Joker 2

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Is it happening or what?

There is more buzz on the internet about the future of Joker 2 than the 2020 presidential election. Joker has globally made over a billion dollars even without China where it is banned for obvious reasons to become the most profitable comic book movie of all time.

Hollywood Reporter:

“The director is likely to reteam with star Joaquin Phoenix on a follow-up to the $1 billion-grossing R-rated hit, sources say.

On Oct. 7, Joker director Todd Phillips headed into Warner Bros. Pictures Group chairman Toby Emmerich’s office, buoyed by the film’s $96.2 million opening-weekend haul. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter he proposed an outsized idea — the rights to develop a portfolio of DC characters’ origin stories.

Emmerich balked. After all, Warner Bros. is very protective of the DC canon. And all other DC deals have been for one film, and one film only. But Phillips did emerge from the meeting with the rights to at least one other DC story, sources say. And now that Joker has crossed the $1 billion mark, a sequel is on the way. As the movie keeps raking in money overseas, Phillips is in talks to reprise his role as director for a second Joker outing (he and Scott Silver, who penned the gritty Joker screenplay, will write the follow-up), THR has learned.  …”

Screen Rant:

“A Joker sequel reuniting star Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Phillips is happening. There was a point in time when Warner Bros. was wary of Joker’s commercial viability, so much so they decided to split production costs (and profits) with co-financiers in the event the film struggled at the box office. As it turns out, WB had nothing to be concerned about. Debuting in theaters in early October, Joker rode its polarizing word-of-mouth to tremendous success, shattering records left and right as it made its way to the $1 billion mark.

What set Joker apart from other comic book adaptations (besides its R-rating and dark, gritty tone) is the fact it was conceived as a one-off. Despite drawing from the Batman mythos, Joker was not pre-occupied with laying the groundwork for future installments, instead focusing squarely on Arthur Fleck’s descent into madness. However, both Phoenix and Phillips said publicly they would be open to making a sequel should the right idea come to mind. And WB is more than happy to let the two continue. …”

“After the monumental and unprecedented success of Joker, Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics are trusting director Todd Phillips to continue his hit-making track record at the box office with a sequel to the movie. And not only will Phillips helm another feature focused on the adventures of Arthur Fleck, but he’ll also help produce a series of origin stories featuring other villains from the DC Comics universe. The news is a huge surprise for fans of the movie, as Phillips adamantly stated that he had no plans to return to the character for the sequel — but that was before Joker made over $1 billion at the box office.

Given the success of the movie and how well it has been received among fans, people have a lot to say about the news of a sequel to Joker. Some people are wondering where the story could possibly go after the events of the last film, while others are wondering if a sequel is necessary.

Given Phillips’ comments about a sequel to the Los Angeles Times, it’s unlikely that he’d accept such a project without having some sort of an idea for a follow up in place. …”

The anti-Joker takes have fared badly.

The movie did not cause a mass shooting. It was also a smash hit even though the woke crowd who loved Terminator: Dark Fate and Charlie’s Angels hated it. As far as the Dissident Right goes, it was nothing but positive and reenergized the movement in October.

It is highly likely that there will be a Joker 2 given how much the market rewarded Warner Bros, Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips while punishing the woke garbage at the box office. You would have to be a financial idiot not to cash in on the demand for a sequel.

Note: Occidental Dissent was in the pro-Joker camp.

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  1. Part of this film’s appeal (at least for me) comes from the fact that it was made as a self-contained, one-off story, that there would be no need for a sequel. With the exception of Godfather II sequels have generally been inferior to the originals. Perhaps HW can use his influence at Warner Brothers to talk them out of this?

    • I totally agree, don’t ruin Joker with a sequel. Plus I just can’t see Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker interacting with any of the other DC comic character. Hopefully Joaquin refuses to do it.

    • “The Empire Strikes ” was superior to “Star Wars,” and Evil Dead 2 was better than the original, but to your point, sequels usually are inferior.

      I agree that “Joker” shouldn’t be a franchise but a stand alone story.

      • True November, empire strikes back was the best star wars and if memory serves correct george pukecas had a limited involvement in the films production and writing which makes sense especially when looking at the horrible prequels. Then with return of the jedi went in a family friendly direction when it included the cute ewoks. Around the release of RotJ lucas did the most lucrative move of his career an did the star wars action figures which made him billions

        Evil dead 2 and army of darkness were better then the 1st evil dead yep i agree with that one they were more campy and had comedy elements but thats what made it good imo

  2. wow! Over a billion dollars. Boy this movie sure hit a nerve somewhere in the body politic. That just rolled over and crushed all the “WOKE” movies like a steamroller, driven by the joker.

  3. OK, how can you folks be against the Commercialization of all culture, and then go to a movie like this, and make the Jews A Billion Dollars, and then laud a second attempt?

    Are we just kidding ourselves, when we castigate Chik-fil-A for bowing down to Big Anal, and then go all MAGA/GAGA over a new Joker flick?

    Does no one else see a Yuuuuuuuge dichotomy here?

    • If you buy a jar of mayonnaise or a box of Cap’n Crunch you are paying a hidden kosher tax. Billions of your tax dollars are spent on giving Israel the ability to commit atrocities in Palestine. So while I agree with your position in theory the reality is that, despite your best efforts, you are not denying the jews one red cent. Besides, if a jew has talent as a conductor, writer, producer,
      composer, etc and you admire his work where is the shame in watching his movie, listening to his performance in Symphony Hall or reading his novel?

  4. ” Occidental Dissent was in the pro-Joker camp. “

    Safe to say, WE all are !

    As I wrote, Joker, is a huge mirror that is being held up straight in to the face of our western societies TODAY.

  5. I’m pro joker in a nihilistic groyper sense, I definitely wouldn’t say i’m anti joker. I just like the normal dc timeline of it more then the taxi driver+ king of comedy+ occupy wall street copy pasta version of it

    Tho damn a 2nd joker already? That didn’t take long, this could be good or bad thing but i thought this was suppose to be a standalone title?! I’m sure earning a billion at the box office gives Hollywood jews incentive to do another one

  6. How would you gents rate Joker? I feel its getting overhyped a bit are the best scenes really just the stairway dance, and Mur-ray getting shot?

    I admit though seeing De Niro getting shot point blank with a revolver just might be worth the price of admission in itself, I hate that preppy asshole totally overrated actor imo he just gets highly lauded because of his scorcese gangster film credentials me thinks

  7. You are actually totally obsessed with this Joker stuff, Mr. Jäger Wallace.
    Do you think it is worth to spend some hard earned Euro shekels for this?

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