South Africa In 1984

Liberalism destroyed a promising country.

South Africa was a nuclear power before it fell to communism.

It also destroyed Rhodesia which is now starving as Zimbabwe. Rhodesia and South Africa were peripheral Western countries in Africa. It was easy to virtue signal about “white supremacy” at a distance. Now, the core of Western civilization is being destroyed by runaway liberalism which holds that only European countries are “racist” and illegitimate.

Note: We can already start making the same nostalgic videos about Britain, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, etc. Every Western country is now in a death spiral because of liberal ideology.

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  1. It’s been all about demographic numbers back then and even more
    so now.

    How high would the black and colored population be now in SA, if Mandela did not legalize abortion in the mid 1990’s?

  2. The bitter old quip is “the South African is a man who would rather be murdered in his bed than make it.” It seems to be a common quality in man that he would rather choose suicide in the future over discomfort today.

  3. Back in the 80’s I read every article in Soldier of Fortune and International Combat Arms magazines about the exploits of the South African Army in Namibia and Angola.

  4. I’m still waiting for proof that not having Whites in charge will lead to Wakandan paradises. All I ever see is savagery and starvation when the black Africans rule themselves. I know, I know; reality is racist. Noticing the obvious, innate incompetence and stupidity of certain people doesn’t really get you anywhere, anyway. That and a few billion Zimbabwean dollars will just get you a partial cup of weak coffee.

  5. I am friends with a few girls who grew up in South Africa. Two work as models and another in media… Very nice people to deal with until you get to social matters, wherein they revert to a level of “shitlibbery” that would make even an Antifa drone look rational and calm.

    They all share the same story.. The same story as Charlize Theron. Born in South Africa to a family with hundreds of years worth of roots and history who were forced to flee out of fear for their lives.

    They rationalise it under the guise that it is justified what has been to the Boers and that when “true equality” is given back to the South African black folks, progress and stability will resume

  6. Compare how the United States treated South Africa to how it treats Israel. Do you think for one minute the U.S. government would have allowed South African to move into other counties, build settlements, and evict its native population as it tried toe expand Apartheid and the Afrikaner -sphere?? Regardless, South African ought to have at least set aside a land for an all Afrikaner Ethno-State instead of giving away the whole country is the mistaken belief the West would look upon them favorably, invest, and make it a strong multiracial country once it dismantled Apartheid as wealthy as Qatar? Hail to the Suitlanders Organizations

    • No, Jews are a distinct group of actors and liberalism is an ideology or mindset. It is the equivalent of an operating system. The social order we have today allows Jews to flourish unchecked and poison our culture. Iran, for example, is not a liberal country and does not have this problem for that reason. This is why Jews are so bent on imposing liberalism on Iran.

  7. It is a bitter pill to swallow. Thirty years of experience fighting communism (this includes Korea) and then the politicians gave everything away and the Defence Force just stood there and did nothing (strictly speaking not true, senior anti-reform officers were purged beforehand on false accusations). How must one understand this? It is difficult to explain to outsiders the contempt and disgust and bitterness we conscripts had and still have over all this treason. Our hands are tied, we are turning old, we can do nothing, we can just watch how everything crumbles away.

    The last military camp I attended (1992) we were trained in urban warfare and riot control, all with sharp ammunition. When the training camp ended, a troop asked our colonel, why all this vicious training when the state president is busy selling out everything anyway. A colonel was like a god back then, we expected big trouble. But he just replied, he thinks just like us and can understand us. Unfortunately he has a commission as an officer and has to obey orders. He has no answers for us. There was a few minutes of silence. We felt as one with this officer. Then we left, each one in its own direction and his own thoughts. 1994 was the last call-up (to supervise the first multiracial elections) and then general conscription ended in South Africa. I threw my call-up instructions into the waste bin. They can forget me babysitting an election for a handover to a bunch of communists. Penalty for refusing a call-up was R10 000 (still worth a lot of money back then) and/or ten years imprisonment. A conscript friend of mine with plenty of battle experience had his military kitbag packed, waiting for a call for a rebellion against the De Klerk government, ready to die for his country. No call to battle arrived. Everything just collapsed. Shortly thereafter 90% of the whites in central civil service were purged and thrown to the wolves and did not even reach the back pages of the papers. If there was PTSD, it in part also was the shock effect of everything one put into the country all of ones life was just for nothing. One received no recognition. Even the names of all the fallen had to be put on a remembrance wall (SADF WAll of Remembrance) financed out of ones own pockets. The government build a government financed wall of remembrance (ironically called Freedom Park) with their names and the names of the fallen Cubans and Russians. No former Defense Force names on it. When I left for Europe, I found out most Europeans did not even know there were wars in Africa.

  8. An apparently 7-foot-tall black woman with a haircut like Grace Jones (remember her, that creepy black lady that James Bond slept with in the move where Christopher Walken was the villain?) from South Africa won Miss Universe last night against a botox-intensive “Puerto Rican” named Anderson, who had no discernable non-Anglo accent or speech patterns either, by they way, and an uppity Mexican Castiza (who was only OK looking) whose participation in TED Talks were her main selling point. Just a few years ago Miss Universe was a smokeshow Christian Boeremeisie who married uber white American posterboy Tim Tebow. What a time it was!

  9. Some links on South Africas past.

    I cannot emphasize enough on being very careful on the interpretation of the facts. Not all is very clear-cut, even if it sounds logically.The facts have to be examined line for line for their accuracy, and the interpretation might be slightly off the mark. Some people are so angry at the traitors that I suspect that some facts are being “invented” (a good guess by means of combinatory skills) before they have been proven as being facts.

    For example the former Chief of the South African Defense Constand Viljoen being a sell-out. An alternative explanation could be that he was out of his political depth and thus made some naive errors and trusted the wrong persons. Anyone can write anything on these persons, and they are not in a position to reply. It is better to have known them in person.

    Some decisions might have been done under pressure (the persons had no other choice, after evaluating the circumstances) but the effect was one of appearing as a traitor to persons not quite familiar with the circumstances under which decisions were made.

    But it gives a good idea of the complexities of South African politics back then under Apartheid. Much is still shrouded in secrecy and the time wittnesses are dying away. Fact is the Boers lost the Anglo-Boer war against the Money Powers, regained power in 1948 but the problem of the Money Powers never was solved by them.

    This book was published in 1988 and the author found no publisher in Germany who was prepared to sell it. It was widely circulated in the South African German community, later translated into Afrikaans and English. According to Jan Lamprecht of the History Reviewed Channel, who visited him, one of the favourite books of the former state president P.W. Botha (of German extraction).

    The reason why Mandela went to jail (not because he represented the blacks as Freedom Fighter):

    South African police veteran historical website. I guess they will be very careful to answer some public enquiries. Some topics are too sensitive, and the sword of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (South Africas Nuremberg trials, which was wich hunt to neutralise the Security Forces) still hangs over their head (prosecutions are still happening at this very moment, see the Timol case on this website), in the same way Germans are still being prosecuted until this day. Certain things unfortunately have to be published with a certain slant to be able to be published anyway, otherwise the message would not be able to get out in the first instance and then it would be forever lost for posteriority.

  10. A letter published yesterday on how the current state president Cyril Ramphosa and his ANC party has plundered the GEP (government employees pension fund), the seventeenth largest fund in the world, if I remember a report from correctly (South Africa potentially is a very rich country). This fund is administered by the state entity PIC (Public Investment Corporation). The GEP includes the pensions of the former South African Defense Force veterans, from the lowest ranks up to the generals.

    The plundering is described in this English letter, published on an Afrikaans conservative website. The translated title reads – who and what is ramaphosa npw actually and how does this affect Escom:

    Escom (the sole monopoly over electricity supply, due to the rich and cheap coal fields in South Africa. Escom sells to the municipalities, who in turn sell it to the consumers. Most municipalities are in the red due to affirmative action):

    Escom has been managed so bad under the black government, mainly due to appointment of affirmative action candidates with no skills but pocketing huge salaries (comment by one ANC minister and former terrorist: “we did not struggle to become poor”). The power interruptions are so bad it could fold the complete South African economy. The mining sector cannot operate without power and while the power interruptions last, they have to shut down and still pay their workers. Without power, nothing works in the country, not even the water supply.

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