Sohrab Ahmari: Joker and Our Crisis Of Solidarity

We’re fully aware that Marco Rubio has been trying rebrand himself to run for president again as an “American Nationalist” and “common-good conservative.”

No, we don’t believe that Marco Rubio’s rebranding as a “common-good conservative” or the Center Right trying to rebrand itself as “National Conservatism” is anything but a desperate attempt to forestall the inevitable total collapse of its credibility.

First Things:

“There is a lesson here for liberal conservatives and libertarians bent on burying the more solidaristic accounts of conservatism that are winning adherents today. Recently, some libertarians have gone so far as to frame Senator Marco Rubio’s proposal for a “common-good capitalism” as a form of “fascism.” 

That is a smear as well as a misdiagnosis of the current situation. Because the longing for solidarity can never be permanently repressed. And when healthy, reasonable sources of solidarity and communion are allowed to wither and die, unhealthy, unreasonable versions gather strength. The real choice facing the right today, then, isn’t between Rubio’s Aristotelian and Leonine vision and some Hayekian utopia of perfect individualism. It is between Rubio’s common-good conservatism and the dangerous clowns of the “groyper” alt-right. And that is no laughing matter.”

Marco Rubio is the same neocon piece of garbage who tweeted like a thousand times earlier this year about overthrowing the government of Venezeula.

The same is true of the Center Right. Nothing has changed. It can put on an “American Nationalist” face or a Trad Catholic face but fundamentally like Marco Rubio it is still owned by the same cabal of Jewish donors. It also caters exclusively to their interests.

The biggest problem for Sohrab Ahmari’s vision of a post-liberal Right:

Where do the Christian conservatives live?

The Christian conservatives are Anglo Mormons in Utah and Anglo Protestants in the American South. Catholics are significantly less conservative.

Where are the religious Christian conservatives?

The most religious conservatives are also Mormons in Utah and Anglo Protestants in the American South. The East is the most irreligious region of the United States.

Who are the vast majority of the Christian conservatives who make up the Republican base? They are and Mormons and Anglo Protestant Southerners.

David French has more in common with these people than Sohrab Ahmari. Donald Trump is more in touch with them than David French and Russell Moore.

The glue which used to hold all of these people together wasn’t Catholicism. It was a shared commitment to defense of the White Christian social order. There is only a crisis of solidarity because that was abandoned in the mid-20th century in favor of redefining America on the basis of liberal values to accommodate the Jews and to integrate the blacks. Now a half century later, the blacks still haven’t been integrated and the Jews are a hostile elite and the social fabric has unraveled in a way that unimaginable in the America of the 1960s.

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  1. Little Marco represents Hispanic interests generally, Cuban interests specifically and his big, fat bank account definitely. His ethnic and personal financial interests are his so-called ideology.

  2. Catholics were the first immigrants to destroy America. Never forget all the Catholics that hopped off the boat, put a musket in their hand, and headed South to kill the last bastion of Protestant freemen this country ever saw. Fuck papal scum.

  3. It is definitely true that Catholics are generally less conservative than evangelical Protestants, but not Protestants as a whole. The mainline denominations (UMC, PCUSA, etc.) are very liberal. The distinction is similar to the divide among traditional (i.e., faithful) Catholics, and the Novus Ordo Church. I have a feeling that your Cajun Catholics in Louisiana are not liberals. But much of the American Church is made up of Hispanic immigrants dependent on the government dollar and Yankees, the descendants of European Catholic migrants from Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Poland, who lost the Faith long ago, and are only Catholic in a nominal sense. The real issue (it seems to be a trend), is the Yankee problem. As a Southerner of English descent and a convert from Protestantism, it didn’t take long to see the difference between Yankee transplant “Catholics” and Catholics who have roots in the South. The cure is an independent South free to govern itself.

    • I have always supported the right of the Southern States to secede from the Union, but does the South really have what it takes to make it as a truly independent country?

  4. Just keep in mind there are lots of divorces, single moms, broken homes, low income trailer parks and strip clubs in the Bible Belt. More so in fact than one finds in the North.

  5. It’s getting increasingly hard to find any big tax exempt Christian church denomination in the USA to work for us. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints still has a lot of good looking congregations, but LDS pols all tend to really suck – almost as bad as the Jews on mass immigration. It’s LDS Mormon voters that kept electing Sen. John McCain. Tom Tancredo finally lost his temper and blamed LDS Mormon voters for losing the South West and his Colorado.

    LDS Mormons have some good policies and organization practices – they’ve successfully managed to resist feminist takeover of their churches. But, White LDS Mormons mostly like being successful and not being persecuted as “not good Americans”, “not real Christians” and so they are very susceptible for going with the flow. Jewish Neo Conservatives especially like using clean, well scrubbed, wholesome looking White LDS pols to front for them, Jewish Neo Conservatives recruited that #*$&@ McMuffin to run 3rd party President in Utah to try to tip the election to Hillary Clinton. Almost all White Latter Day Saint/Sissies I know would rather get caught with homosexual child pornography that to every say anything against AIPAC, bad Neo Conservative wars in Iraq, Syria.

    The Orthodox Christian Church is solid in Russia and Eastern Europe, sort of isn’t a factor in the USA except some older Episcopalians Anglicans that just can’t take bad Lib politics, women and homosexuals taking over their churches go to the Orthodox church.

    Religion, media and politics mostly all suck in the USA – it’s like trying to find and honest news channel on 800 channels on cable TV. I found a decent cable station last year the Hallmark channel that featured good looking White young actors and actresses with traditional Christmas themes last year. The dramas were pretty boring more like a soap opera, but it was OK to have on with the sound off.

  6. “The real choice facing the right today, then, isn’t between Rubio’s Aristotelian and Leonine vision and some Hayekian utopia of perfect individualism. It is between Rubio’s common-good conservatism and the dangerous clowns of the “groyper” alt-right. And that is no laughing matter.””

    Shall we discuss everything that is utterly disastrous about THAT statement? First Nation Wreckers is NOT /OurGuy/.

  7. Here’s a little “Inside Baseball” for readers on this site. First, guys like Sohrab Ahmari are nothing new. Second, far too many Trad Catholics want to believe that they are taking over the Catholic Church. When one looks at the demographics of the Church, whites are fewer and fewer. POCs want gibs, something White Trad Caths either cannot/will not acknowledge. Third, normie Conservatives want to believe that there is a majority of Catholics who are staunchly Conservative–nothing could be further from the truth.

    One last thing. I will always be grateful for Sohrab’s jab at David French, regarding his time in the military in America’s latest ZOG War.

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