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  1. principal Jew-induced components of the kosher Culture of Death, all aimed precisely at killing White family-formation and birthrate are:

    Judeo-“feminism”. And

    it’s working.

  2. I do not know anything about the host of this show but the idea of giving E. Michael Jones such favorable publicity is incredible. Everyone with the slightest morality and brains knows that Dragness of people is evil sexual perversion. So why give Jones the time of day?

    There are plenty of people who can get in front of a microphone and say all of this. I am sure that you could find a Left wing person who is against rape and child abuse so should that enemy be given favorable air time on those issues?

    Does the Left give favorable publicity to anyone who goes against them on any important belief they have? European types should get wiser. The Left fights to win. Others barely fight at all.

    The reason I feel strongly is that many friends and foes of Mr. Jones may feel he represents Traditional Catholicism across the board. When he is against obvious perversions and some of his anti Jewishness he does. Outside of that? Depends on the issue. What is his position on other dogmas? On Francis and his heresies etc.?

    If I was head of state anywhere Mr. Jones would be muzzled( figuratively) given his property and then given a one way ticket to Africa never to return. He has said whites and blacks are interchangeable. Or so I have heard. Most whites like him would try to work their way back to a white country of course.

    • Another thing I don’t like about about that Jones character is his constant use of the word Logos. It’s a metaphysical Greek concept that doesn’t translate well into English. Jones uses it in an attempt to impress his fans into believing he is more learned than he actually is.

      I’m afraid “Doctor” Jones is something of a fraud and not a genuine Catholic. You, however, are a true member of that Faith who takes her beliefs seriously.

        • Don’t presume that Spahn will remain such for your entire life. He is as variable is the wind, because he is a pagan. And that’s the greatest shame of all. Because he is intelligent.

          • Fr. John,

            Thank you for your concern and kind words. Now it would really hurt if you were to be uncharitable with me. But I can not imagine that happening.

  3. Chick-Fil-A has contributed shekels to drag queen story hour too. They’re spooning the SPLC and globohomo simultaneously. To the Christian chick-fil-a supporters, I understand that egg is difficult to remove from ones face.

  4. As a Catholic, I absolutely adore about 90% of what Dr Jones says. He has his egalitarian Boomer moments, but overall he is a courageous and brave figure who really has done more in recent years than most public figures on the Right. Bravo to him.

    Side note. How does the Owen Shroyer fellow have a job. He is a cutrate Alex Jones like figure. I can tolerate most people but he might be the solitary person i have to turn off the moment I hear him speaking

    (The other person whom i loathed from the beginning is Baked Alaska.. I live 6 months a year in LA for work, and out of nowhere began seeing him with this motley crew of loser and Minnesota 5 girls, roaming the Blvd filming and acting like buffoons)

  5. Every time Jones talks, in my head I can hear him repeating his assertion that all Africans need to be on a par with Europeans is the influence of the Catholic church. The Benedictines and other monastic groups preserved science, agriculture, engineering, medicine, etc., in the medieval era, but the knowledge was in danger of being lost in Europe. There’s no knowledge of any kind being hidden from Africans in modern times, so it’s a false comparison. Africans aren’t as mentally capable as Europeans, and the church can’t change that.

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