Democrats Celebrate Transgender Day Of Remembrance

I’m celebrating my birthday.

I’m officially 39-years-old today.

Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to rewrite the calendar in a way that is more radical than last time it happened during the French Revolution:

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  1. OK what I remember is

    that enormous TRaNnY stalking about the crowd

    @ Drumpf’s 2016 election nite get-together and

    the little slant Yahoo grrrl gazing upward while trying to interview he/she/it.

  2. NO PERVERT, blasphemer, or ‘gender non-conforming’ ass is remembered by YHWH.

    Anathema. May their memory fade from the earth.
    Exaudi Oratione Nobis, Domine

      • Rich L,

        Did you see that one of your comments about the use of worms as sexual props was quoted on another blog about Richard Gere and the gerbil legend?

        The OD article was entitled Formicophilia.

        Surprisingly, the writer didn’t make any disparaging remarks about OD, but he did throw a popgun shot your way.

        • Yes, I scanned it. I don’t remember what was said, or even the name of the blog. It doesn’t matter, in other words.

          It was an odd choice to add this question onto a happy birthday wish, btw. I like to leave out of my good wishes any references to perverted sex practices involving insects, but to each their own.

  3. Transgender?? What is that???

    Oooooh, you mean mental patients that believe they are HERMAPHRODITES ???

    Well, good luck with that !

  4. Gotta love that this is framed as being as a racist whites issues…..when it is a blacks policing blacks.

    Likely nearly every other black murder….it’s committed by blacks.

  5. Maybe the “Transgenders” will remember that they are disease that need to be treated to a state of wellness and not promote further disease.

  6. There is something to be said about using the rules of Clown World against Clown World. I believe men should start self-identifying as “Masculine-presenting, Transgendered-lesbians”.

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