MILO Interviews Nick Fuentes

I watched the interview last night.

Nick looked very uncomfortable to me like his skin was crawling. MILO was cringe and gay. It felt awkward watching it live. I think this is a bridge too far for Nick’s fan base.

UPDATE: JF is responding to MILO.

He also found MILO creepy and ignorant. It was an awkward interview.

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  1. The groypers criticize TPUSA for their association with “Lady MAGA” a gay tranny, but then their “King” mexican goes and does this? what a joke. wake me up when civil war starts.

  2. The problem Fuentes, despite being an inherently good kid by most standards, is going to run into with MOST (i don’t mean those of us who have been dissident Right since before 2016 or the newer 4chan brigade) adults is being taken seriously

    Everything he does comes across like a hyperbolic living meme, and hearing a 21 year old non ironically refer to himself as a genius and say things like “as long as they follow me and I guide them” is simply a bridge too far.

    Add to the fact that Anglin is his biggest cheerleader?

    You run into an issue where most mainstream right leaning 25 year or older adults are simply going to, at best, say “oh that’s cute” and walk away

    • Wouldn’t quite say biggest cheerleader, but Considering wanglins usual harsh words on queers, he always went back an forth on supporting/disavowing milo

      Like i lost count all the times he wrote lengthy articles on milos subversive nature in conservative inc, then two months later he’d say milos good cause he redpills normies so i dunno what thats about

  3. Living up to his rep as an irony bro, the irony was thick.

    Bruh moments:

    1) The whole concept of this interview. Nick opposed kirks token homo on the grounds a conservative movement shouldn’t promote/elevate homosexuals. The counter to this is that kirks homo promotes homosexuality while milo advocates for traditional norms. I could cherry pick a quote from milo but I think his whole existence as a right-wing pundit refutes that.

    *being a materialist I’d rather address the alienation created by capitalism which gives space for anti-social behaviour like homosexuality to rise in, but if your position is enough is enough the right wing shouldn’t platform homos then stick to it. And while I’m “softer” on gays than most, in the sense I see them more as sick people who need mental healthcare. I agree that gays shouldn’t be the face of anything or given leading roles. I’d be more okay with talking/streaming to an anti-white homo because it’s clear who’s side there on.

    2) Justifying the interview on the grounds of exposure/normalizing “our views.”

    2a) As many have pointed out on twitter milo has been banished from the mainstream and has been trapped in internet purgatory for the past 2-3 years. Nicks interview was more beneficial to milos career than Nicks.

    The counter to that argument is that while milo might be disgraced in the eyes of his donors he still has those contacts, and if milo could dust off Nicks questioning of Jewish power and racialism he could peddle nick around his donor network, which yes would benefit nick but to me still lands in the category of helping milo more than helping nick.

    2b) During the optics wars much of nicks/groypers criticisms of Richard spencer was spencer talking to the media.

    “There’s nothing to be gained from doing interviews with the press”

    “the media is only interviewing you to make you look bad, never do it”

    The amount of times fuentes said those two sentences paraphrased into his rants on optics probably reached into the 100’s.

    Even more hilariously nick has taken Spencers arguments for why it’s good to talk to the press almost forbetum. Illustrating nicks attacks on people weren’t coming from any conviction or even strategy but pure opportunism to chase clout.


    Milo’s interest in the groyoers are two fold, plan one entails co-opting the groypers into something donors will find appealing and he can middle manage them. If that doesn’t work get himself close enough so that he can get credit for “exposing” the groypers.

    Milo going on the killstream and saying he stores dirt on everyone he comes into contact with and releases it is a naked threat to Nick and the groypers. He is basically saying in a flamboyantly gay mob boss way “I can be your best friend or your worst enemy, it’s up to you…”

    milos interview was more of an interrogation than an interview. When an splc connected doxxer asks you “what are your thoughts on interracial marriages” they dont care about your answer. They either want you to roll over and attack people who’ve previously worked with or to make a confession. It’s like being interviewed by a cop, you never plead your innocence to the cop. They dont care. They either want you to confess or turn over on someone else, that’s it. Milos line of questioning was to create situations that nick would either denounce his old positions on the spot or could later be used as attacks on Nick.

    The alt skull clip was beautifully played. His name sounds scary and evil but the clip was very tame and something 85+% of groypers would agree with. As a matter of quotes saying in a short clip “nick had trouble finding any disagreement on interracial marriages with a telegram nazi alt skull, despite his instance on not being a nazi.” That was a beautiful set up by milo and despite Nick saying Spencer made terrible decisions in his media appearances i can’t think of a single interview where spencer walked into that much of a set up.

    Milo ended the interview politely but make no mistake if Nick doesn’t move closer to the center milo will lead the attack against Nick. He will disavow the groypers and circle around by saying “i thought nick and the groypers were mischievous teens transgressing… but as i spent more time with Nick it became clearer his irony masks ideologically committed racism and antisemitism”

    I dont know where the relationship goes from here other than Nick simping out or milo leading an attack against him. Those are the only two options on the table. Nick is probably fine with milo attacking him but it’ll be much messier than Nick thinks. Posting pics with milo is signaling to your audience to listen to him, so they’ll be more receptive ears to milos attacks than Nick may think.

    Also unlike antifa while Nick and milo are temporally on good terms milo will have much more access than any other type of antifa could. Specifically around nicks anon support staff/crew. Milo will get into DM’s with anyone close to nick, figure out their position eg show booker, meme maker, mainstream contact, etc and when milo turns on Nick he’ll know who to dox/concern troll/pressure into the shadows. Promoting someone who is all but guaranteed to turn on you (unless you he total flips) is extremely costly. I hope you’re ready nick because you’re about to get wignatted.

    • Plus RS made the claim that it was a groyper or groypers that doxxed Josh Neal of No Apologies.

      Nick has a lot of characters of ill repute in his circle of friends (e.g., Baked Alaska, Ali Alexander, and of course, Milo). Even Michelle Malkin who sorta kinda defended NF during the “groyper war” with tpusa is married to a jew.

      How does that old proverb go? He whom the gods would wish to destroy they first make proud.

    • I thought young Nick did a decent job fending off that kike vermin – but whatever Nick is – he’s too polite and engaging. He’s….malleable…in person.

      He ought to have used the situation to trash the hebe homo to his rapidly wrinkling face. Insult the fag, degrade him, and just laugh and spit in it’s degenerate face. THAT would have cemented Fuentes’ status with the Groypers forever. Alas – I understand Nicky is a mischling. That his Daddy is a kike. This tidbit is being promoted by the mental case mischling Owen Benjamin – so who knows? I fear little Nicky is about to turn on the Groypers.

  4. It’s safe to conclude that Nick and Milo have a “special chemistry ” between them. Not unlike Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, or for the older crowd Rock Hudson and Jim Neighbors.

    • Jim Nabors. My brother supposedly got invited to Nabors’ home and propositioned by Gomer when he visited Hawaii many years ago, but he has been known to tell huge lies.

      As you’ve got one straight and one queer guy in each pair but the last, moviegoers used to think that when they saw Rock Hudson and Tony Randall together in a picture that Hudson was straight and Randall was the buttmuncher, but of course it was the opposite.

      • Boomer X,

        I am not so sure that Matthew Broderick is a heterosexual. He’s married to a jewess ‘fag hag,’ and they used a surrogate to bear their children, as did Michael Jackson and a few other celebrities suspected of being homosexual and using wives and girlfriends as “beards.”

        No matter if Jim Nabors is straight or gay, that man had an incredible singing voice.

        • Matthew broderick killed some poor mother and daughter in a car accident in Ireland. Totally disgusts me he walked away from that with no justice for the family Might I add Matthew broadprick is a overrated shit actor too

        • A fan of Jim Nabors’ singing? Wow, Occidental Dissent certainly attracts a highly eclectic mix of commenters. I always thought Paul Rogers of Free was one of the greatest contemporary male vocalists.

  5. I’ve been saying that NF has the scent of judas goat on him.

    Does Zog-Alphabet deep state have compromising recordings, videos, or photos, of NF behaving 180 degrees opposite of what he claims to be? On more than one occasion, NF has taken neoconservative foreign policy positions that even his loyal “Nickers ” called him out on in the comments section.

    While the jury isn’t in with its decision, I sense that NF will not hesitate to disavow his groyper following and fall in with GOP 2.0 when Zog-Alphabet gives him an offer he can’t refuse.

    • “MILO Interviews Nick Fuentes” => “Olygarchy Interviews Nick Fuentes”

      When I see Nick I see a used car salesman type, like Trump was in 2016. I don’t see how he will become their front man, after making fun of the Holocaust. They will not forgive or forget that.

      Perhaps they will use him to make Christian nationalists look ridiculous, by saying there’s no such thing as dinosaurs, or the Earth is flat.

      • I saw that clip about the dinosaurs too. I knew Fuentes wasn’t smart, but boy, that was just full-on retard. May him and anyone dumb enough to follow him go jump off a cliff.

  6. Ah, so castizo Nick and Milo are gonna team up so they can grift more efficiently. Makes sense. Fuck both of these retarded, grifting clowns.

  7. I worked 60 hours this week. I have livestock, a mortgage and adult shit to do.

    There are zero fucks left in me to give over anything being talked about in the dissident right at the moment.

    Let me know when the boogaloo commences.

  8. I saw about 3s of the video & turned it off

    First I’ve seen this milo person on video & goddam he’s gay.

    • Hes not just a gay annoying, highly opinionated fag, he has a toxic personality and is egoist prick everything is about him

      Only watched 20 minutes myself, Nick handled himself decently enough but he looks very uncomfortable Milo can do that to a person tho so why he accept the invite to this interrogation? cause this was no debate

  9. A very insightful get together for those that can see issues without the filter/blinders of puritanism……..

    Yep I’m referring to so called Nationalists in here !!!

    I am sorry but many are EXTREMELY superficial and EXTREMELY lacking of any classical education.
    Therefore their world view is VERY LIMITED in comprehending complex issues like Race Faith Nationalism and Social cohesion.

    Simple rhetorical question everyone – i.e. a question you usually ask and answer to yourself .
    Is Christianity a system of Faith/teachings, is it a cultural movement or is it both?

    A puritan way of life or world view is what an IGNORAMUS or a GENIUS follows.
    I don’t think there are many geniuses in here !

  10. Nick did a 10 hour live stream with a based n red pilled “heterosexual cat boy” ‘lolisocks.’ It’s full of Hitler references and “ironic” gay cat boy jokes. Amazing stuff.

    When i first tuned in Nick and the cat boy were sitting chatting about cat boys at a bus stop. Can’t make this stuff up. I tuned in for the last hour of it live and it was surreal. Don’t have much to say about it other than LOL.

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