Meet Emma: The Future of Office Work

Emma is a childless, unhealthy and miserable human being

Emma lives with her cat and is great for the GDP though.

She listens to NPR and is also voting for Elizabeth Warren in 2020 to shatter the glass ceiling and because women’s equality hasn’t been pushed far enough.

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  1. “Emma” looks more like a “Sarah” or “Ester” to me. She/it appears too creepy for even standoffish house cats to manipulate for shelter and sustenance. “Emma” fails the Turing test on all criteria.

    You’ve got to give the Japanese and Koreans credit. Their androids have more welcoming physiognomy than the the hideous humanoids coming out of M.I.T., Cal Tech, DARPA, et al.

  2. Is it really any different than the typing pools they use to have with 20 or 30 women or women sewing in factories with the doors locked.

    • I’ve worked in offices and factories where there were a lot of attractive young women. Where did they all go?

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