nothing but Zionist propaganda.

    As an official Old Man of the Generation X variety, I can remember when South Park, in the late 1990s, made their movie defaming Saddam Hussein as a literal homosexual Satanist – at the exact same time that the CIA was making fake videos of Saddam Hussein as a homosexual.

    Don’t believe me, a “conspiracy theorist.” Instead, take it from the “mainstream” media:


    Hillary Clinton has just come out as a “TERF” – a “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” Basically, an old white lesbian who rejects the idea that “trans-sexual” men are “really women.” Well – of course. No normal person accepts this nonsense.

    South Park is Jewish propaganda.

    Remember South Park’s “Team America” film was timed to slander the anti-Iraq war movement. South Park is a tag-team of a Jew and a self-hating White Mormon who I assume is a homosexual.

    This South Park thing is a campaign by the Democratic party to backtrack on “transgendered” nonsense which is hurting the Democratic party’s chances in the next election, not to mention radicalizing normal White Americans against whack-job “LGBT” nonsense.

    Don’t believe the hype.

    • You make some solid points here banned hipster, also the blasphemy and slander of Jesus in south park When they didn’t follow through with the Muhammad episode I knew it was a gay op and they were full of shit

  3. White liberal women get their just deserves.

    Let them eat DIRT, I’m just going to enjoy the show, especially when they are broken destroyed as human beings and their cats are the only thing they have left, by the mess THEY created !!!

    I HATE white liberal women – HATE, pure white HATE !!!

  4. Murdoch Murdoch has been pretty cringe lately, just bad takes and delivery imo watched the episode ‘No hard R’ recently and it had a few funny parts but it was mostly stupid and the toilet humor was disgustingly retarded Needs better optics and well thought out comedy

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