Theologians Under Hitler

Is Christianity compatible with racialism?

Is Christianity compatible with slavery and segregation?

The answer to all three of these questions is yes as the history of the American South and South Africa shows. Russell Moore likes to argue that Christianity and the Confederacy are “incompatible,” but this flies in the face of the fact that virtually everyone who fought for the Confederacy from the common man to its leadership like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson was a Christian. Protestants and Catholics fought for the Confederacy. Not only was Christianity compatible with slavery, but the Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian churches split over the issue. Pope Pius IX even sent Jefferson Davis a crown of thorns during his imprisonment.

Is Christianity compatible with nationalism?

Is Christianity compatible with authoritarianism?

The answer to these questions are also yes. Christianity flourished for centuries under “authoritarian” regimes like the Byzantine Empire. It flourished under nationalist regimes like Queen Elizabeth I’s England which fought off the Spanish Armada and challenged Spain’s supremacy in the New World. It flourished in France in the time of Joan of Arc. There are countless examples of Christianity flourishing under nationalism and authoritarianism. Christianity was perfectly compatible with Prussian militarism. In fact, the real question isn’t whether Christianity is compatible with authoritarianism. It is whether it is compatible with liberalism.

Is Christianity compatible with anti-Semitism?

The Jews were driven out of England for centuries. They were expelled from Lutheran Saxony and Catholic Spain. Most of the countries which the Jews have been expelled from throughout their history were Christian ones which is why they hold so much resentment against Christianity. “Judeo-Christianity” was only created in England in the late 19th century. It was exported to America and caught on only through televangelists in the late 20th century.

Let’s take the most extreme example imaginable.

Is Christianity compatible with National Socialism? How did Christians react to Hitler’s Germany? Christianity was just as compatible with fascism as it was with liberalism. The difference is that liberalism won World War II. Liberals have seized control of Christianity and now pretend that Christianity is incompatible with all sorts of things which fly in the face of the historical record. Strangely, the liberals who say that Christianity is incompatible with all these other systems and who insist IT IS compatible with liberalism CAN’T EXPLAIN why Christianity has all but collapsed in the West under liberal democracy since World War II.

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  1. Please see the following photos and follow the link that will take you to an archive.

    The Photos is from high ranking officers in Hitler’s army with Orthodox monks in the most holy retreat named Mt Athos:

    Athos: Easter 1941

    Soon after writing the letter to Hitler, in the summer of 1941, the Holy Mountain was visited by a German scientific expedition led by Dölger, who was treated friendly by the Athos monks.

    1943: German soldiers seated under a portrait of Hitler – place and date unknown

    Two Germans soldiers in front of Stavronikita – date unknown

    A copy of the letter that the Holy Epistatia sent to Hitler – from the Feigl-book

    Hitler in a place of honor at St Panteleimon Monastery. The
    picture was later replaced with a portrait of Queen Frederica of Greece

    The funny thing or I should say the SAD thing about the rest of the christian denominations are “fathered” from one of the ONLY TWO REAL Christian Authentic Churches, because both are APOSTOLIC Churches !

    All other denominations are MAN MADE !!!

    We Christian Orthodox consider the Catholic Church an apostate who may come back to the Real Faith.
    But ALL other denominations we consider them nothing more then CULTS !!

    Now go and fight amongst yourselves and PROVE the jews right – IDIOTS !!!!!

    • Eksothen,

      I first heard of Mount Athos two years ago on a segment of 60 (Ashkenazi) Minutes. Even though the segment was aired during Christmas time, (((they))) sent a jew to file the story, and shockingly, it included NS Germany’s contacts with the Orthodox monks in an unhysterical manner.

      The bottom line on just about everything we’ve been told about Hitler and NS Germany have been lies, distortions of historical events, and a continuation of WWII judaic-Anglo anti-Germanticism.

      • Eksothen,

        The part about the monks and German officials begins at 22:00. There of course is a claim that Hitler just wanted to steal the priceless icons and devotional art at monastery, and the jew found an American shabbos goy among the monks to “confirm” this tale,

        Here’s the rub. If Hitler, Göring, or any other high level German wanted to remove anything from Mt. Athos, they wouldn’t send historians to inventory what’s there, but just take it all back to Berlin and sorted through it there.

      • November,

        Your knowledge is incredible. There are some other people on this website who are excellent as well. When I feel like I am really good I realize I am just beginning. I am good at geography, history, and religion.

        i know nothing on economics and only a little on NS Germany. American history? Some. European history is more interesting to me. Greek/Roman and Medieval. My dancing is mediocre. Yes, I have had dancing classes.

        • Cristina,

          Thank you for the compliment, but I have the distinct feeling that you will surpass my knowledge base well before you’ve reached my age. That’s a good thing. It will be vital for someone like you to pick up where we left off when the clock runs out on some of us.

          You can blame my critical thinking and logic professors. They literally rewired my way to reason. As you could probably tell, I am not very good at parties. LOL

      • “The bottom line on just about everything we’ve been told about Hitler and NS Germany have been lies, distortions of historical events, and a continuation of WWII judaic-Anglo anti-Germanticism. “

        Exactly BULSEYE !!

        I am not going to go on certain “discussions” and agreements, that were recorded and arcived between Ioannis Metaxas & Hitler’s administration.

        People are NOT yet ready !!!

  2. The Catholic Church and Lutheran Church backed the National Socialists/Fascists in Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, and Lithuania because they were doing the Lord’s work.

  3. I can tell you before even starting the video, the comment section is a real hoot. Boomer tier rhetoric and full fledged Wignat antics sparring back and forth. Hysterical and depressing that people can’t simply empirically and analytical watch or read something without virtue signaling cuckholdry or edgelording ..

    On a side note, I really enjoy most of your commentary Hunter. You have a strong moral base, solid above average writing skills, and are normie friendly (for the most part). Kudos on your dedication

    • Anthropologist, skip the vague condescension, reply directly to the offending comment, or, better yet, help the rest of us improve the tone of comments by your good example.

  4. Odd that YT uses an ICON, and that to discuss RC and Lutheran/Reformed views of Christianity under Hitler. Icons are the property/cultural idea of Orthodoxy. I’ll have to watch the whole vid, before I comment.

  5. Why would you embed an anti-NS, therefore, anti-German, anti-White YT ¨documentary? Only needed 30 seconds – have had 50 years of the same.

    • Mainly to show that Christianity was even compatible with the Third Reich and to push back against the liberal propaganda that Christianity is incompatible with any system other than liberalism which many people in our own circles have swallowed.

      • HW, that is absolutely on the mark.

        Christianity was compatible from the very basic to some other finer issues , with Hitler’s main vision of what he wanted to accomplish.

    • I made to the two minute mark, but once the holohoax was mentioned and saw the leftist professor, it was time to leave.

  6. I don’t know how you can make it through these long videos that rely on something like the Three Card Monte mind trick, in this case switching from one “expert” to another to induce unwarranted belief in consensus (in lieu of those mass demonstrations) that works because of the quasi-hypnotic state induced by the metronomic plodding of the announcer shifting subconscious images quickly before our eyes before the intellect can react.

    Jews appear like Froggy the Gremlin out of the magic hat behind Andy’s back and steal the show. In the video’s case Jewish yenta number two, Doris Bergen (who claims she was raised as a Mennonite!) pops up as predictably as Froggy on the Andy Devine Show. I tuned out after her—I’d had enough reeducation for one morning. The takeaway of the video for me and good laugh is her being employed by Notre Dame University. Anyway, thanks for posting it even though a fairly slow reader can cover the material in most videos in a tenth the time it takes slogging through hyper-manipulative light and sound effects that make the North Koreans envious.

  7. I can only give the official Catholic belief. Our 1933 Concordant with National Socialist Germany that Pope Pius XII stood by even after the war means the State is in full compliance with basic Catholic demands and is a legitimate government on a spiritual level. No such Concordants were possible with Protestant, Communist, Moslem etc. countries. At least not when the Church still had some tradition in it.

    The Popes during these times were Pius XI and Pius XII. They were quite liberal by traditional standards on the Jewish question. When Pope Pius XI became uneasy over some of the racial aspects of NS Germany , the Italian Fascists reminded him that the Church has been far harsher on the Jews than the National Socialists were.

    Our racial laws for many centuries on a Pope having to be 7 generations free of Jewish blood before he could be elected etc. The Ghetto and the Jews having to wear distinctive clothing comes from us Catholics. Other racial laws existed as well. There was also the fact that deep into the 19th century Spanish officers and their wives had to prove they were free of one drop of Moorish or Jewish blood. The Church went along with this. As recently as the 1960’s a Spanish priest in Majorca, Spain could not say a mass publicly because he was not pure.

    The hearts and minds of these two Popes were decidedly modern and they seemed ashamed of Catholic traditions on race and Jews. Pope Pius XI even wrote a private letter to the German Bishops in 1937 expressing unease over some of the racial aspects of NS Germany. The Church had become more and more Liberal since the French Revolution especially beginning in the 20th century.

    It is obvious that probably before the 20th century and certainly before the 19th century that no Pope would have batted an eyelash on the anti Jewish laws under Hitler.

    Society had changed and the Church had decided to be in it’s image instead of God’s. It is also of interest that the last Concordant with a country under Catholic doctrine was the 1953 Concordant with Fascist Spain. Franco gave the Church everything and the Church rewarded Franco with turning on him. Before he died he said the Church was more against him than the Communists.

      • Flaxen-headed Strumpet,

        I have never heard of this person. Looked at Yahoo briefly on her. Saw she was involved in Southern causes etc. None of that means a lot to me.

        I generally only comment on certain subjects which I am familiar with. I mostly like politics, religion, latin affairs etc. Any girl in my religious class could have done the same. Well almost. I have a very knowledgeable Aunt who tells me things.

        i also go to a rigorous school.

      • Flaxen,

        I might also say that my family has a very large library on various subjects including Religion. Therefore I do research before making most of my comments.

        If our current library does not have the information I seek then I call to family in Mexico who possess even greater resources. Or I will consult a priest or the school library.

        So you have now seen behind the curtain.

  8. It really depends if you focus on the old or the new testament.

    the old testament is totally compatible with genocide, theocide, mass murder, etc. You just change who the chosen people is.

    the new testament is not compatible.

  9. Christianity always caves to the whims of secular power, so it is whatever powerful people say it is at any given time. That’s why today Christianity is thoroughly gay and globalist.

  10. That documentary was dreadful. It was the same old “The Nazis blamed the jews for everything, so they decided one day to gas 6 million of them” baloney that ZOG has been churning out for decades. Why HW selected it is beyond me.

  11. Well, though I’m fashy myself, this video and your analysis proved one thing to me —

    — that Christianity is moot, simply serving as window dressing or aesthetics, on the underlying struggle between nationalism, the jews, and so forth.

    Under feudalism, Christianity supported the European honorable warrior ethos.
    Under National Socialism, Christianity supported the pro-Aryan and counter-semitic philosophies thereof.
    Under the Confederacy, Christianity dutifully put its seal of approval on nigger slavery.
    Under the jews and their leftist stooges, Christianity supports immigration, race mixing, feminism, jew-prostration, White guilt, and other forms of “poz.”
    No doubt if they had been in Stalin’s USSR, they would have found plenty of communist, collectivist material in the Bible. Heck, for that matter, Liberation Theology actually EXISTS.

    So, if we get a pro-White, patriarchal culture again in a while, Christianity will suddenly shed its leftism and become some form of muscular Christianity again. Suggesting that the priests and ministers and such aren’t so much thought leaders as a bunch of time-servers who lend their support to whoever happens to be in charge, in exchange for being supported in idleness. Quite like women, really.

    Still a fascinating article, though it communicates something you probably didn’t quite intend.

  12. Christianity is fine when there are other things in life. It only becomes a problem when it is the Only Thing!

    Any religion that builds massive monuments to itself, will cannibalize the society it was created to serve.

  13. Trotsky was himself the very meaning of a racist of today.

    It is the invader that calls his victim “racist” the backwards thinkers in the way of “the common good” (collectivism under their very thumb/absolutism,dictatorship and following murder; to eradicate those opposing it.)
    NWO;OWO Leon Trotsky’s hate speech against intellectuals that were nationalists and traditionalists and of course Tzar lojal; but he probably meant all Slavic people.

    Leon Trotsky Invented The Word ‘Racist’ In 1927 To Inspire White Genocide
    In Trotsky’s 1930s book, “The History of the Russian Revolution” he writes “PACNCTOB” which means “racistov” or “racist”. Trasky’s book is the first time

    in history that this word is ever used.
    Why did Trotsky impose the word racist on Western civilization? In order to understand the meaning behind his creation, we’ll examine a portion of text

    from his aforementioned book, which reads:

    “Slavophilism, the messianism of backwardness, has based its philosophy upon the assumption that the Russian people and their church are democratic

    through and through, whereas official Russia is a German bureaucracy imposed upon them by Peter the Great. Mark remarked upon this theme: “In the same way

    the Teutonic jackasses blamed the despotism of Frederick the Second upon the French, as though backward slaves were not always in need of civilized slaves

    to train them.” This brief comment completely finishes off not only the old philosophy of the Slavophiles, but also the latest revelations of the racists.”

    The Russian “Pan-Slavic” ideology was originally conceived by Talmudists

    The words ’Slavophiles’ and ’Slavophilism’ were originally intended as gibes. The same was true of the words ’Westernizers’ and ’Westernism’.
    In the Slav countries outside Russia the term ’Slavophilism’ is a generic name for all advocates of the ’Slav idea’, irrespective of their philosophical

    views and political commitments. In Russia, however, this term is used, as a rule, to denote one specific ideology, elaborated in the 1840s by the former

    members of the Schellingian circle of ’Lovers of Wisdom’

    Slavophile, in Russian history, member of a 19th-century intellectual movement that wanted Russia’s future development to be based on values and

    institutions derived from the country’s early history.

    • Leon Trotsky Invented The Word ‘Racist’ In 1927 To Inspire White Genocide
      In Trotsky’s 1930s book, “The History of the Russian Revolution” he writes “PACNCTOB” which means “racistov” or “racist”. Trasky’s book is the first time in history that this word is ever used.”

      I used to think that was true too, but I was wrong. It goes back to 1897, according to the article I’m linking Racist” simply meant “Nationalist” from what I can glean, from the same article:

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